Sunday, December 31, 2006


Dear Fellows!

I want to use this opportunity to write down my New Year's wishes to you. I am still at office as I had to finish some important paperwork. Greg is waiting at home and as I just phoned him - he is now up to the bathtube. Lucky him!

Gregory's revenge was hilarious ... well after a while. Even Chase and Foreman were laughing after they had realized that it was somehow funny. Okay I have to admit that this fact lasted the whole morning and just now they came in and we had a little conversation. I first thought they might be pissed off but to my very surprise they were not.

Foreman just shrugged and said, "You know, Wilson. I had to face more embarassing things in my life so far and this fart cushion was ... hm ... was funny. Okaaaay, I have to admit, that at first it WAS embarassing but I found the cushion soon and some of the participating neurologists grinned like idiots when I threw it into the corner."
I looked at him and grinned as well, "Hey Foreman, it was just a little prank you know. You knew that something would come! House would not be House if he would have let you go with it."
They both nodded and Chase rubbed his butt.

He snorted a bit and mumbled "Yeas, but why is it always me being hit by his wrath so hard? I don't do nothing at all." Chase looked at me with a slightly hurt expression on his face and some hair was dangling into his eyes.

Yay, he can look like a hurt little cangaroo. So I smiled at him and just said, "Well, perhaps he likes you Chase. You are the youngest man in the scooby gang and he just want to teach you something."
Chase frowned and started to gnaw on a pencil again. God where does he get them from all the time?

Let me shorten it a bit - we agreed that the revenge was well done and that Gregory had all the rights to do so. (Well, I convinced them a bit)

They will be off now as well and they will come to our place and celebrate New Year's Eve with us. I was really surprised that Greg agreed when I suggested it. He first looked a bit grumpy (surprise?) but after he wanted me to give him a good reason for it - he just agreed.
I, on the other hand, believe that he just wanted to have me to ask for it in a proper way ...

So ... I am off now!

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

May the changes the New Year might bring for you (and us) be pleasant.
May the New Year be filled with light and laughter.
May dark hours be washed away by the caring embraces of friends.
May your wishes come true for you, if they are right for you.
May you grow and may that growth be good for you.
May you find what you perhaps might be looking for now.
Be aware that you are never alone, that there is always someone caring around.
Might it be a friend who is there for you when you are feeling down to the ground,
might it be an unknown person just wanting to lift you up when you are crying and not knowing where to go from here now.
These little lights may brighten your life - and be sure that there never are any coincidences happening.
The New Year will bring you a lot of fun, dears. Open your arms and welcome it!
HAPPY 2007 for all of you!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another weird poem ... The promise

The fire is just burning inside of you,
you are the light and this is just true.
Thy power is your holding hand,
Thy strength is that you always understand.
You were born to enlight the soul.
Your challenge is to make them all whole.
Thy eyes are shining like sparkling stars in the night,
Thy wings are burning when you are flying through the dark of night.
You are my son, my everything!
You bring them love and sometimes sin.
Call me your father, your guidance, your God!
I am here and creating the mighty plot.
You, my son, will strike and see,
You will be the winner and I give the prize to thee.
The prize will be love, warmth and light,
Given to you be the "Earth" in Her shining light.
This is my promise I now give to you!
You can believe me it all will come true!

I know it is another very different poem I just wrote. I like it though ... perhaps you do as well.

My little excuse ...

mood: satisfied

location: on the sofa again

music: Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

I made my morning excuse some time ago ... Greg woke up and I percolated new coffee it is better not to speak to him until he has finished his first mug of coffee. So I just waited until he had his third mug and was sitting on the chair in the living room a book in his hands.

He looked so good and I just couldn't resist ... perhaps I should have waited until he had placed his mug aside but I wasn't willing to wait, so I approached him and pressed him into the cushions, followed by a long hard kiss so that he was unable to react with a question.

I admit I was a bit rough and his trousers were just pulled down while I kissed him feverishly and even deepend my kissing when he responded as well and his hands touched my back.
We still kissed and I can't remember how we got undressed, but we did and I made us become one when I rested myself upon him - still sitting on the chair.

We ruined the book and the mug shattered on the floor, as he hadn't got the time to place it aside. Lucky it was nearly empty ...

The excuse was hard and quick but nevertheless very satisfying - and we both needed a time to catch breath again.

Good morning - I just say to you ...

Cheering again...

mood: tired an' hungry

music: The Killers - Bones

location: on the sofa in the living room

It was a long night for me, I went to bed at about 6.30 am and the first time I woke up again was at about 11 am. Believe me I am still tired and longing for another coffee. This would surely mean I would have to stand up from the sofa.

Greg is still fast asleep but I couldnt sleep anymore. My back hurts, my arm hurts and I am sitting here very comfortable - no way I'll be standing up now. I am accompanied by Bertie (the pink rabbit) and the new teddy bear (I will reveal his name later - hehe), they really are cuties and it makes me grin all the time when I look at them.

My little cheering up presents - well it was worth it - I like the excuses. We really have to buy a new bed today ...

You might have read in his blog that I cheered again at his speech. I really tought about not doing it - but although Greg can be very shy sometimes (believe me it is true) - he would have done the very same thing!

He even forced me once to write a letter and he said if I wouldnt do so, he would just made me do some embarassing thing in front of all the colleagues. This is of course some time ago but nevertheless, he is ill-minded as well and I pretty much know he WOULD have done it.

He likes his new fragrances and he smells incredibly good with the Calvin Klein one - hooooo boy! I tried to lift his mood a bit up before he had to give the lecture and he was relaxed ...

What he didnt know by then was that there was already some evil plan going on. The cheering ...
you remember the pink rabbit and the cheering in Baltimore? This was nothing compared to the yesterday's cheering and all ... yes all because I lost a bet!

Yes you got it right! I lost a bet with Foreman and Chase - they said they would succeed in making House going to lecture here at the PPTH and as I knew he wouldnt do so I just said: No way!

My task if they would succeed was to cheer again at his lecture - okay I thought not that hard ... this would never ever happen.
They are EVIL you know? They really are ill-minded ...

We came back from Canada and the first thing they showed me was the lecture plan for the congress ... Woohoo! These little wombats have written Cuddy an email from my computer, with my signature and telling that Greg surely would be pleased to hold a lecture, that he is really good at it, etc.

You know what happend then - She listed him for lecturing and she told Gregory that I was the one telling her he is so good at it. Gawd!

I knew they would give me a hard time but when they handed me the red boxer, the sign with "You rule! Please have wild sex with me!" and the teddy bear with these big amber brown eyes ... I knew this would top the Baltimore cheering.

Fine, I've lost and so I did my very best to fulfill my bet debts - horn and rattle were my idea and of course I had to make up what to do and say, but the very rest must be blamed to Foreman and Chase!

"You! Now! At my office!", Gregory barked into the microphone when he finished his speech and pointed at me with his cane. He left the stage taking the teddy and the boxers and I followed him with the rattle, the horn and the sign.

No word was spoken until we reached his office, he just shook his head and I really tried not to rattle sometimes. We entered his office and he muttered, "Close the blends and shut the door!"

I obeyed and as soon as the public was left outside he turned to me and barked "I know you are ill-minded but that" he held up the red boxer and pointed at the sign "THAT is just not your style!"
I waved with the sign a bit and rattled "You really think so?", I asked him and tried to look innocently.

"Yes!" he grunnted ... and well I told him about the bet and what Foreman and Chase wanted me to do - and I promised to make up for it at the evening (which I did ...).

His grin was more than devilish and I think this will mean some hard payback for them!

Waiting ...

mood: on tenterhooks

music: the babbling of the participants

I am waiting to be able to go home ... it is annoying if you have to wait for that and the clock is just moving sooooo slow then.

Chase and I are still at the congress - well or should I say - back again. We are sitting there with some participants and listening (trying) to some lecture Cuddy wanted us to join. Fine, Greg is already at home and I was only able to bring him back and stay with him for one hour then I had to leave again.

It is so annoying! I don't want to be here ... I just want to be at home!
One good thing is that Chase got beer for us. We are using coffee mugs for it, so the other don't see what we are drinking. Glad it is stout though - hehe!

It might be that I am slightly drunk and I am sitting here and waiting for some e-mail to arrive. I know it must come - I know it is on its way in the Internet - but it is still not here. Gawd ... another reason to be on tenterhooks.

What kind of email it is? It has something to do with Greg and me, something private and it is a surprise, so I won't tell you. Mwahaha!

Okay I am slightly drunk by now! Can't wait to get home...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Some nice presents for Greg

I just bought some new perfume for Gregory and me.

I love his Halston though but I thought it would be nice to buy him some other fragrances.

So I bought Egoist by Chanel and some Calvin Klein for him. He will find it on his desk soon. I wrapped it in some really funny paper. Well, perhaps this will cheer his mood up a bit.

And if not, there will be another cheering up present for him - later.

He said he loves my puppy eyes and well ... I just thought, but I dont want to spoil the surprise.

