Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am still alive

Goodness - it is October yet and I cannot believe that I did stop writing (again) for such a long time.

I hope everyone is doing fine!

Let me tell you that our summer vacations were just awesome! We did not go to France, Italy etc - but did stay in Ireland for the rest of the time.

It was so gorgeous - although Greg nearly got arrested one night, because of starting a fight in a pub.

What did he tell me later: "Well, they should not tell it is a single malt if they do serve that rotten and disgusting pee they declare as single malt ..."

As you can see - Greg will surely never change!

We did spend a time in Yorkshire and I lost my heart in the moors - it is utterly beautiful, to say it with the words of Wilde.

From Manchester we then flew to Dublin and did start our Ireland tour there.

That is the only word coming to my mind now.

The next bit of my heart I lost at the Ring of Beara ... unexpected beauty.

It was there as well - when I got the chance for some fishing and lucky me - we had a great evening with fish, vegetables and an amount of stout (Murphys).

Arriving at home after those lovely weeks of doing nearly nothing but enjoying time and ourselves - was quite a bit of a shock. Hospital had us back pretty soon afterwards ... and we are still in the fangs of this sucking vampire.

Therefore ... again a little break - but I promise that I will at least TRY to write a bit what is going on here.

Take care (and don't forget to vote)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Europe tour - diary: Edinburgh / York

First information: We left Edinburgh earlier than planned and are now in York (Northern England - Yorkshire).

What to tell about the days in Edinburgh ...

It was tremendously gorgeous! I have to tell that I do like the atmosphere of the town a lot. The little alleys, the old houses ... just as I would have already been there before. Gregory joked around a bit and meant: "Perhaps you've been here before ... in a past life!"

If he would not have looked at me with that typical "haha" look - I probably would have thought about it. However ... you never know, right?

Wednesday evening we went to the play - and we both really enjoyed it. Afterwards we had some pints of ale and a tiny little bit of single malt.

On Thursday we made a "hop on / hop off" city-tour and joined a ghost walk in the late afternoon. Should you ever be in Edinburgh - have a ghost walk as well. Sometimes it even gave me the creeps.

It was on Thursday as well when we made the decision to leave Edinburgh earlier than planned before. So we changed the tickets for the Military Tattoo from Saturday to Thursday evening - and had a terrific show! The music ... the location ... the atmosphere - brilliant!

Friday morning we then flew from Edinburgh to Leeds / Bradford airport in Yorkshire / UK. We have a rental car here and so we picked up the car and drove from Leeds to York where we currently are staying in Bootham Gardens Guesthouse.

Yesterday we made a boat trip on the Ouse (river flowing through York) to the archbishop's palace. After that very informative and nice trip (and some good Lagavulin - which was offered on the ship) we decided to see The Shambles.

Another trip back in time - and I had again the feeling of having been there before.

We bought some stuff there and it was not before 11 p.m. we left there. Of course, we did not shop the whole time ... the shops close there a bit earlier ... but we checked out some pubs!

Today - means pretty soon - we will leave for visiting the JORVIK viking center and make a trip through the town later. I want to see the York minster etc etc etc!

Tomorrow we will leave York and drive through the Yorkshire dales to the Tan Hill Inn! There we will stay for one night and then drive to the Lake District.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Europe tour diary: Edinburgh - Just about to leave ...

... to see Greyfriars Twisted Tales

To the one wanting my mail address - check my profile out!
The visit at the Glenkinchie Distillery was really gorgeous
We arrrived there at 10 a.m. when they opened the doors. It is so funny to see what makes Greg "jump" out of the bed ... perhaps I should tell that Cuddy when we are back home.

I liked the village Pencaitland - where the Distillery is situated - a lot. So very European ...
After the distillery we drove to Winton House and had a look there. We also did visit Fountainhall and the parish church of Pencaitland. We took the way back to Edinburgh along the shore and had a stop in Musselburgh where we had a typical lunch ... fish 'n chips!

I have to say that I do like my cod with brown sauce ... and I found out that brown sauce accompanying scrambled eggs just makes a breakfast going "woot".

Talking about the breakfast ...

Scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast is nothing new - right? But scrambled eggs, bacon (and I do mean English bacon ... which is completely different from the US one), half a tomato, a square sliced sausage (yes) - I was told that this is called a Lorne sausage - is very different ... plus: black pudding (I don't like that), fried sliced haggis (... ... ... ...) and potato scones - really turn the breakfast into a miraculous event.

