Friday, October 20, 2006


The ring of the telephone suddenly woke me up, still a bit asleep I grabbed the handset "Huh?" I answered. "Wilson?" I starred at the phone and tried to wash off the sleep with my hand. "Yes ... Cuddy, is it you?" "Wilson are you okay?" I really worry about you. House was here as well - looking like crap ..."

Tired as I was I let my head drop back - that was when I finally noticed I was still sitting in the chair at my desk - must have nodded off. "House was there?" I asked still a bit puzzled. "Yes - ehm ...did I wake you up?". I nodded and then noticed that she couldn't see my nod "Yeah, I must have dozed off for a minute or so, but I'll be at the PPTH in a few minutes, if it that why you are calling." I could hear her gasp "You will not come to work, did you get that? Are you in pain?" I looked at the bottle of Vicodin stading before me and then let my eyes drop to my foot "Well, no - not really. The pills are working."

"You sound totaly crap, Wilson. And if I imagine that you look like you are sounding, I will let you bring back, if you really dare coming here, did you finally get that?!" "Yes" I answered contritely.
"I don't know - and don't want to know - what kind of problem you and House have, but please solve it somehow. I cannot do without two of my best doctors and I actually don't want to!" Why two I thought - as it was only me being at home sick. "Two?" I asked her "But House should be in the clinic as fas as I know." "No he is not as I actually sent him back home. He was in a condition he wasn't during his detox and I can't have him here under such circumstances!" "Oh god" I whispered.

"Pardon?" she asked. "No, nothing. Well, I'll stay at home than." I said reluctantly. "Fine! And Wilson ..." "Yes?" "Get well soon!" with these words she rang off and I spoke to the beep-beep a faint "Thanks".

Greg was in a poorly mood? Now this wasn't really surprising ... I only wanted to know what was making him feeling so miserable. It sure was not only because of our quarrel, as it wasn't the first time we had such. So what was it?

I let my head sank into my hands and mulled over it. I glanced at the bottle of Vicodin standing before me, grabbed it and unscrewed it - I lied to Cuddy when I told her that I wasn't in pain. My foot was pounding and my rips hurt - Greg succeeded in giving me a damn bruise there - and I haven't took my medicine since yesterday. I sighed and took one pill, starred at it and then gave an even deeper sigh pulling out another pill - and dry swallowed both.

Well better having a dozy mood than that I was currently having. I checked Greg's blog and mine as well - he was asking if he could come over and pick me up talk. Why not I thought - ... let's see if he will actually appear.

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Dr. Gregory House said...

Es tut mir leid mit der Rippe...
Und falls ich dir anderen Schmerz verursacht haben sollte, das auch.