Do you wonder what I bought for me? Armani and Cerruti perfumes it is. I like it!

Now I have to go to his speech. I will have to prepare some things ...

Gooooo, Greggo, goooooooooooooooooooooo

Online petition - bring back Gregory House

As some of you might already have read on Greg's blog, he was banned from DeviantArt due to some stupid reasons.

I was really upset about it and still I am. I talked to some "friends" of DA and now you have the opportunity to sign a petition for bringing back Gregory!

We will endorse the petition to one adminstrator of DeviantArt and hope that this will help to bring him back.


Poem: Here I am

Don't feel lonely and get lost in the doom.
Don't sit alone in the dark of the room.

Listen carefully to the voices inside,
I am here, so close, just waiting by your side.

There is no need to getting depressed,
no need to let your soul becoming undressed.

I am here - the blanket for your heart,
giving your warmth and keeping the cold apart.

You wonder why you are feeling somewhat alone,
can't grab your feelings, you are sitting lonely in a crowded home.

But here I stand and am whispering your name,
stretching my hand out and trying to touch you through the mighty flame.

My skin should now crack and peel,
but here nothing but magic is oh so real.

Your soul is bleeding, your eyes they cry,
your heart is wounded and your thoughts they fly.

Fly away to a nowhere land,
Fly away to where I stand.

Don't feel lonely and get lost in the doom.
Don't sit alone in the dark of the room.

'Cause I am here just reach out your hand,
I am waiting for you - alone - here I stand.

This is ... well - it is just for those who need it.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some different poetry ...

I don't know why I am posting this poetry here, but it somehow feels right.

I've written it and don't be surprised - there are many things inside of James Wilson you just don't know.

Now here we go

The Recall

I am closing my eyes and looking inside,
back through all my former lifes I stride,
back in time and back in space.
Feeling so old sometimes,
so old and wise.

Then there is darkness - soft and tender.
A humming sound of music fills the air,
sparkles around you and light covers the bodies.
It just begins.

We are born, we are the angels bringing life and death.
Fire is burning inside of us, we create and destroy.
We are the magic, we are the light, we are the night.

She - our mother, our father and our love,
She - who is always watching us.

We are hers from the beginning 'till the end.
We live the lives she wants us to live.
We are her children, her loves, her hearts.

I can feel the power inside of me,
feel the burried strength recovering,
feel the love running through my veins like a stream of fire.

My head drops back and I scream out her name,
my arms spread out and become wings of flame.
Flying again now I am,
Flying as her angel of the all burning flame.

I am her child, her everything.
I am the light, the angel of sin.

My heart is beating faster and I can't describe
what makes me sitting here in the middle of the night.

I am not alone out here,
close your eyes and have no fear.
Fly back in time and through space,
look inside what is hidden behind the trace.

You are an angel of her as well,
listen carefully now and hear her spell.

'Wake up my darling and just begin to see,
you are my magic and I live in thee!'

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How the Pink Rabbit got named ...

I am currently having some time for myself ... we are back at our little hut - finally. The evening with the Brunswicks was more than pleasant and funny. Particularly the thing with the sleeping sofa ... hehe.

Perhaps Greg will write about it - when he is awake again. He didnt feel that good when we came back. Might be because of the "little" alcohol we had and of the little sleep we got. Well ... it was pleasant!

Before I forget to tell you - I now want to use the opportunity to write about the pink rabbit got his name. Greg doesn't want me to write it down ... haha... but I am willing to do so. And YES I love mocking him sometimes.

Well this time it is not only him having to face the little prang.

Do you already know how the rabbit's name is? No?

Let me just tell you ...

Once upon a time in December a small little pink rabbit was thrown in front of an audience and hit the eyebrows of a good looking lecturer. The pink rabbit found the flight interesting and if he could have yelled, he would probably screamed out: Woooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo, I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

But of course the rabbit can't speak so he just twisted around in the air and a rattling sound followed by a "You rule!" accompanied his hero flight, which was ended by a Thomp sound when he hit the man's face. Then he lay there on the ground until the man with the cane picked him up at his ears ... the rabbit looked around and saw many people. Next thing he noticed was darkness (that was when he was put in the backpack) ... only his ears hopping up and down while the man was walking where the only bodyparts to be seen.

Flipp, flapp, flipp, flapp ...

The darkness was lifted when the bag was opened and the rabbit found himself in a hotel room. Cosy he would have thought .. and then he noticed the two men - if the pink rabbit could have changed his colour it would have changed into crimson red by then.

Hoooo boy

The rabbit was packed in a bag again later and after quite a while he found himself sitting in a living room. The two men where still around ... well, they are always quite close together and doing ... ehm ... interesting things - he thought (or would have).

The man with the brown hair and brown eyes looked at the rabbit one evening and waved it in front of the other mans face.
"C'mon Greggoooo please give me a name" the man said with a higher voice. It sounded as he changed the normal tone of his voice.
The other man looked at the rabbit and grinned "Stop it, James. Will you?"
"Noooo, please, don't let me live like that!" the voice could be heared again.

A snort could be heared and blue-eyes were fixed on the rabbit.
"What name do you want?" he finally said.
The rabbit looked blank ... and didn't answer (of course he didnt).

The man named Greg stood up and limped into another room, he came back with two bottles in his hand.
A deeper voice said "Oh, Black Sheep! That is nice!"
Blue-eyes sparkled when they looked above the rabbits head "Do you want one, too?" he asked while he poured some dark liquid into a glass.
"Ehm, this would be nice" the other voice behind the rabbits back said.

"Be nice ... hmmm?"the blue-eyed man with the cane mumbled and a smile appeared on his face.
The pink rabbit was waved in front of the other man's face "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze, gimme some stout. Be nice, Greggo!"

The man called Greggo looked at the rabbit "You wanna have some Black Sheep? Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!" and then he leaned over the rabbit with the glass in his hand but bent over it and only a "Hmmmmmmm" sound followed by a whipsered "Gawd, Greg" could be heard.

The next thing the rabbit noticed that his head became wet and that he was pushed on the ground, laying there his eyes wide open he saw the glass hovering in the air and it was placed on the table by a hand. A shirt covered his eyes then and this might have saved him of becoming crimson dark red again.

Some while later the shirt was lifted up and a giggle could be heard.
"Hey, Greg hun', you have baptized the rabbit with Black Sheep." The rabbit was pulled up from the floor and shown to the man called Greg.
He looked at the rabbit, straightened up "Uuuuh, well. So I have the perfect name for him right now."
He cleared his throat and the other man made a humming sound.
"Pink rabbit, from now on you will be named BERTIE" he said with a deeper voice.

"Bertie?" the other man laughed out. "You will call him Bertie?" and he errupted in laughter. "Geez, Greg. That is funny!"
Greg grinned and waved with the glass in his hand "Black Sheep perfectly fits for that and Bertie liked the Cheering story! So ..." he shrugged and giggled "I thought it would perfectly fit and perhaps you don't know, it might fit to him" and he pointed at the rabbit.

The rabbit called Bertie looked at him with wide open blue eyes.

Brown eyes sparkled in the candle light and two men were sitting on the sofa laughing hard.
"I think he will understand that" the brown haired man said under giggles. "If he would know that we had more than some drinks when doing that, he would pretty much understand. And you know what, Greg, I think he and Neil would do the same ill-minded things."


So this is how the rabbit got named ... Bertie!

(Should Bertie and Neil read this ...Imagine me grinning!)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cosy and warm

Just a short note from Canada ...

It is so wonderful here - snowed in again and we even have a little Christma tree provided by Finn this afternoon.

He came by with the snow mobile and brought as a sweet little tree. It looks pretty in the cosy living room ...

The fire in the fireplace brings a warm light and we have candles lit as well. Gregory is sitting at the fireplace right now and wanted to join me ... I just used the chance and switched from Byron to the Internet - but as Greg is looking at me with his special smile again .... there will be something else in our minds now.

So please excuse me ... I will go and join my honey now.

(Did I tell you that he is more than adorable? That I love the way he looks at me? When he sits and plays on the piano and his thoughts are astray? Hooooooooooo boy!)

Tomorrow we will have mushroom soup, salad with geese breast smoked, quails and then a special ... dessert!

Perhaps - if there is time, I'll make a short entry again. (Or on the 25th)

Now I'll join him ... God! He looks so good - I am feeling the cuddle attack arising again!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Greetings

I am currently checking a page where Merry Christmas is written in all languages - woosh! That's a lot.

Why am I looking for such stuff? Because I will be offline for a few days. You might already have read that Greg and I will be leaving for Canada tomorrow.

This means -we will have a lot of time just for ourselves. I think I won't be online until - ehm Wednesday. Perhaps just for checking some emails (if one of you guys should write me an email).

So this is for you:

Merry Christmas
Joyeux Noël (French)
Fröhliche Weihnachten (German)
Nollaig Shona Dhuit (Irish/Gaelic)
Buon Natale (Italian)
God Jul (Norwegian)
Feliz Navidad (Spanish)

I know - just some languages ... but nonetheless.