At least they have toast bread and cereals as well ...

Not that I don't like it at all - but ... well ...

Scotland - or at least Edinburgh - is really a new thing for me. I had to laugh so hard when I realized that the fish today did taste like ... nothing. You couldn't even taste the grease! The large amount of brown sauce made it then ...
Gregory did not eat his fish ... he took a bite and then went back to where we had bought it before. What happened there I don't know ... however he looked very satisfied and had that typical devilish grin.

So - this was my entry for today! I have to leave now!

Till then

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Europe tour - diary: Edinburgh

We left the United States on Sunday - now we are in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) ... our first stop on our tour through Europe.

When we planned our trip I first wanted to stay in a hotel but Gregory told me that while being in the UK we would stay in B&B's ... so - we are now staying in a nice and cozy B&B near the "Royal Mile".
I have to tell you that Edinburgh is magnificent! I'm loving it!

Due to the festival season the city is crowded but nonetheless - gorgeous! The weather is "good" for Scotland. We already took a walk through the "city center" - enjoyed Princess Gardens and went to a fabulous restaurant yesterday evening "The Witchery". This restaurant is most atmospheric - the interior is stunning ... dining there was life experience.

Greg already booked a table quite a while ago and it was a surprise for me. Good we took some suits with us!

I am not sure if you are interested in what we had for dinner - but although you might not be, here the information!

My starter: Anstruther crab and Iberico ham with granny smith apple and baby mizuna (it was mouth watering!)
My main course: Grilled fillet of beef with savoury bread and butter pudding, celeriac puree and smoked garlic (I am still drooling!)
My dessert: Passion fruit and mascarpone trifle with pistachio biscotti (Fantasmagoric!)

Believe it or not - but I nearly had an oragsm (sorry - but true) during the dinner ... of course due to the FOOD (not what you might have guessed now). Although ...

Changing the topic - our bedroom in the the B&B is utterly beautiful and the bed is very very very comfortable.

The landlady is very friendly and was first a bit surprised when she did recognize that Gregory is not English (blame it on the kind of English accent he always has when being in GB) and that we are married ... after the first shock she totally freaked out (in a good way) - invited us for some single malt (16 year old Lagavulin) and had a looooooong chat with us (her son just had his coming out).

To my surprise Gregory was talkative and seemed to enjoy the evening with the lady - reason might have been the single malt and the offered (and accepted) Beamish.

During our stay here we will visit the Military Tattoo festival which is currently taking place here. The festival FRINGE did also start on the 3rd August ... and so we will have a lot to do while we are here. Tomorrow evening we will go and see Greyfriars Twisted Tales "Cadaverous look at some of Edinburgh's best stories. Totally true. Mostly." - sound interesting ... we will see!

I wanted to make some ghost walks as well - we will see when :)

Did I already tell you that the town is terrific?

Tomorrow morning Gregory wants to drive to the Glenkinchie Distillery - he already hired a motorbike to get there - and afterwards we will just be driving around, he said.

For now it is time for me to finish my first little "blog travel diary". I hope you did enjoy it so far - however, the bathroom is calling for me now.

Funny thing - the tub is able to speak. Wording was like: "Move your cute little ass here - NOW!"
I am a good friend / hubby and lover ... and so ... bye bye and till then!


Saturday, August 02, 2008

It is August ... gosh!

Goodness it is August already - and I forgot to write for nearly two months.

I am awfully sorry - but I had so little time. The work in the hospital did not stop and then - well, you know that I suppose - family wants time as well.

My last entry was on the 9th of June - and now it is the 2nd of August ... geez! Time is running away.

As you know I am not the one who wants to talk about business here - and wouldn't it be boring if I would tell you about all my cases or all patients at the PPTH? Anyway - I am not allowed to inform you about such cases.

We did spend the bit of freetime in our little house at Point Pleasant - but unfortunately that time was more than just rare!
Gregory is so busy and really, really needs a break ...

But let me tell you something: We will spend our summer vacations in Europe!
So looking forward to it - and for sure there will be something to tell.

So - please keep checking my blog ... there will be a few entries (lets hope) in the next time!

Oh - before I forget it: Vacations will be England, Ireland, Paris, Rome, Venice and Gibraltar!

