Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Europe tour diary: Edinburgh - Just about to leave ...

... to see Greyfriars Twisted Tales

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The visit at the Glenkinchie Distillery was really gorgeous
We arrrived there at 10 a.m. when they opened the doors. It is so funny to see what makes Greg "jump" out of the bed ... perhaps I should tell that Cuddy when we are back home.

I liked the village Pencaitland - where the Distillery is situated - a lot. So very European ...
After the distillery we drove to Winton House and had a look there. We also did visit Fountainhall and the parish church of Pencaitland. We took the way back to Edinburgh along the shore and had a stop in Musselburgh where we had a typical lunch ... fish 'n chips!

I have to say that I do like my cod with brown sauce ... and I found out that brown sauce accompanying scrambled eggs just makes a breakfast going "woot".

Talking about the breakfast ...

Scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast is nothing new - right? But scrambled eggs, bacon (and I do mean English bacon ... which is completely different from the US one), half a tomato, a square sliced sausage (yes) - I was told that this is called a Lorne sausage - is very different ... plus: black pudding (I don't like that), fried sliced haggis (... ... ... ...) and potato scones - really turn the breakfast into a miraculous event.

At least they have toast bread and cereals as well ...

Not that I don't like it at all - but ... well ...

Scotland - or at least Edinburgh - is really a new thing for me. I had to laugh so hard when I realized that the fish today did taste like ... nothing. You couldn't even taste the grease! The large amount of brown sauce made it then ...
Gregory did not eat his fish ... he took a bite and then went back to where we had bought it before. What happened there I don't know ... however he looked very satisfied and had that typical devilish grin.

So - this was my entry for today! I have to leave now!

Till then


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