Have some wonderful days amongst your friends, families and beloved ones. Forget your sorrows and troubles for a while - relax and enjoy the days!

See you - well (you know what I mean) next week ... probably be back writing on Wednesday, 27th December!



Never mix alcohol with pain relief cigs

You've read my last entry carefully? You've noticed I had my fifth malt combined with a ... smoke?

Yes, did ya? Fine!

Perhaps - well sure you know that Greg and I had a bad day today.

I was pissed off and hurt. Because the first thing of him I saw today was a more than deranged looking Gregory with marks on his neck ... and arms. Yes! Marks - and I mean love bites!

Believe me I didn't want to trust my eyes when I've seen it - and well the things Geinen mentioned came back into my mind. I didn't want to see Greg - and every time he tried to speak with me or even see me, I refused to.

I first had to think about it ... and it did hurt. But what did Foreman say lately - don't ever run away ...

So it was late in the afternoon when Greg peeked into my office.
"Hun'?" a weak voice addressed me.
I looked up from a file and saw Greg's pale face. He really looked ... not that good. Exhausted, tired and worried.
"Hm?" I asked and his look became more worried.
"May I come in? Please?" - I just nodded and pointed at the chair.
Greg approached and remaind standing in front of the desk. "See, I am sorry. But I didn't do nothing at all."
I just snorted and looked down on the file again.

A flask was placed on the file, "I will take Sodium Pentothal with a coffee, if you don't believe me!"
I looked up and examined him carefully, the marks hit my eyes again and I am sure he really wasn't aware how he looked like.
"More drugs?" I grunted and placed the flask aside.

"James! I really don't know why you are annoyed!" Greg insisted and put his hands on the desk.
"You don't know it? Did you recently look into the mirror? Fine take it!" I muttered.
Greg put 5 drops of the truth drug into his mug and looked at me "Do you think this will be enough?"
I shrugged "I don't know it!"
"Then check the database" he grunnted and I did so.
I carefully read what was written about Sodium Pentothal and then nodded at Greg "This will be enough".

"Good" he replied and downed the coffee.
We both waited some minutes and then Greg nodded at me - and I began to ask him simple questions at first.
Then I wanted to know what happened yesterday evening - part of his answer can already be read on his blog. It just came out that he dreamt that I was there - although I was different, smelled different and reacted different and it was all weird and somewhat blurred.
Believe me ... my thoughts were racing!

It couldn't be me - could it? I've been on the sofa, slept on the sofa and woke up this morning in bed ... home alone! Okay I felt shitty - had a damn hangover and couldn't remeber what happened after that ... smoke.

While Gregory answered my questions I examined his "love bites" and felt my stomach twitching. I sat down and rubbed my neck "Ouch" I said and Greg looked at me puzzled.
"What?" he asked and I shrugged.
"Dunno, it just hurt. Is there something?"
Greg pulled down my collar and whistled "Well, that is what I call a love bite ... and you have scratches as well."
I turned to him "You are kidding aren't you? I've been at home and I can't remember ... after that ... smoke."
He frowned "You smoked?"
I noticed me blushing and shifted uncomfortably. I perfectly know that he hates it when I am smoking. "Well I thought it'd be a normal cigarette but it was one we had at the lake you know ..."
"Ooooh... you had a joint? That would explain the different smell though" he murmured.
"But I was at home, woke up at home - by the way they would have noticed if I would have come to the clinic. They keep a list at the reception."
A smile appeared on his face "Go and ask them!"

Good idea ... I did so - and let me tell you what.
Entry: Dr. James Wilson - 3 am.
Out: Dr. James Wilson - 4.45 am.

So I must have been at the clinic and I must have gone home due to some reason. One thing is for sure, never mix alcohol with ehm... that other stuff. Better! Never ever smoke such crap!

Gregory grinned "So it was you all the time. Gawd, Jimmy you were rough!" he said and rubbed his marks.
"Sorry, darling" I replied with a grin and gently touched my neck as well. "I think you gave it back".
He stretched and yawned "I am so damn tired and everything hurts. I could do with a shower. Wearing the same clothes."
I looked at him and nodded "Yes and you smell a bit".

"Huh?" he said and blushed. "Do I? Oh my god, this is embarassing!"
I bent over and kissed him on the cheek "Let's go home then. It is time and I think we could both do with a nap and a hot shower or bath."

Greg blinked once - twice ... "Oh, I love you!"
We both giggled and stood up.

As you can see - everything is fine now ... except the fact we still don't know what bumfluff called him and gave him the barbiturates.

Gregory suspects Daniel - but I still doubt it somehow. Although Daniel is sick-minded and has a funny idea of jokes ... he wouldn't be that mean!

When you are old ...

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

When you are old

WHEN you are old and gray and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

And bending down beside the glowing bars,
Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled
And paced upon the mountains overhead
And hid his face among a crowd of stars.

I ... I just wanted to share this with you. It is out of the Yeats book Gregory bought me ... I miss him - still no sign.

I am having the 5th single malt (Oban) and some ... ehm ... pain reliever I found. Geinen wanted to convince me that he has seen him at the strip joint in town ... I don't believe him!

Currently listening to The Killers - When you were young.

Wilson - home alone!

mood: nervous and curious

music: Sarah McLachlan - Perfect Girl

Okay you might have read it in Greg's blog ... I was slightly annoyed a bit about the fact that he spent nearly the whole night at the PPTH. He told me that he'd sent me a short message on my cell phone and has written a note ...

I haven't got the message this morning - no it came in on the late afternoon! The note was found under the kitchen table this evening - so I had to apologize for my behaving.

The lipstick was Stacy's lipstick though ... Greg got trapped under the mistletoe in the entrance hall. He wasn't the only one though - I got trapped as well when I left the clinic. I wanted to go to the mall as I still have to buy some ... things for Canada.

This time it was one of my patients ...
Bugger! I don't like those mistletoes!

So I went to the mall - and what do I have to tell you? It was closed!!! I don't know why but they just closed it at 8 pm ... this was annoying.

Back at home I found a note (again) on the kitchen table, one on the fridge, one on the mirror in the bathroom and one on the whiskey bottle:

"Sorry, dear! Had to go back to the PPTH! Miss you! Greg"

Fine ...
Not really - I ate my part of the Chinese food I bought - and placed the rest in the fridge.

Gregs cellphone is off, he doesn't pick up his phone in the office - and I am sitting here in the living room, enjoying my third single malt and talking with Foreman via MSN.

Wicked, hm? Foreman knows nothing of a new case ... he wasn't beeped.


I think I'll have another single malt! It is now 1 am ... no sign of Gregory.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mistletoe and other happenings ...

Some sweet little episodes what happened yesterday:


As Greg has already mentioned in his blog yesterday - some funny person pinned mistletoes above our doors. Very funny indeed - Cuddy, Cameron, Dr. Elliott had their fun, so did Debbie from accounting and Foreman who laughed his ass off about the expression on my face when he bent forward to give me a smooch.

And there was this unspeakable Dr. Bench again - you remember that doctor, who wanted to invite me to her room in Baltimore? Exactly!

Snow on the balcony

I went on my balcony as I had a damn headache and just wanted to catch some fresh air (it was snowing). Greg was on his way to the cafeteria - he had to buy some sandwiches ... yes had to ('nother story).
He accompanied me on the balcony afterwards.
"Rats! They did pickles on my Reuben sandwich" Greg said after he had checked his sandwich.
"I don't like pickles that much as well, you know" I answered and Greg looked at me surprised.
"Really? Oh, I didn't know that" he said and looked down the balcony.
"Now you know" I answered and shrugged.
"Mhmm" and flip ... a pickle landed on the head of an old lady.

"Greg!" I muttered and we both ducked down. Gregory grinned and grabbed some snow and before I could react he rubbed it into my face.
"GEEZ!" I cried out and gave him a tit-for-tat response. We tussled and soon landed on the balcony - my head hit the ground when I slipped out on the snow.
"Ouuch" ... then I remained silent.
"James? Jim? Jimmy?" Greg said and bent over me. I blinked and looked unsteadily.
"Uuuh" I murmured and touched my head.

Gregory supported me "Everything okay, Jim? Do you need to sit down?"
I looked at him "Ehm, who are you?"
His eyes narrowed "What, who are you? You are fooling me ..."
I frowned and sighed "I really don't know who you are and by the way" I looked around "what are we doing here?"

Icy blue eyes looked into mine and I could see his brain work, then he shook his head. "You are fooling me. What is your name?"
I rubbed my neck and had to think about it ... "Evan?"
"This is your second name. Don't you remember your full name?"
I shook my head "Ouuuh" - everything was turning and I put a hand to my head. "Shan't do that" I mumbled.

