Monday, October 23, 2006

Clinic hour / bloody monday ...

After my bloody monday morning I spent the rest of it in the clinic doing my clinic hours. Some influencas, a broken leg, two bruises and ... my wife.

I just had my last patient on the list and was entering the findings, as the door opened and I heared some steps. Without looking I pointed at the chair "Just sit down, I'll be right there" I said and wrote down the medication prescribed, I finished and looked up.

"Julie" I said perplexed, she just smiled at me shyly. I nervously combed my hair with my fingers, stood up and hobbled to her. She examined my swollen foot slightly shocked "You are really hurt" she exclaimed with a surprise. I looked down at my foot and then lifted my eyes catching hers "Of course I am, what have you thought?" She blushed and mumbled "Well, I didn't trust Greg's note". I leaned against the desk "That is why you didn't call?", she affirmed with a shy smile.

"Is it grave? Did you have an accident?" she asked caringly. My heart made a short jump "I ... it is better now. Since yesterday I don't need my crutch anymore and I only have to take my pain medicine once a day." She looked at my in dismay "Oh Jim, if I'd knew that I would have looked after you." I gave her a shy smile, "You know I wouldn't have been the best patient as you know how I act when I have a common cold." She smiled "But you are my husband ... And I thought Greg told me some lies and you two were painting the town red the whole weekend."

I put my hands in my pockets, "You really think I'd tell you lies?" She negated "Not you, but Greg!" I breathed a sigh of relief.

"What leads you here, Julie? Are you ill?" I asked her with a caring tone. Again she watched her shoes as there would be something very interesting "No I am not ill, but I ... I wanted to ask you when you will come back home again." "Well ... you haven't been at home either" I replied slightly sourishly. She played with a button of her blouse then stood up and came to me. She whispered softly in my ear "I know" and stroked my neck gently.

My thoughts were circling in my mind, why was she suddenly so affectionate? This was contrary to how she'd acted in the last weeks, I forgot my thoughts when she kissed my neck, I lifted her head and kissed her deeply. "This evening if you want to" I finally answered throatily. She nodded with a smile, stroke my chest again and then grabbed her bag. "I'm looking forward to it" she said and closed the door behind her.

I remained standing at my desk totally confused and stared into space. This didn't make any sense ...

A few moments later I grabbed my files and made my way to my office. On the way I met Debbie "Dr. Wilson can I have a few minutes?" I gave her a side look, she was smiling at me nervously. "Of course, we can talk in my office."

We entered the office and I sat down in my chair and asked hear to take a seat. She looked a bit sheepish and sat down. "What bothers you? Do you need a consultation?" These words made her blush slightly " is not me ... it's my mom. I already told you before." I nodded "She hadn't been tested yet?" Debbie shook her head desperately. "And what do you want me to do? You know I cannot force someone to be getting tested, Debbie." "I know Dr. Wilson but ...but I thought perhaps you can come to visit us for a dinner and then ..." I gave her a questioning look "...and then you could perhaps talked to her a bit?"

I sighed "I don't know if this will be helpful. Debbie." "I thinks she might listen to you" Debbie replied and nodded with an unsure smile. I sighed again and then started to arrange my files, she stood up "So, will you think it over? I'd be very pleased. Thursday, would be fine - please inform me in advance what you'd like for dinner."
I nodded absent-mindedly and heared her saying "Well then" - "Oh, hello, Dr. House!" she then called out somewhat surprised - "Up yours!" Greg snarled at her. I raised my head and looked at Greg in disbelief, this really could not be true ...


Dr. Gregory House said...


tessa said...

Ereignislos? HALLO?

Dr. Gregory House said...

Ich fahre jetzt in die Klinik zurück.
Soll ich dir deine Sachen mitbringen? Ich stell sie dann vor deine Bürotür, wenn du möchtest.

Dr. Gregory House said...

Zu spät. Jetzt bin ich schon hier.
Sei also gewarnt, wenn du über die Gänge läufst könnte ich dir begegnen.