I bet it will fucking gorgeous!

Monday, June 09, 2008

June already

Hello again!

May did come and go ... and it is already June yet! Holy moly ... how time does pass!

I still remember our trip to London in last year's June ... this was a wonderful time. Really gorgeous and I would have so wanted to repeat it – but unfortunately Cuddy doesn't think that this would be a wise idea!

Well ... so this year the birthday coming up very soon (just a few days left) – will be spent nearby – at the beach of Point Pleasant to be exactly. At least we both got a day off on Wednesday so that we will drive to PP directly after work.

Our little and cozy retreat is clean and awaiting us ... and nearly all presents are bought yet.

But you are surely interested what happened until now ...

Fairly easy: A bunch of work, some weekend trips to Point Pleasant and in the last week of May a short visit of Greg's parents – just saying: Hello.

Gregory wanted to leave it like that ... but I convinced him that it would be very impolite to just let them drop in the hospital – going to the cafeteria there and having a short coffee break.

'Why on earth should that not be enough, Jim? It was enough for the past years ...and now ...'
'Exactly – and now it is different, because now I am here and I don't want that ... and don't start pouting now, Greg!' (he is so good with that)

His lower lip started quivering a bit and he gave me his little puppy glance.
„But ... but ... I don't want ...“
I shook my head and stood up to open my office door: „Dinner at seven and I will pick you up in your office – so you won't forget it. Now, excuse me ... I have an appointment in five minutes and I need a bit of preparation time.“

Greg grunted a bit and poked me with his index finger, „Fine then, Mr. Stubborn! Fine ... but you will have to make up for it“, he said before leaving my office.
„I am looking forward to that“ I hummed and closed the door behind him.

Point six I went into his office to pick him up ... but no Gregory House there.
„Where is he?“ I asked Foreman who did pour himself a coffee.
„Who? Chase? House or Santa Claus?“ he asked me back.
„Funny mood today? Sure I meant House! He was supposed to be ready at six ...“
Foreman shrugged and told me that I should try my luck at home as House has left the building one hour ago.

„He did WHAT?“
After briefly checking the clock again – Foreman replied, „Gregory House – my lovely boss – left the building, means the PPTH, at around 500, SIR!“ A little salute made his announcement complete ...

„Obviously in a funny mood ...“ I grunted back and nodded at him.
„Did he say that he would go home?“
„He did say nothing at all – just grabbed his backpack and off he was. We just assumed that he'd be going home with you ... and obviously he did not ...“
A sigh slipped out of me and I combed through my hair.
Slightly absent minded I thanked Foreman for this information and pulled out my cell.

Sure his cell was not 'on' and he did not pick up the phone at home ...
„Damn ...“ I moaned and made my way to the car.

I reached the spot where the car should have been ... but I stood in front of an empty space.
„Gregory House I will surely kick your ass, when I will find you!“ I said aloud.

On my way to the taxi rank and still thinking about some nice torture methods I would use on Greg ... I was pulled back into the here and now by some hooting.

„Hey Dr. Wilson!“
I turned my head to find me staring into the bluest eyes I've ever seen.

My eyes narrowed slightly when I looked at that beauty of man ...
„Fancy a ride?!“ I was asked with an explicit gesture.
I stood there gnawing on my lower lip for a second and thinking over that.
„Well ... I am not sure ... I was waiting for my love ... you know!“
„Drop that idiot ... take me instead, hottie!“
My head went from left to right – to check out if someone would see me and then I nodded.
„Fine then ... but I have not much time left ... a quick ride must do it!“
The man in the car did eyeball me and nodded then.

He reached over the passenger seat to open the door for me.
„Jump in, hotness!“
With a sexy movement (or rather what I hoped that it would look a bit like that) I let me glide into the seat.
„Where to now?“ I asked him while caressing his right leg.
„You are a fast one, huh?“ that dark-blondish man said and gave me a side glance.
„Mhm ...“ I answered and let my hand glide a bit higher.

„Wohooo... wait till we are at my apartment, sweetheart!“
„Fine, sugar!“ I replied and leaned back in my seat.

The man drove fast and secure ... and lucky us there was no traffic so that we arrived at his place at around 6.20 p.m. .
„Come on, loverboy ... you told me the time is precious! Lets go inside“ he said and pointed at a door.
„Here?“ I asked him and looked around.