Gregory guided me back into the office and placed me on the sofa.
"Look me in the eyes now" he commanded and checked their reaction with the desk lamp. "Widened... Did you have migraine again?"
"I dunno" I muttered and rubbed my neck again. "Are you a doctor?"
His eyes narrowed again "Yeees and so are you!"
He asked me some medical stuff - I didn't know and I could see in his eyes that he began to realize what must have happened. Greg examined my head and found a little lump. "Doesn't look severe ... " he mumbled. "Do you have headache?"
"Like hell" I grunted.

"You stay here! I'll go to Cuddy..." he said and I just wondered who that Cuddy guy might be.
(If you ask yourself why the heck I know all that stuff ... let your brain work)
"Okay we are off now" he said when he came back and handed me a coat.
"Ehm... will you bring me home?" I asked him and looked puzzled.
"Sure I will and I'll be your guard as well" he grunted and dragged me out of the room, out of the hospital - into a car and into a nice apartment.

It was back at home when I regained my capacity for remembering. Although I needed a looooong rest in bed ... Greg really insisted on this. He can really tough it out!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stoned to the bone ...

Oh yeeeaaaaas - to speak with Chase's accent - the afternoon was very interesting.

As you might have read ... Greg got stoned. Although he insisted not to be stoned. It cost me some nervs to bring him to the car.

He didn't want to go. I convinced him with a bowl of sugar canes (don't ask) and he refused to take his cane ... The drugs must have made him painfree and he walked withouth it (for a while).

I somehow got him into the car - that's where it became the funnier part then. Greg thought I was still married to Susan (my first wife).

Okaaaay ... Here are some highlights:

"Will Susan be pissed, because you will be staying with me?
"No, she won't" (well it is true)

"You know, Susan told me you are much to often at my place."
"Really, does she?!" (she did)

"Will you stay here, Wils?"
"Yes Greg, I will." (I did)

"Damn, I forgot my keys in the hospital!"
"Oh, I'll open the door." (I used my keys)
"Aw, you have the keys. Fiiiiine."

Gregory looking around in the apartment.
"You know, Wils, I can smell your Fahrenheit here. Isn't that weird?"
"Oh ... perhaps."

"Wils, will you stay here?"
"Sure, I will."

"I'll make some coffee, okay?"
"Coffee is in the second cupboard" (I already percolated some).
"Ehm, yes I know, Greg."
"Oh ... "

"Perhaps you should go to bed, Greg..."
"No, I don't want to."
"Why not?"
"I don't want to be alone there. I can sleep on the sofa and you'll be around."
"Okaay. But ... I could ... accompany you."
"You would do so?" (he looked puzzled)
"Sure, if you want me to."
"This'd be fine." (slightly smiling)

"You have your own yammies here?"
("Doh!") Ehm, no these must be yours as well!"
"Oh. You can wear them, if you want to. Or sleep with boxers and shirt" (he tried not to look - he was so cute!)
(I decided to go to bed with boxers and shirt)

"I ... I must tell you that I am in love ..."
"Are you?"
"Mhm. With someone darkhaired ..."
"Is this true?" (I looked very interested)
"Yes (he nodded) - with dark eyes."
"Like mine" (I got closer)
"Yes" (he whispered)

Well - as I told you it was very interesting and Gregory slept about 12 hours until morn'.

He is sober now ... and I am more than glab about it.

Cuddy was pissed yesterday - not because of us, as it wasn't our fault. No, because of the fact that the delivery was wrong and all pills had to be checked.

Tuesday - let's see what this day will bring.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Testing Vicodin ...

Today is Monday - and Greg is right ... Monday sucks!

I got about 30 phone calls by now.

Finn who called me when we will come ...
Mary who called me if Finn had already called - bugger.
Finn who called me if we need something special and if he should pick us up
Mary who called me if we will come to them for a night ...
Rachel who called me to ask what Greg wants for X-Mas
Foreman who asked me if I'd seen Chase - No ...
Chase who asked me if I'd seen Forman (some minutes later) - HELLO?
Mr. Brunswick who called to ask if Finn and Mary had already called and what he should put aside for X-Mas (food and beverages)
Rent-A-Car because of the car we would like to rent ...
5 calls without a person saying his name or something like that ... annoying!
Daniel who called me to say that he is upset about Henry's death
Eric who called me and asked me several things about Cuddy
Cuddy who wanted to know some things about Eric
Fayt who wanted to know if we know a nice and cosy place over X-Mas - I gave him the address of the house in Point Pleasant

And then there was the fact the Gregory is in pain ...
Of course he didn't call me! I had to read it first - as usual! Well, I went to the pharmacist immediately and he gave my a new bottle and insisted that it was Vicodin.
I went to Gregory who handed me the bottle of Vicodin ... he was laying on the sofa and looking like ... well ... not very good.

He really is in pain - and it makes my heart bleeding to see him like that. I went to the lab and made the testings.

The results: the hydrocodone was missing in the pills Greg had - they only consisted of aspirin.

I've already informed Cuddy about it. The new bottle contains Vicodin though ... the pharmacy is now checking the delivery they got - it seems that there must have been a mixture problem.

Greg is supposed to drink a lot of water now ...

I will bring him back home now - as the two pills of Vicodin which he should take now - will knock him out completely as the aspirin is in his blood already. This will mean a stoned Gregory. Cuddy is more than pissed about that - but it wasn't Greg's fault though.

We are off now!

Weekend summary

Hey guys,

just a short summary what happened over the weekend.

After my entry on Saturday I went to bed again - where we stayed until noon. Our belated breakfast was interrupted several times by phone calls and Gregory was slightly pissed about it.

We had to go to the clinic for a few hours ... which made him even more pissed as we normally had a day off. I used the time and visited Chase, did some paperwork in my office and brought Greg some new coffee. Well, we stayed there the whole afernoon and could leave at about 7 pm. Wonderful isn't it?

Greg's mood was excellent by then ...

We stopped at the mall, got some DVDs, something to drink and headed back home to order some pizza. The rest of the evening/night we spent on the sofa watching movies (Ginger Snaps I, Life of Brian and Pitch Black), drinking some glasses and eating pizza (sweetcorn, pepper, garlic, olives and artichokes).

It was about 5 am we went to bed and I woke up with a damn migrane! My sunday was rotten to the core - believe me. I survived with a good dosis of pain killers and a enlarged massage. The sofa and the cushions in the back were my best friends, next to tea, Cyrus and Pink Rabbit and my best companionn on this lazy day ... Gregory.

He was so lovely yesterday and took care of me.

Well this was our weekend - to make it short.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


mood: still having a cold - but feeling better

music: Sarah McLachlan - The Answer

What a wonderful evening it was yesterday - even my coughing couldn't destroy it. Everything was lit with candles and it was more than romantic (yes I have to admit I can really really be very romantic).

Gregory played some wonderful pieces on the piano and I sat on the sofa and listened with closed eyes. I am starting to feel cuddly again - so I will just carry on writing to be sooner under the blanket where Gregory still sleeps.

I can't put it into words what I felt when I unwrapped the Shakespeare book - it was surprise, nearly a heart attack, tears coming up, racing heart, disbelief, happiness ... and my jaw dropped down.


to stay with Walter Matthau ... Can you believe it? A 1640-edition!!!

I really am not able to write it down ... my eyes always wander back to the book which lays on the piano. 1640 ...

"Are we poor now?" I asked Gregory when I realized what I was holding in my hands.
"No" he smiled and looked very pleased.

There was some more gawking from my part ... and then I handed Greg his present. I am pretty sure he wants to write about it in his blog - so just wait!

Our "Thank You" was extended a bit and when we cuddled afterwards, Greg whispered in my ear "Oh, by the way there was another present for you in front of the door."
I lifted up my head and looked at him "Don't tell me it was another fish! We could make Sushi then."
We both grinned and Greg shook his head, "I don't think so, it feels soft. It is in my nightstand" and he pointed lazy in the direction of the bedroom.

"Oh" I said and jumped up. "I'll go and get it" and with these words I hurried to the bedroom.

The present (it was an envelope) lay where he said so and I tried to figure out what it might be. "Feels soft" I thought and opened the envelope.
A card fell out and I picked it up from the bed.

Dear Jimmy,

I want to wish you a Happy Hannukah. Enjoy the day and I hope you like the little present!

Your cousin

A smile appeared on my face - Spaz is way cool and I like her very much. She is the daughter of my Mom's sister Rebecca.

I looked inside the envelope and pulled out the present. A snicker emerged when I realized what it was.

"Wooooooosh!" I said and put on what she has sent me.
"What is it?" Greg asked from the sitting room.
I checked my appearance in the mirror and arranged my hair "I'll show you in a minute!"
"I need a fitting trouser" I thought and searched through the cupboard. The petrol blue pijama trousers will do ... so I put them on and had to swallow down a laughter when I looked in the mirror again.

"Okaaaay. I am coming! But you have to close your eyes!" I shouted and made my way back to the living room.
"Are your eyes closed?" I asked before I peeked around the corner.
"YES!" Greg answered and there he was sitting on the floor, wrapped in a blanked and his eyes shut. So cute!

I jumped into the sitting room with a "Taaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaa!" and stroke a pose. Gregory opened his eyes and blinked once ... twice and then he started roaring. I tried to be ernest and looked at him.

