Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am still alive

Goodness - it is October yet and I cannot believe that I did stop writing (again) for such a long time.

I hope everyone is doing fine!

Let me tell you that our summer vacations were just awesome! We did not go to France, Italy etc - but did stay in Ireland for the rest of the time.

It was so gorgeous - although Greg nearly got arrested one night, because of starting a fight in a pub.

What did he tell me later: "Well, they should not tell it is a single malt if they do serve that rotten and disgusting pee they declare as single malt ..."

As you can see - Greg will surely never change!

We did spend a time in Yorkshire and I lost my heart in the moors - it is utterly beautiful, to say it with the words of Wilde.

From Manchester we then flew to Dublin and did start our Ireland tour there.

That is the only word coming to my mind now.

The next bit of my heart I lost at the Ring of Beara ... unexpected beauty.

It was there as well - when I got the chance for some fishing and lucky me - we had a great evening with fish, vegetables and an amount of stout (Murphys).

Arriving at home after those lovely weeks of doing nearly nothing but enjoying time and ourselves - was quite a bit of a shock. Hospital had us back pretty soon afterwards ... and we are still in the fangs of this sucking vampire.

Therefore ... again a little break - but I promise that I will at least TRY to write a bit what is going on here.

Take care (and don't forget to vote)