Some seconds later we stood in the apartment and I gazed around when I heard the click of the closing door behind me.

The man, dressed in blue jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt pushed me hard against the wall.
My bag dropped on the floor and my tie was loosened with a quick movement.
„It is not the first time you are doing this“ I mumbled silently while he pulled my shirt out of the trousers.
„No“ he answered throatily, opened my trousers and pulled them down with one quick movement.
„Turn“ he moaned and fumbled at his zipper.

I did as I was told and with a shivering anticipation I rested my hands at the wall. The rustling of his clothes was the only thing I heard and then I felt his presence – hot and wanting skin rubbed over skin.
„I told you that you would have to pay for it“, Gregory moaned into my left ear and before I could answer him, he made us become one with one single, deep stroke.
The only answer I was able to make was a loud moan.

Quite some minutes later I found myself panting on the floor, still shivering a bit but full of satisfaction – I was able to answer him that I was glad being able to pay for it.
Gregory, who was leaning against the wall with his eyes shut – opened them lazily and grinned slightly.
„This was just the beginning!“

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Most expensive pizza ever ...

mood: lazy bum
music: birds singing
food: croissant and coffee

Dear readers ... (wow – I sound like an author)

spring has come and brought us back to our house in Point Pleasant, NJ.

We've been there the last time around New Year's Eve somewhen ... and had no time after. What a pity – there we have that lovely house – but hardly no time to use it. To our luck, Foreman and Chase had been very willing to use the house by and then ... and we were confident that they would clean it after they used it.

Please focus on were ...

Beginning of May then we packed all things into our car and headed off for PP.

The drive was annoying as usual – with Greg constantly playing 'little child wanna go wee' – he never ever seems to get tired of it I suppose.
Sure he changes his strategy by and then – not that I can get too used to it, for sure!

So I will spare you with the details of this drive and just inform you that we arrived save and healthy.

Greg's eyes narrowed slightly when I parked the car in front of the house.
„What now?“ I said while giving him a side glance when I heard his snort.
„Did you finally make pee?“ I grumbled and switched off the engine.

„Funny ...“ Greg muttered and was already opening the door.
I shrugged and got out of the car as well, „So?“ I asked him.

Gregory stood there and looked at the house.
„The windows are dirty“ he said and pointed at the house with his cane.
„Pardon me?“ I answered and for the first time this day I really looked into the direction he pointed at.

„See – they are completely dirty!“
„Well ... not that dirty I would say – but you are right they need a clean. Therefore we brought cleaning stuff.“ I replied and opened the trunk to get all the things out.
„WE brought cleaning stuff because you packed it in. But what I mean is – that those persons having used the house could have taken care of it as well!“

Gregory fumbled in his leather jacket and pulled out his cell.
„What are you doing now?“ I gestured askingly.
He was already dialing and giving me a stern look.
„Hey assholes! ...“
I shook my head as I did know by then that he called Foreman/Chase to call them off.

The automatic ear-closing function started (sometimes very helpful when being around Greg) and I began to get the bags to the house.
A quick glance over my shoulder showed me that Greg was pacing around and vividly talking into the cell.
I could not hide my smile when I opened the door to the house ... and then I froze.

The odor reaching my nostrils was unbelievably disgusting ... the first natural reaction was stepping back and coughing.

„What is the matter, hubby-bun?“ Greg asked wiith his rarely used caring voice.
I was unable to speak, 'cause I've been afraid that I would immediately vomit on the pavement – so I just pointed into the direction of the door.

Still muttering into the cellphone, Gregory approached me and looked at me with wide open eyes.
„Jim, you are green in the face. Are you fine?“
I still pointed at the house and straightened up again to move some more steps towards the clean air.

„Don't think I am finished – I will call again and you better pick up then!“
With these words Greg did hang up and stood there for a second – looking at me and back to the house.
„Fine, when you don't wanna tell me why on earth you react like someone who did sniff a rotten body ...“ - he turned and went to the door, which was still a bit open.

He stopped for a second at the threshold and then entered the house without hesitation.

You must not think that I am sissy concerning scents or so – but that really smelled like the disgusting thing you have every smelled – plus 10!

Some minutes did pass and now it was me pacing around the bit of green we have in front of the building. I heard some rummaging and a loud swear ... and then nothing more.