"C'mon my fellow! We have to save the woooooorld!" I said with a deep voice.
Gregory held his stomach "Let me first fetch my Superwoman skirt" he beeped.
I put my hands on the hips and threw back my hair "Go then! The world can no longer wait for their superheros."

Gregory stood up and approached me, drew me closer and whispered "Let me be your Cryptonite, Superman".
"But don't kill me" I whispered back before he kissed me deeply.

He didn't kill me though (otherwise I wouldn't be able to write that down) - however, he made me feel very very weak and I had to wear my Superman shirt all night long. We had a lot of fun ...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Every breath is yours

I really like that song

And I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the Channukah present Greg gave me!

Do you have a clue? A slightest idea? No? Yes?

Just let me tell you - it is AWESOME!

He really bought me the 1640-edition of Shakespeare - Oh my god, I still can't believe it!

Excuse me now - I just wanted to tell you this. A longer entry will follow (perhaps) tomorrow!

Fishy ... a belated Honeymoon present

mood: tired and having a cold

music: Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale

We are back home ... I think I already mentioned that, didn't I?

I am at work currently but can't concentrate on the files. I am sitting here coughing, having a sore throat and feeling shitty. But I don't want to lament on my health or sickness - or whatever (this comes later).

No I just want to tell you what happened yesterday evening. We came back from Baltimore and Greg was not too annoying during the ride back home. Just some babbling "How long? ... I have to pee... Can we have a stop here?" I am getting used to it by now and I've found a good method to silence him. Okaaaay - I have to admit that our road trip back home lasted a bit longer than usual - as he urged me to stop ehm... two times.

After we came back home and checked the fridge we decided that we would have to buy some food - emptyness was greeting us.
Well I got a short message on my mobile in just the moment we wanted to leave the apartment again. It was from Dr. Danby who asked me if it would be possible to come to the PPTH as he needs my advice in a certain case. I showed the messsage Greg and he sighed "Can't they solve their probs on their own?"

"I think I should go now. What about this, you stay here and make yourself comfortable and I'll rush to the clinic and buy some stuff on my way back home."
Greg smiled "Do you think so?"
I nodded "Sure you don't have to come with me. I'll be back in two hours or so."
"Okay then and take care" Gregory said and placed a kiss on my forehead.
"Sure I will" I replied and headed to the clinic.

The problem was solved soon (no need to bore you with medical stuff) and I decided to visit Chase. He looks really shitty and he sounds awkward. I stayed with him for about half an hour and then went shopping.

Back home - Greg was sitting on the sofa talking with Chase via MSN and guessing what disease he might have - I had to grin when I saw him sitting there. I made my way into the kitchen and placed the food on the table.

"Hey hun'" Greg greeted me and embraced me from behind.
"Hey darling" I said and just enjoyed his embrace. "Let me prepare some things for a nice and cosy evening, will you?"
He placed a kiss on my neck, "Sure I will. Do you need help?" he asked and his hand slipped under my jumper.
"No" I giggled, "I don't need a helping hand right now."
Greg sighed "What a pity!" and slightly sucked my earlobe.

"Greg" I murmured.
"Mhmmmmmm" but he didn't stop and opened my belt instead. "I missed you. I really missed you." he whispered and turned me around.
I smiled at him and caressed his cheek "Missed you as well. But let me just prepare something to eat, I am hungry."
He brushed a strand of hair out of my face and nodded "Fine then."

So I prepared some red wine (Rioja Gran Reserva), French bread, cheese and some olives, enlightend some candles and turned on the hi-fi ... the sweet voice of Tori Amos filled the room. We nestled on the sofa and had a wonderful nice evening and night.

This morning I woke up by Gregs voice "Happy Chanukkah, darling!"
"I am tired, I have a headache ... wanna sleep" I mumbled and felt really shity. My throat felt like I've eaten some sand.
I pulled the blanket over my head and turned around but Greg pulled it back. "There was a present standing in front of our door. Open it ..."

I straightened up and brushed the sleep out of my eyes "Huh?"
"Here a present" and he showed me a big blue parcel.
"From you?" I asked and looked puzzled.
Gregory shook his head "No but there is a card."

I took the card and opened it "Dear Jimmy and Cripple! Here is my belated present for your wedding. Take care of it! Geinen"
"It is from Geinen" I said and handed the card to Greg. He snorted when he read it.
"Cripple, huh? That little bumfluff!"
I grinned and opened the parcel. I looked to Gregory and frowned.
"Well ... it was either damn cold or this is a mean joke!"
Greg tried to peek in the box "What? Show me!"

I pulled out a bowl and we both stared at the content.
Greg started to giggle and errupted soon in laughter. I shook my head and grinned.
"Well, this is ... perhaps it will be alive again..."
Greg gasped for breath and held his belly "Geez, I can't breath ..." he said between laughters.

I shook the glass slightly but for sure the content remaind frozen...
"Now I have my dead goldfish for Christmas" I said dryly and burst out with laughter.

The frozen goldfish stared at us with a slightly opened mouth and we both couldn't take our eyes of it.

"Let's name him, Henry!" Greg giggled.
"Henry?" I asked and wiped away some tears of laughter.
He nodded "Yeah, he looks like an old professor I once had."
I giggled and knocked on the glass with my finger tip "Hello Henry!"

Perhaps I should call Daniel soon and thank him for the goldfish - and well ... I should mention that it wasn't that clever to place it in front of the door in a fricken cold night.

The excuse

Greg came out of the bathroom wrapped in the white hotel bathrobe. He looked magnificent and did even shave! A whistle escaped my mouth and he turned around as he was heading to the bedroom.

His jaw dropped slightly and he blinked "Gaaawd, Jimmy!".
A smile appeared on my face and I waved at him with the dark red tie around my neck "It is time for my excuse".
Greg swallowed hard and I raised and approached him.
"You look gorgeous just with that tie on you" he whispered. I decided to say nothing at all and opened the belt of his bathrobe. The bathrobe fell on the floor when I gently undressed him.

Greg bit his lower lip for a second and closed his eyes. I did nothing and just stood there and watched him. When he opened his eyes again, his pupils were widened and he was breathing faster. His hand gently touched my tie and a shiver ran down my spine.

"I don't know what you are doing with me" he whispered and grabbed my tie to pull me closer.
"I will make you scream" I whispered in his ear and caressed his back. I felt his body shivering slightly and then I was pushed against the door frame.

"No! I will make you scream and that will be the best excuse you can offer me" he mumbled before he kissed me passionately.

The rest can be created in your heads - dears ... this will stay our secret. But let me tell you this - he became his excuse and it was a damn good one though.

How we ended can be found in the beginning of the Dinner evening entry with Marks and Fayt.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Preparing the excuse

As you already might have read on Greg’s blog I played pranks on him. No it wasn’t mean at all – well, not really mean. It was funny in a kind of sick minded way.

Yes I am talking about my little cheerleader scene during his lecture. Check his blog, if you hadn’t read it yet then you will know what I am talking about. But be warned you might need tissues …

Let me tell you what happened after his lecture.

Greg finished his lecture and the applause was frenetic. He really deseverd it as it was a great one! Well the rabbit may have counted as well ...

Greg went back to where we sat and I prepared myself and swayed the rattle. "You!", Greg bent down to me. "Yoooouuuu!TEASE!!!" I looked at him and saw the hidden amusement glimming in his blue eyes, so I just grinned and smiled.

“Don’t be cross with me, Greg. I just had to you know?!” He flung himself on the chair next to me and hissed “This my dear will cost you a damn good excuse!”.
“Yes!” I thought and already had something in my mind. Our eyes met and I nodded “I was aware of that before, darling.”

The end of the afternoon came soon and we headed to the car, the pink rabbit was stuffed in Greg’s backpack but the ears were hanging out and I couldn’t resists swaying the rattle again on the way to the car. Greg turned around and stopped me walking with pushing his cane softly in my stomach, “Stop it now! Will you? Or …”.

I grinned, “Or what?” I asked innocently.
“Or…” he waved with the cane in the air “…I’ll show you what a real revenge is.”
I passed him and shook the car keys “I am not scared of that, you know”.

We drove back to the hotel and immediately went up to our room. Gregory made his way to the bathroom and I heard the shower going on after a few minutes. “Fine” I though and started to prepare everything for my excuse.

I had ordered a bottle of Aberlour single malt via mobile and it was already standing on the little table. Greg hasn’t seen it as he directly went into the bathroom – my luck. So I poured malt into two glasses, arranged the red roses I had also ordered and changed my clothes. The light was dimmed and I looked around “Good” I whispered and sat down.

To be continued - we are back at home and have to go shopping as the fridge is empty.

Dinner with Marks and Fayt / Part I

We were supposed to be at Bertha's in 734 S Broadway for dinner at 7.30 pm, so it was time for us at about 7 to leave the hotel room.

