Thursday, April 03, 2008

Poem: Just wishing

When you are smiling for me,
I see the universe in thy eyes.

When you crying for me,
the angels in heaven start to cry.

When you are laughing,
the sun shines brighter than before.

When you are leaving,
clouds are ruling the sky.

So I ask thee ...

Smile for me thy loveliest smile
Let your eyes remain dry
Laugh for me thy loudest laughter of joy
Should you ever leave ... come back as soon as you can.

Those are my wishes ... nothing more and nothing less

© James Evan Wilson

Written a while ago ... for someone!

A little life sign from here ... not much to tell - and I don't want to bore you with facts about all-day life.

Sorry for not writing that much ...


Anonymous said...

It's a really beautiful poem :D

And I would love to hear more often from you and Greg :x

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