„Gregory?“ I yelled ... „Are you fine?“

... ... ...

Silence ... for another thirty seconds or so and then, „Bring a black garbage bag! Hurry“
„A garbage bag?“ I asked back.
„Are you deaf?!!“ was the answer ... I was not but wondered a bit although I could imagine that the odor must have been caused by something rotten – and I only did hope that it was no human body in there – or any other body.

The bag was found pretty quick – but I prepared a mask for me, so that I'd rather suffocate of Aqua di Roma Uomo than of that smell in there.

Prepared like that I stepped a few minutes later into the
house of doom.
All appeared clean – bit dusty – but clean ... till I came into the kitchen.

The kitchen was a complete mess and the fridge door was open, Gregory stood before it – having his shirt wrapped around his face as a protection – and he just stared into it.
„What?“ I started and stopped when Greg stepped aside and I had a free sight to look at what he did find in there.

I swallowed hard and looked at Greg then.
„Poor thing ... must have succeeded going in there and then was locked in when the fridge door closed again“, he mumbled through the fabric.
I nodded and looked at the apparently dead raccoon in our fridge.

„Those idiots forgot to remove all the food and so the coon must have smelled the remnants.“
The remnants were two boxes of pizza ... and we assume that there must have been some pieces left.

„We should call someone for dead animal disposal, Greg!“
„We can do that as well ...“ he said but looked a bit unsure.

„We could but I wont! Come out of here ...“
I turned and in the little hallway I grabbed the yellow pages and without looking back but knowing that this time Gregory was following me without any argument – I stepped outside again.

Back at the car I removed my mask, opened the trunk and then a bottle of water – cleaned my mouth with a bit of it – handed the bottle to Greg then and started to search the pages for someone who would remove the corpse out of the fridge.

Some minutes later I've found someone and was lucky as well.
„He'll be here in a few minutes – he just had another client five minutes away!“
Gregory nodded.
We both leaned against the car and let the minutes pass without speaking.

Some time later a car stopped next to ours.
„That's it!“ Greg said without looking up.
„Yah“ I answered and nodded at the man just getting out of the car.

We exchanged a few sentences and explained the situation inside the house – and another few minutes later the dead coon was removed and we a bit poorer.
„You should either get a new fridge or let that one disinfect!“ Geoffrey (the wildlife man) advised us.
„Thanks!“ I nodded and gave him a weak smile.
„No problem, you are welcome!“ he smiled back and drove away.

„Fine then!“ Gregory nodded into thin air, grabbed his cell and pushed re-dial.
„Common Greg ...“ I started but was silenced with a don't even think about it-stare.

„You had pizza!“ Gregory started the conversation.
„Great ... I hope it was good, Chase! Because it was the costliest pizza you ever had!“
... ...
(I assume that on the other end was first silence and then some babbled words)
„I don't want to hear a thing! You owe us at least ... at LEAST $500!“
„$500 ... and don't come now with – I am no rich boy! You forgot to remove the dirt ... you are guilty of a dead animal ... in our house ... you will pay for the animal removal and for the new fridge! Start saving money if you don't have it!“

Gregory did hang up and looked at me again.
„Shall we go and buy a new fridge now?“

My mouth slightly opened I nodded at him.
Greg approached me, placed a smooch on my forehead.
„I know you love me ... and I know you would have grunted and moaned and started cleaning the house ... and perhaps – well for sure, you would have bought a new fridge – but – it is their fault and they have to learn of it.“
Still unable to reply I nodded anew and felt myself being directed to the car.

When we reached the car I was able to formulate words again.

„You know what, Greg?“
„You probably are right ...“ I said and frowned slightly.

Greg opened the door for me.
„Mhm ...“
„And you know what?“ I asked him again and gave him a deep look.
„What about a fridge with an ice crusher and enough space for some plates or so?“

A big grin appeared and enlightened his face ...
„You know what, Jimmy?“
„I think that will really be a damn expensive pizza!“

My reply was just a wink and then we drove off to buy a new fridge.

To your information ... the house got cleaned – but not by us ... Chase and Foreman arrived in the afternoon and cleaned the complete house.
After they did smell and see the mess (unfortunately not the dead coon) – they willingly (to our big surprise) gave in and wanted to pay for the mess and consequences.

To my surprise, Greg gave in a bit and just let them pay half the fridge – what was still $600 plus the fee for the animal removal.

