Tuesday, February 19, 2008

VDay evening Part I

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Before I will write about what happened – I would like to know how you did spend your love day?
Did you go out? Did you meet friends? Did you just spend it with your beloved ... doing fabulous things? Did you spend it alone?

See ... for me Valentine's Day is just a day like any other day ... although I have to admit that I like having flowers as well (but not only on that day). Now you might say: 'Wilson, c'mon you are a man! Flowers? Uak!'

And I'd reply: 'So what? Even men can have their soft side! Even men can find flowers lovely and even we can enjoy being cuddled and smooched ... not with wanting to jump into the bed instantly.'

Yes, I think that would be my answer then.

Although I really really have to admit that when cuddling and kissing ... the rest is not that far away.
Our love day was simply gorgeous.

We had to work until 7 pm and on the way home we both decided that the last thing we want to do now is spending more time of the evening in the kitchen to prepare some dinner.
„What about sushi?“ Gregory asked me while we had to wait at a stoplight.
„Sushi is always good, luv!“ I replied with a grin.
Gregory nodded and caused me a little heart attack a second later, when he honked the horn several times and then just drove to the other street side.

„I said sushi and not pathology!“
His answer was a little snort before saying, „You really behave like a sissy from time to time, Jimmy!“
„Like a whaaat?“ I asked him with my mouth slightly opened.
„A sissy ... you know what that is?“ Greg asked back and gave me a short side look.

„For sure, I know what a sissy is! You explain me now, how you mean that!“ I wanted to know.
„According to a dictionary, I could tell you that it would mean you are acting timid or like a coward from time to time ... I could also tell you“ he paused a little and gave me one of his special deep looks, „I could also tell you, that you are the most beautiful man and that I just love you the way you are.“

To hide my surprise and overplay the butterflies in my stomach I just looked outside the windshield and nodded.
After some seconds I was able to answer without sounding too love dazed.
„Well, ... yah ... you really could say that but what is the truth now?“
Gregory laughed briefly and tousled my hair with his right hand.

„Oh boy, you'll never change, right? Always asking and asking and not just enjoying what I said...“
„Right I won't change anymore – I am nearly 39 now. Do you really want to see me change?“ I asked him back and put my left hand on his thigh.

„Changing you?“ Gregory asked me with big eyes.
My reply was a nod and a questioning look.
We had reached the mall in the meantime and Gregory was looking for a free parking place and so did not answer immediately.
After the car was parked (on the disabled parking place), he looked at me.

„Why on earth should I want to change you? Why? Give me a good reason!“
I shrugged and leaned back in the seat, „Dunno – you tell me.“

Greg looked up at the roof for a second.
„I ... no ... no I don't want to change you. Not a single bit!
I love the way you are. I simply love every tiny little bit you know that?“
I raised one eyebrow and tried so to look calmer than I've been.
„You know that!“ Greg grunted a bit and then shook his head in slightly disbelief.
„James Evan Wilson ... you are either an idiot or playing an idiot now. I do hope it is the latter!“

He opened the seatbelt and leaned over me.
„Every single tiny little bit of you I do love. And this includes your soul, your heart, your thinking, your acting ... this includes you, my little stupid idiot.“ The last words were whispered into my ear, before he did seal his words with a deep and warm kiss.

At first I was too surprised to kiss him back, but that did last only a few seconds and soon we were kissing in the car like teenagers.
The kisses got deeper and more demanding and we really did not notice that we had started to touch each others chests, while sinking deeper and deeper into the kisses.
A very real knocking at the window brought us back ... back into the car ... back to the parking lot!

Gregory's look could have killed someone when he peeked over my right shoulder and stared at the person, who had dared to knock.
„Damn it!“ Greg mumbled and I turned my head slightly and stared into Cuddy's shocked face.
Her gesture was clear and so we sat straight again and opened the window a bit.
„I cannot believe that“ she hissed and looked around.
„This is parking lot, House!“ Cuddy gestured vividly around and gave us that typical schoolmaster look.

Gregory did not look around but did stare at her.
„No news, Cuddy! So why did you disturb us? You could just have continued watching us and gaining a little bit of a lust sensation ...“
Her eyes widened and her hissing snort was answer enough.
„He did not mean that ...“ I yelled after her ... but her only answer was flipping the bird before she disappeared behind some cars.
„Was that necessary?“ I asked Gregory, who'd already closed the window.
„I was annoyed and I bet ...“
„Stop it“ I said while shaking my head a bit. „You'll never change.“
„Nope, I won't“ Greg answered with a weak smile.

Now it was me fondling his hair and placing a little kiss upon his nose tip.
„And you know ... I love you nonetheless“ I said and gave him one more kiss.
His moan showed me that he was in the same emotional situation like me and so I forced me not to kiss him deeper but interrupting the kissing.
I leaned back in my seat and so did Greg.
„We should ... ... ...“ he panted slightly.
„Yah, we should stop now ...“ I continued.

Greg looked at me and shook his head again.
„No ... yes ... ... I meant we should first get the sushi and then hurry home!“
„Give me two more seconds before we get out of the car. I am not sure if I can walk right now“ I said to Greg with a broad grin.
His eyes wandered over my body to the bulge in my trousers. Gregory swallowed hard and turned away his head then.
„Five seconds, please!“ he muttered and stared out of the window.

Two minutes later we were able to get out of the car and it was the quickest stop at the mall we've ever made so far.

To be continued ...


cindy1991 said...
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cindy1991 said...
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cindy1991 said...

you...you would keep on this, right? right? :googly eyes:
Oh, please, Wilson, keep it up!
and by the way, what happen to that little prank? will that had more, or you just leave it like that?


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