It was a few minutes before 7 pm when I turned lazily around and looked at Gregory. "What time is it, Greg?" I asked him and stretched.
Greg was staring and blinked "You always do that on purpose!" he muttered and drew me closer. I grinned but gently rested my hands on his chest.
"You know where this will lead to and I don't know what time it is by know. We are supposed to be at the restaurant at about 7.30, now hand me the watch please" I said and smiled at him.

"Kill-joy!" he muttered and lay on his back and refused to hand me the watch. A sigh slipped out of my mouth, "Fine, I'll get it by myself then" and with these words I leaned over him and stretched my arm to reach the watch on his nightstand. I just heared a gasp when I accidentially (it was!) brushed over his chest with my hips and then was pushed back on the linen. "You!" he hissed and I must have looked a bit shocked and surprised.

"I didn't do nothing at all. Now ... Greg, please!" I said and tried to free me.
"Let them wait" he murmured and bent down ...

Okaaaaaaaaay - I have to admit we were late ... about a few minutes too late ... well okay it was nearly half an hour. But we were properly dressed and even Greg wore his leather shoes. He looked gorgeous! Dressed all in black and with a glimmer in his shiny blue eyes that made my heart pound. Dr. Marks and his lover (I don't like the word) were already there and having their drinks at the bar. Marks waved at us when he saw us standing at the entrance. "Dr. House, Dr. Wilson...ehm ...Jim may I introduce you to my one and only, Fayt." I nodded and smiled "Hello you can me James, if you want to" I addressed him and we both shook hands. He looked nice and seemed to be a bit older than Marks though. "Well and you can call me, Greg" I heared Gregory saying and they both examined each others with their eyes.

"I am sorry for being late but we had to discuss something out" I apologized and saw that Greg was grinning. "Yes we got a call from the PPTH and had to tell the youngsters how to solve a problem" he grunted and rolled his eyes.
"Oh, they can't solve their problems on their own?" Fayt replied and raised an eyebrow. "Ninnies" he snorted and Greg snickered. Yeah this could be a nice and interesting evening ...

We just wanted to order some drinks as well but the waitress just came in that very moment and showed us our table. We all took seat and I looked at Marks who seemed to be somewhat nervous. "What can you recommend us here?" I asked and opened the menu.
"Crabs!" they both replied and then grinned. I returned the grin and checked the menu again ... Crabs sound good ...

To be continued - sry I have to go to breakfast now. Greg insists on coffee!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I used the break to be a bit creative. I made some nice little crossover as we both like The Boondock Saints

I hope you like it - click for full view!

Free Image Hosting at

And I hope they will allow it on DeviantArt - they have some restrictions now for movies etc. - so you are no longer allowed to use pictures from movies or TV shows unless you have the permission to use them.

Very annoying if you used them for fanart - you know.

Screaming therapy

A look back to the Friday night!
So we got out of the house and approached the car. "Is it far away?" Gregory asked me when we opened the car doors.
"No, it is just a 20 minute drive" I replied and started the engine.
The streets were nearly empty and it was snowing heavily at that moment. I parked the car on the parking place near by the wood.
Greg looked around "Wow, I've never been here before! Does this still belong to town?"
I nooded "Yeah it is the city wood and it has a nice lake as well".
"Oh a lake, let's go there!" he said and we proceeded towards the lake.
When we reached the meadow, we looked around and the beauty just hit us right between the eyes.
"Look, isn't it just gorgeous?" Gregory asked me and I was only able to nod.
The moonlight made the snowy meadow glistening like a blanket full of diamonds. The stars above shone bright and the treetops were covered all with snow, it looked like in an enchanted fairy tale.
I dropped my head back and stared at the stars.
"Now take a deep breath in and then breath all the mud out in the air. Scream it out!" Gregory said to me.
"Huh?" I looked at him questioningly.
"I want you to scream the shit out of you. Let it flow!" he said and nodded at me.
I frowned and thought it over. Yes there was still a lump in my stomach, some dirt that was supposed to come out.
I filled my lungs with air, hesitated for a second and let out a soft scream.
"Ah c'mon you can do better. I know you can do better. Let it out!" Greg insisted.
I made a fist and took another deep breath and then I screamed my lungs out, I threw all the dirt into the fresh and clean air. My body shaked and my knees gave in. I found myself kneeling on the ground afterwards and was panting hard. From the corner of my eyes I saw Gregory approaching carefully and I felt the urge to scream again.
My head dropped back and I stared at the stars and another scream filled the silent winter night. Greg placed his hand on my shoulder and caressed my neck.

"Are you feeling better now?" he asked silently.
"Yes" I whispered and caressed his hand upon my shoulder.

To be continued - I have to go now.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yeats ... Oh my GOD!

I already showed you Cyrus, didn't I ...

So I was just in the bathroom for a few minutes and came back - and there he was again ... staring at me but something was different, something changed.

Cyrus was holding a book in his arms and that made me curious. I approached the Teddy and stared at the book.

"I... I ... is this" I stammered and pointed at the book.

Gregory was sitting on the chair and watching me. I swallowed hard "May I touch it?" I whispered.

Greg grinned and nodded "Sure you may touch it and I hope you will read it as well. It is yours, you know."
My jaw dropped and I carefully touched the book - no it didn't vanish nor did it crumble to dust. I tenderely stroke over it and then took it into my hands "It is one of the orignials" I whispered and looked at Gregory again.

He beamed at me and my heart started to race. "You bought one of the original Yeats poems for me?"
Greg stood up and approached me "You don't like it? We can bring it back..."
"No!" I exclaimed and pressed the book to my chest. "No, are you insane?!" I looked on the book again just to make sure that it was still there.

"Oh my god" I whispered and had to sit down. I looked up at Gregory who was still standing there and then I realized that I haven't thanked him. While standing up I grabbed his belt and drew him closer "Thank you so much!" I whispered and gently kissed him.

Wooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo! Holy moly! I feel like Walter Matthau in Grumpier Old Men now.


Cyrus ...

May I introduce you to Cyrus?

The Abnormal Cyrus, to be correct.

Well, this is what Gregory had to buy. It was his excuse present ... I am still staring at it and I am damn sure it is staring at me as well!

Blogspot probs and Menace!

Damn I have problems making my comments on the other blogspot blog - this sucks!

I hate the beta version some fellows have ...

Having a short break at the moment and I am slightly pissed!
Greg decided it would be wiser to leave me alone for a few moments - after his embarassing performance. He muttered something like "Ehm, I'll be back in half an hour, forgot to buy something" and off he was.

Can you imagine! Can you imagine that he cheered for me?!

But let me start from the beginning.

We were sitting in the conference room and it was booooooooooooooooooring. I drew out my block and started to scribble funny comments on it. I always do this when I need some distraction. Gregory was sitting next to me and started to giggle.

"Are you bored? Can you please just stop giggling? Otherwise I have to laugh" I whispered in his ear.
"Just can't stop. And when you hold you speech I'll throw teddybears at you" he whispered back.
I had to grin and replied "As long it is no underwear. By the way, thanks for the morning and if you will throw teddies there will be no bedtime cookie for you."
Greg gave me a side glance and a broad grin "Don't thank me for my own pleasure. I could throw boxers at you as well. What would that mean then?"
I sighed "This would mean no pancakes for you until 2007!"

He looked at me with the typical "don't be pissy" expression on his face and answered "I am sorry. I'll just yell 'Go Jim! Go!'"
I muttered "Gregory! I'm already nervous. Stop mocking!"
He did stop mocking and he did stop giggling but I really should have known him better. I should have seen the sparkles in his eyes when I stood up.

I made my way to the front and that was when I heard his voice "Go, Jimmy, go, go, gooo! Whooohooo!"
Believe me it was embarassing! Good for him he decided not to scream it out so that only some participants heard his cheers. Nonetheless, I am pissed!

When I came back, he lifted up his arms, grinned and said "You rule! YEAH! Whooohooo!"
A handful of persons around giggled and I flung myself in the chair, my eyes fixed to the next lecturer.
Gregory gave me a nudge "C'mon don't be pissed now! You really rule. This was at least an interesting speech and I think all persons in the room were awake."
I took a deep breath and looked at him, Gregory swallowed as he became aware that I was really pissed!
I just shook my head, rolled my eyes upwards and decided to say nothing at all. The remaining thirty minutes he gave me side glances and shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

Okay I now have to admit it was funny - but I was really pissed about it. I am curious about where he was and what he needed to buy so urgently.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Confrontation therapy

Have you ever heard of confrontation therapy? You are confronted with your angst, with all that you fear in order to get over it.

The therapist I was talking to after the attempted rape told me that this could be an option but only with a person I am in love with and who I really trust. Well, there is only one person in my life who I really trust in and love so deeply that my heart sometimes seems to break through my chest.

It was on the Friday evening, Greg and I were sitting on the sofa and talked about this and that. My mind often wandered astray and finally he looked at me.
"What is going on in your mind, hun'?"