The weekend of course was rotten and after Chase and Foreman were finished and we did spend the time at the beach, we decided to drive back home.
Last weekend then we officially arrived at PP again – and celebrated Mothers Day there (without mothers but with our gorgeous new fridge!).

Friday, April 11, 2008

Poem: Rusted

The key to my heart I once gave to you ...
I trusted you and I believed in you ...

Once you were my everything ...
The one that made my heart shout and sing ...

I told you about how I feel for you ...
The only thing I wanted - was that you love me to.

The key to my heart you did throw away ...
when your hands wandered and you let them go astray ...

You would have broken my heart,
if I would have had the key ...
but so my heart turned to stone -
that was never the way it was meant to be.

Tears and pain have turned my heart into stone ...
I closed the entrance to my soul with an iron lock ...

Rusty and dark the lock now is ...
Forgotten laughter, love and bliss ...

In some rainy night I still can hear the song of my heart ...
Singing of forgotten times and our love ...
Singing of the key that once you got ...

Singing of you - because I still love you ... a lot!

© J. E. Wilson


Again an old poem - once written for a long lost love.

Don't be shocked though - everything is fine between Greg and me!

Gregory is more than just busy and I am as well ... so - very boring life, indeed!

Sorry - once more - for not writing too much in here ... I am really too busy!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Poem: Just wishing

When you are smiling for me,
I see the universe in thy eyes.

When you crying for me,
the angels in heaven start to cry.

When you are laughing,
the sun shines brighter than before.

When you are leaving,
clouds are ruling the sky.

So I ask thee ...

Smile for me thy loveliest smile
Let your eyes remain dry
Laugh for me thy loudest laughter of joy
Should you ever leave ... come back as soon as you can.

Those are my wishes ... nothing more and nothing less

© James Evan Wilson

Written a while ago ... for someone!

A little life sign from here ... not much to tell - and I don't want to bore you with facts about all-day life.

Sorry for not writing that much ...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

VDay evening Part I

mood: tired but relaxed
music: Rockstar - Nickelback

Before I will write about what happened – I would like to know how you did spend your love day?
Did you go out? Did you meet friends? Did you just spend it with your beloved ... doing fabulous things? Did you spend it alone?

See ... for me Valentine's Day is just a day like any other day ... although I have to admit that I like having flowers as well (but not only on that day). Now you might say: 'Wilson, c'mon you are a man! Flowers? Uak!'

And I'd reply: 'So what? Even men can have their soft side! Even men can find flowers lovely and even we can enjoy being cuddled and smooched ... not with wanting to jump into the bed instantly.'

Yes, I think that would be my answer then.

Although I really really have to admit that when cuddling and kissing ... the rest is not that far away.
Our love day was simply gorgeous.

We had to work until 7 pm and on the way home we both decided that the last thing we want to do now is spending more time of the evening in the kitchen to prepare some dinner.
„What about sushi?“ Gregory asked me while we had to wait at a stoplight.
„Sushi is always good, luv!“ I replied with a grin.
Gregory nodded and caused me a little heart attack a second later, when he honked the horn several times and then just drove to the other street side.

„I said sushi and not pathology!“
His answer was a little snort before saying, „You really behave like a sissy from time to time, Jimmy!“
„Like a whaaat?“ I asked him with my mouth slightly opened.
„A sissy ... you know what that is?“ Greg asked back and gave me a short side look.

„For sure, I know what a sissy is! You explain me now, how you mean that!“ I wanted to know.
„According to a dictionary, I could tell you that it would mean you are acting timid or like a coward from time to time ... I could also tell you“ he paused a little and gave me one of his special deep looks, „I could also tell you, that you are the most beautiful man and that I just love you the way you are.“

To hide my surprise and overplay the butterflies in my stomach I just looked outside the windshield and nodded.
After some seconds I was able to answer without sounding too love dazed.
„Well, ... yah ... you really could say that but what is the truth now?“
Gregory laughed briefly and tousled my hair with his right hand.

„Oh boy, you'll never change, right? Always asking and asking and not just enjoying what I said...“
„Right I won't change anymore – I am nearly 39 now. Do you really want to see me change?“ I asked him back and put my left hand on his thigh.

„Changing you?“ Gregory asked me with big eyes.
My reply was a nod and a questioning look.
We had reached the mall in the meantime and Gregory was looking for a free parking place and so did not answer immediately.
After the car was parked (on the disabled parking place), he looked at me.

„Why on earth should I want to change you? Why? Give me a good reason!“
I shrugged and leaned back in the seat, „Dunno – you tell me.“

Greg looked up at the roof for a second.
„I ... no ... no I don't want to change you. Not a single bit!
I love the way you are. I simply love every tiny little bit you know that?“
I raised one eyebrow and tried so to look calmer than I've been.
„You know that!“ Greg grunted a bit and then shook his head in slightly disbelief.
„James Evan Wilson ... you are either an idiot or playing an idiot now. I do hope it is the latter!“

He opened the seatbelt and leaned over me.
„Every single tiny little bit of you I do love. And this includes your soul, your heart, your thinking, your acting ... this includes you, my little stupid idiot.“ The last words were whispered into my ear, before he did seal his words with a deep and warm kiss.

At first I was too surprised to kiss him back, but that did last only a few seconds and soon we were kissing in the car like teenagers.
The kisses got deeper and more demanding and we really did not notice that we had started to touch each others chests, while sinking deeper and deeper into the kisses.
A very real knocking at the window brought us back ... back into the car ... back to the parking lot!

Gregory's look could have killed someone when he peeked over my right shoulder and stared at the person, who had dared to knock.
„Damn it!“ Greg mumbled and I turned my head slightly and stared into Cuddy's shocked face.
Her gesture was clear and so we sat straight again and opened the window a bit.
„I cannot believe that“ she hissed and looked around.
„This is parking lot, House!“ Cuddy gestured vividly around and gave us that typical schoolmaster look.

Gregory did not look around but did stare at her.
„No news, Cuddy! So why did you disturb us? You could just have continued watching us and gaining a little bit of a lust sensation ...“
Her eyes widened and her hissing snort was answer enough.
„He did not mean that ...“ I yelled after her ... but her only answer was flipping the bird before she disappeared behind some cars.
„Was that necessary?“ I asked Gregory, who'd already closed the window.
„I was annoyed and I bet ...“
„Stop it“ I said while shaking my head a bit. „You'll never change.“
„Nope, I won't“ Greg answered with a weak smile.

Now it was me fondling his hair and placing a little kiss upon his nose tip.
„And you know ... I love you nonetheless“ I said and gave him one more kiss.
His moan showed me that he was in the same emotional situation like me and so I forced me not to kiss him deeper but interrupting the kissing.
I leaned back in my seat and so did Greg.
„We should ... ... ...“ he panted slightly.
„Yah, we should stop now ...“ I continued.

Greg looked at me and shook his head again.
„No ... yes ... ... I meant we should first get the sushi and then hurry home!“
„Give me two more seconds before we get out of the car. I am not sure if I can walk right now“ I said to Greg with a broad grin.
His eyes wandered over my body to the bulge in my trousers. Gregory swallowed hard and turned away his head then.
„Five seconds, please!“ he muttered and stared out of the window.

Two minutes later we were able to get out of the car and it was the quickest stop at the mall we've ever made so far.

To be continued ...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My love is like a red red rose

mood: in love
music: A red, red rose

My love is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June
My love is like the melody
That’s sweetly played in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in love am I
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till a’ the seas gang dry.

Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun :
And I will love thee still, my dear,
While the sands o’ life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only love,
And fare thee weel a while !
And I will come again, my love,
Thou’ it were ten thousand mile.
Poem by: Robert Burns
Today is Valentine's Day and a day of love, flowers and thinking about all the beloved ones. Of course it is also a day of commerce, a lot of stupid things and too much pink and red in the towns.
I am currently sitting in my office and misusing my computer here.
Just having a bit of time to write a very short entry. I wanted to wish you all a lovely day - either with your beloved one (should you be in a relationship) or with yourself. Loving someone does not only mean loving a different person ... loving means also caring for yourself and doing you something good.
I am doing something for me now - namely, listening to that beautiful song here:

The day started lovelier than lovely. I awoke at about six o'clock and silently crawled out of the bed not to disturbed my little cutie-pie laying there, legs and arms spread out as if he would be flying.