I sighed and hesitated but then I spoke, "The thing the therapist mentioned to me."
Greg raised and eyebrow and leaned back "What do you mean? What did he tell?"
My heart pounded against my chest and I had to swallow hard, "He told me that a confrontation therapy could perhaps work. It would be painful for sure but it could just help me to get rid off all the anger."

He looked at me and his eyes widened, "You want me to ... to rape you?"
My eyes were fixed to the ground when I mumbled "I ... I don't know." A sigh slipped out of my mouth when I looked up "Yeah" I nodded.

Greg stood up and limped a few steps "I don't think I could do that! How could I?"
I closed my eyes and opened them after a few seconds again, "I know, darling. But perhaps ... " My voice became a whisper "I want to get rid of all the anger... I cannot stand it."
"Scream it out then! Don't make me do that to you, please!" Greg asked me and leaned hard on his cane.

I brushed over my face with one hand, "Sorry, dear. It was a stupid idea."
Some minutes past and I was surely aware of the fact that Gregory examined me carefully. What would he see? Some lost figure on the sofa, hairs slightly dearranged, eyes blank and with an expression of dispair upon the face. Yes that's probably what he would see. A deep sigh emerging his mouth made me look up. He stood there and I could see from the look he gave me that he has made a decission. Greg slowly nodded at me and my stomach became some steel ball, the sweat suddenly wettened my back and my hands started to shake slightly. "Oh my god" I thought.

"I will do it" he whispered. "I will do it but only if you promise me to tell me when I should stop it! Promise me that you won't be cross with me afterwards!"
I nodded at him and swallowed "I promise."

He blinked and made a step back "Fine, so what am I supposed to do?"
I stood up and rubbed my neck "He told me that we should repeat ... what happened and bring it to an end."
Greg looked blank "Bring it to an end? You mean ..."
"Yes" I just said and looked him deep in the eyes.
He closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath, then he looked up and pointed with his cane to the wall, no word was spoken and without a word I went to the wall and leaned my back against it. My eyes were fixed on the ground and I could only see some shiny boots when he approached me ...

Let me tell you that this kind of therapy is painful and very hard to cope with - but if you really have the right person, one you trust your life in ...then - yes, just then, it is possible to get rid of all the anger. My fears turned into anger and anger turned into lust after a while - I used my lust and anger as a catalyzator and afterwards we both lay on the ground entangled up in each other. Gregory held me close to his chest and carefully caressed my back.

"You are feeling better now, Jim?" he whispered into my ear.
I placed a soft kiss on his bare naked skin "Mhm, I do" I mumbled.
His hand fondled my hair, "That is good. Although this was very heavy stuff ..."
A smile appeared on my face when I raised my head and looked at him "Yes it was".

Our eyes met and we both smiled slightly, his hand wandered to my cheek and caressed it. "What do you think about a stroll now? You mentioned some wood you wanted to show me ..."
I straightened up and looked outside. Snow was dancing in the air, like fairies in a midsummer's night. "A stroll in the snow" I softly spoke, "Well this sounds more than inviting for me."

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Back to the roots ...

I was wounded inside - wounded by many things that happened in my past. The death of my father followed by the abuse through my Uncle Vernon, the failed marriages, the long years of longing and the doubt of ever finding the right person for me - not to mention the tried rape...
There are many things bothering me, many things going on ... no wonder I was confused, no wonder my moods went up and down. I am currently running through the process of healing - I never thought it would be possible, but it is... if you have the right person by your side. A person who really loves you, a person who understands you, a person who gives you strength and confidence - confidence in yourself and who makes you believe. If you have found the right person for you - you will feel it as you will feel complete, your soul will no longer be in pain, you just feel like coming home.

Why I ask you, why do we often cling to existing relations although we feel there must be more, there must be someone out there who is just the right person for you?! We stay with our partners although the love is no longer that strong, we seldomly see each other and feeling alone and somewhat hollow inside. Doubts are rising and we often think about it - starting to flee into ourselves, starting to hide behind long working hours, sleep or some glasses of alcohol. There are no coincidences you know - we only have to believe and everything will turn out good - somewhen.

For me it took 10 years to realize that the right person for me was always around, I thought my dreams would never come true ... I just didn't believe. When I finally had the guts to tell, to say what was going on - everything turned out right and it is still going on.

There are so many things to tell you, so many beautiful things that happened in the last few days - I really don't know if I can tell you all of it. And perhaps, well perhaps it might be better to keep some things private.

I will have to think about it - ... stay tuned!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ghostwriter's comment

Dear readers,

This will be a very personal post now. Of course you know, that James is just a fictive person - I really do hope you know it! Otherwise please consult the next doctor! I picked James Wilson because I like the character - you might be really surprised that I don't see me as a fan of House MD. I like the show though, it is somewhat different and the actors are doing a good job there.

I just picked him, because he is a wonderful character to write about. He just warmed my writer's heart. I love writing - as you already might have figured out and it was/is a lot of fun receiving mails with the content "Oh my GAWD is it really you? It can't be you "name of actor", can it be?" - Please guys! OF COURSE NOT!

Why am I writing this post now? I am not going to reveal who I really am - pitty for you guys, huh? I think I have to announce that I will stop writing for a while - as I am currently going through some relationship problems. I don't know how long this while will last ...

The writing is a part of my life and for those who know what creativity is, what acting or writing is for their life they will understand how damn hard it will be for me to stop writing. James became more and more very personal - his behaviour resembles me to some great part and that is what I don't want. I am not talking about the last happenings (abuse etc. - this never happened to me). No it is the up and down of his moods, the not knowing what is going on - actors or writers always bring some personal stuff into their characters ... but it is getting too much for me now.

I don't want to see James in this role - it doesn't fit at the moment. That is why I am in need for a break. I am sorry for letting Greg and the others down - but I am sure they will somehow understand it. Although I am pretty sure, that Greg will tell me off.

Feel free to comment, to contact me by mail or MSN ... I could do with some support now, although please don't think I am begging for compliments or such stuff. It is just that I am in need for support to lift my mood up a bit. Be sure James will be back - be patient, please!

I am feeling lost and hollow inside,
no place to go, nowhere I can hide.

Tears are watering my eyes, my hands are shaking.
Tried to distract me – tried to hide in sleeping.

The pain inside is torturing me,
where is the one I used to be?

What is important ? What is real?
What do I really feel?

Where is the shoulder I can lean on?
Why is it always me who has to be strong?

Where is the counter-part resembling me?
Where is the person belonging to me?

So many question twisting inside,
still no place to go, nowhere to hide.

I am sitting here all alone,
handling my thoughts, my feelings on my own.

Please lend me some helping hand,
Give me support – I need to understand!

Understand what is going on,
Understand why I am standing here all alone.

Where is the counter-part resembling me?
Where is the person belonging to me?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No pleasant evening at all

My mind is somewhere else today. I am not in a very good mood. The evening at the Hemingway’s wasn’t pleasant at all. Not what you might think, Chase behaved and it surely was better for him to do so.

Me and Foreman sat there hidden behind some plants and were watching Greg’s table. We sat so that they couldn’t see us but we heard every single word and saw every little gesture. I think they’ve cleared some things out now and hopefully this matter will be solved.

We (Foreman and I) didn’t notice how many drinks we had and kept listening to what was going on between Greg and Chase. Foreman just looked at me sometimes and we only spoke a few words by and then and turned towards the other table afterwards. We surely wanted to stay sober and so we only ordered non-alcoholic beverages, the more surprised we were when the waitress came to us presenting two cocktails, we both looked at her “This must be a mistake, we only ordered some Coke”, Foreman said. The waitress nodded “I know, it was ordered by those two men sitting near the window” and she rolled her eyes to that direction. I looked secretly the pointed way “Do you know them, Foreman?” I asked him. He just shrugged “No, you?”. I shook my head and the waitress placed the two drinks in front of us “So will you keep them?”, she asked.

“Why not” Foreman replied and we both nodded in the direction of the two men. They were looking at us and smiling. “Weirdos” I whispered to Foreman and he gave me a smile. One was blond haired and tall, not looking that bad and the other was an Afro-American guy slightly reminding me of Will Smith. We sipped at our drinks and then drew our attention to the conversation again.

The cocktails were emptied and I started to feel a bit dizzy. “Woosh, it was just one drink”, I wondered and looked at Foreman. His eyes were a bit widened as well and we both grinned “Feeling a bit disshy” he mumbled and we both grinned. From the corner of my eye I saw the two men approach and I gave Foreman a sign, he looked up and we both nodded at the men. “May we join you?” the blond man asked. “Thanks for the drink” I answered and waved with the empty glass. The man smiled at me and they must have thought that this was an invitation to join us, as they took seat.

The other man addressed Foreman “Seems you are not having a pleasant evening?”. “Oh we do” Foreman replied and I nodded. They both raised an eyebrow and exchanged glances, I tried to focus my look but all seemed blurred and I really felt shitty. “Shorry” I mumbled and stood up “I am not feeling to good. I think I should catch some fresh air.” My knees felt a bit weak and I had the feeling of having a starting cold and getting fever. “You don’t look good. Shall I accompany you?” the blond man asked and I must have given him a quite puzzled look. “I don’t even know that guy” I thought and just shook my head. I shouldn’t have done so, as the world started to turn slightly.