He is having a hard time in the clinic at the moment - having some cases to solve and a lot of clinic duty. So I do my very best to comfort him in any way.
Therefore I tiptoed into the kitchen where I prepared the coffee for breakfast. As soon as I heard the gurgling sound of the coffee machine I made my way into the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes and a loooong shower later, I stepped out of the room and nearly ran into a huge bunch of red roses.
"Wanna be my valentine?" a sleepy voice mumbled behind the bunch.
A smile enlightened my face and while sniffing at the flowers I mumbled back, "For sure I want".

The bunch was lowered now and a pair of sparkling blue eyes looked at me.
"Good morning awesomeness!" Greg greeted me and his eyes moved up and down my body.
Just standing there in my boxers and still damp hair, I shifted nervously from one foot to another. (I don't know why he still has that effect on me)
"You mean me, huh?" I asked back and tried to hide my bit of shyness behind a big grin.
"Mhm ..." he moaned and handed me the bunch of roses.
"Put them in the sink!" I just heard him saying before he clapped my buttock.
"Geez, Greg!" I squeaked like a little girl. "Your hands are damn cold!"
"C'mon, put them in the sink and then I will show you how you can give me warm hands!"

I have to admit that sometimes this harsh tone can give me the creeps - but in a good way.
The roses were placed in the sink and as soon as they were in there I found myself pulled back.

My body was pressed against his and cold hands were the last thing I thought of while my boxers found their way on the ground.
The next hour we spent with doing things that made it necessary to shower again ... this time not alone - so I have to admit that we came a tiny bit to late to work today.
Just half an hour ... but well.

We planned to spend the evening with having a delicious dinner for two (at home as all the other "happy" couples will be going out dining today) and probably with doing things that will make it necessary to take one or two showers later.

That are my plans for today and I am telling you nothing new when I say: I am really looking forward to it!

Wishing you a wonderful day ... full of love, joy and happiness!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Computer crashed!

Hello dear fellows!

Is there any excuse for being that rare at the moment? I don't even know if anyone is still checking my site though ... sorry for the long break again.

My excuse ... well - my computer crashed and so I could not write. Of course, I could have written from my office though - but as I had to share my office with one of my colleagues for the last two weeks (his room had to be renovated) - I had no chance to!

That is my excuse for not having written anything on here. I hope you can accept that ...

Today I have a bit of time and perhaps I will write down some happenings.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Poem: Smile

That poem was written in a hotel room in Atlanta while attending the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology.

I missed Greg a lot - as you probably can read in between the lines. Not one of my best ones - but I hope you'll like it a bit ... Gregory apparently did.

Thy smile sends sparkles into your eyes and make them shine in the brightest blue I've ever seen.
Thy smile enlightens my path in the darkness and makes my soul feeling whole again.
Thy smile can wash away all my sorrows, my burdens, my fears – when you smile an angel is more than just near.

Thy smile is a miracle for me ...
Thy smile is everything I sometimes want to see ...
Thy laughter is everything I want to hear ...
Never being able to do so – that is what I fear!

I miss thee with every breath I take,
I miss thee with every step I make,
I miss thee every day and every night,
I miss thee when I see others walking side by side.

Where is my sunshine?
Where is my moon?
Where is the reason to wake up that soon?

Where I ask did you go with your smile?
Where is that land ... I will run to you ... mile for mile!

Please, my love, my angel – my light ...
shine for me in my darkest night!
Please, my darling – send me thy love ...
smile for me from up above!

Thy smile is everything for me ...
thou art my sunshine ... my eternity!
(c) J.E. Wilson

Belated Happy New Year wishes

My dearest readers,

I know ... I know ...

You might already have thought that I am no longer writing this blog ... but I still do. It is just so that I was very very busy and had no time to write.

Should I find enough time - I will tell you what happened in the meantime. It is not much - but some episodes are worth a good laugh, a sigh or just a *doh*.

There would be our first wedding day ... the sequel of 28 minutes later ... the meetings Cuddy sent me to ... Xmas/Hannukah and of course New Years Eve.

Before I forget it - here my wishes for you!

May your light never fade and may you always wander with a friend
May your love shine through the darkest hours when you feel empty and alone
May your faith be strong and true when you are down to the ground
May you see the little sparkle of hope - when you think there is no way out
May you always remember that you never wander alone - and that there is always someone to help you up I am wishing you all this and much more - from deep within!

May you all be blessed by the love of your god/goddess/godness or any other belief!
Happy New Year 2008