“Wooosh. I am outta here” I muttered and made my way down the steps, carefully holding the stair-rail. I staggered my way through the bar and noticed Greg looking up and staring at me. “Just one damn cocktail” I thought when I opened the door and the fresh air immediately hit my face.
I took some deep breaths and made a few steps around the corner. “C’mon James” I muttered and leaned against the wall. A few minutes passed by but I didn’t feel better. My brain felt like cushioned and so it was no wonder that I noticed too late the man approaching me. Eyes fixed on the ground I only saw two shiny black boots standing in front of me. “Hey you are okay?” I heard a soft voice speaking and I looked up. It was that guy who bought us the cocktails – the blond one. I nodded and then shook my head, a moan slipped out of my mouth “I am not sure. Just had that cocktail and now I am feeling dizzy, weak and somewhat funny” I managed to say. The guy lay his arm around my shoulder “I can bring you home if you want to…” he whispered in my ear. “No, no … my husband is inside. He will take care of me” I answered and my voice sounded like coming from far away.

“Could you please call him?” I asked and closed my eyes – “Don’t faint, Jim!” I thought. “No need to worry, my friend takes care of your husband” the voice murmured in my ear. “Hmm?” I asked and forced me to open my eyes, that was when I found myself pinned against the brick wall. My heart started to beat heavily and I stared puzzled into green eyes “What?” I managed to say and tried to free me but I felt too weak.

The man pushed me against the wall with his arm and he bent over me, pressed his lips on mine and forced his tongue into my mouth. “Oh my god, he will rape me!” I thought and intensified my effort to get free. He must have opened some buttons of my shirt as I suddenly felt his sticky hand upon my bare chest, his tongue was still in my mouth although I tried to scream. I couldn’t move my arms as he hold me so that I was unable to use them properly. His body was pressed against mine in a kind of way which made it impossible for me to smash my knee in his genitals.

He turned me around and pushed my chest hard against the wall, I had one second to scream out loudly before he pressed his hand over my mouth “Shut up! Don’t play the shy guy!” he hissed in my ear and then sucked my earlobe. “Oh please! Anyone hear me!!!” I thought. I could hear myself whimper when I felt him loosening my belt and opening the buttons of my trousers.

“Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames?” I suddenly heard Greg crying out my name. Adrenalin flooded my veins at the very sound of his voice and with some strength I freed my mouth and shouted out loud “HELP!” The guy behind me stopped in his movements “Shit!” he hissed and then he let me loose. My knees gave in and I sank to the ground, I only heard the guy running down the alley and I just lifted up my head when Greg came around the corner.

He looked at me blank and his eyes wandered over my appearance, I tried to stand up but failed. Grey hurried over and bent down, supported me and helped me up. “What happened?” he asked and I could see in his eyes that he was full of anger. I dropped my eyes “It’s not like it looks like” I heard myself muttering an excuse. A deep breath was taken in “How does it look like?” he gnarled and lifted up my head to examine my eyes. “Your pupils are widened, your shirt is open, not to mention your belt and the buttons on your trousers”, he said with a flattened tone.

I fumbled at my buttons and finally managed to close them, “What happened?” he asked again and lifted up my head once more. His look was concerned and still full of anger, I couldn’t see if he was pissed about me or if it was something else, so I just stared at him and opened my mouth slightly. Gregory drew me closer and embraced me “Sssh, don’t cry” he whispered in my ear and caressed my back. Now I could feel tears running down my cheek of which I wasn’t aware before. He felt strained but it was so good having him near me, holding me close and not saying a word.

Voices reached my ear and Gregory slightly straightened and closed my shirt. “It seems so that the police arrived” he said slowly and brushed a strand of hair out of my face. “Why?” I asked weakly, while he lay his arm around my waist and held me close. “Because, Chase found Foreman in the toilet with this wanker who tried to …” his voice faded out and he gave me an enquiring side look. I still felt a drowsiness upon me and leaned on Greg’s shoulder as my muscles still felt weak. Greg supported me as good as he could around the corner “Officer!” he shouted and I could see a police officer turning around. Two police cars and one ambulance were standing in front of the bar. Gregory leaned me against the wall “Just stay here, honey” he said with a soft voice while the police officer approached.

Greg made a few steps towards the officer and they whispered some words, the officer turned and winked at an ambulance man. Gregory came back to me and slightly touched my shoulder “They will bring you to hospital now and make some checks” he swallowed hard, I just nodded. “Feel’n drowshy an weak” I mumbled. The ambulance men approached and I heard Greg saying “Test both on Rohypnol and bring them to the PPTH”. He then guided me to the rescue car “Dun’ go away” I muttered, “No, I won’t” he whispered.

I spent the next few hours in the hospital and got several tests and an examination. Flunitrazepam was found in our blood and we were told that nothing else happened except the attempt.

This morning I didn’t remember anything what happened and I am just recovering it again due to the puzzle pieces presented to me. I am feeling more than shitty. The lack of coordination is gone and so is the dizzyness. Greg brought me back home in the early morning hours and that is where I am now. He had to go back to the clinic for a couple of hours although he was more than pissed about it. Sure he will be coming home soon.

The police caught the other man as well – it wasn’t their first time and both are sitting in jail right now. I think I will have a nap now, it cost me more than two hours to write this all down.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

DA Wishlist

Hey guys,

I have little time - just about to leave for Hemingway's. While checking some blog I found that Elleth (a reader: has stated her DA wishlist on her blog.

Good idea - so watch out here it comes:

Step 1.

Make a post in your journal/blog. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a XYZ icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

If you wish for real-life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.

Step 2.

Surf around your friends list (or friends friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:

If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

Step 3.

The List:

1) Publish: I really want to have my writings published. Not only here or on DA – as I already do so. No a real publishing … all my poetry stuff in a book. This is one big wish.

2) Black Sheep!

3) Flying to California with Greg – next year. Meet some people we both know – gaaawd it would be so great!

4) A digital camera - I love making photos and my analog mirror reflex is good but I’d love to have a digital camera.

5) Just a little hug by and then and some friendly words I think it is very important sometimes.

6) A flight to California (see therefore Wish 3)

7) More persons reading my (our) blog(s). Yeah I know this could come true … I would be very pleased if so.

8) I wish that all things foretold will come true. You don’t have to understand that – some people will … and well it is a wish.

9) A candle lit for all the wishes to come true. Show me that candle …I will post it here!

10) A nice poem from all of you – it can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry – I don’t care. Just show me your feelings, your thoughts … your longings!

Should you want to grant me a wish - here is my contact address - my e-mail :

Copy and paste this in your journal/blog if you want, I'll do what I can to make your wishes come true.

Pancreatic cancer

mood: need for coffee

music: would love to hear some Swing

I am in need for a strong coffee and will probably go and fetch me some, before making my ward round.

Greg came around with the testings and we checked the file together with Danby.

Afro-american man in his fifties, obesity, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and his gallblader is distended. His bilirubin, γ-glutamyl transpeptidase and alkaline phosphatase levels are raised. Together with a carbohydrate antigen of 19.9 this is a marker for cancer.

We have to check now if the pancreatic tumors are adenocarcinomas or, which is very unlikely, pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. "So we will first make a somatostatin receptor scintigraphy and if this doesn't work a Gallium-68 receptor PET-CT", Greg said and looked at me. I nodded "Yes this should be done, although I doubt that it is such a rare kind of cancer." Greg raised an eyebrow and grinned "Everything can be possible".

He stood up "Let's wait for the test results", he handed Danby the file who stood up "I'll initiate the testings", he said and proceeded to the patient.

I leaned back in my chair and strechted a bit. Greg watched me and smiled "Tired?", "Mhm" I nodded. "We haven't been in bed that late" he mentioned and approached me. I crossed my arms behind the head "Right but it was late when we finally slept" I said with a yawn. Greg rested his arms on the armrests and slightly leaned over me "What about a nice little ...", unfortunately his offer was interrupted by a knock at the door. I rolled back with my chair and Greg straightened up, the door opened and Cuddy peeked in.

"Ah here you are", she said and entered the room. "House, there is clinic duty waiting for you" she snapped and gave him a stern look. "You don't have to remind me of that!" he gnarled. "We had to discuss a case here" I said with a placable voice, "You wanted to talk to me?" I asked her.

She looked from one to another "Well, actually I wanted to ask you both where the festivity will take place on Saturday?"
Greg leaned on his cane and said dryly "This depends...", I looked at him but decided to say nothing at all as I could see there was something in his mind. "Depends?" she snapped back "On what?!" He still looked stern and answered "If we have to work until the last hours in the clinic, it might probably not take place due to overfatigue and no time for planning!" Cuddy rolled her eyes to the ceiling and then looked at me "Wilson! Tell me where will it take place?", I just shrugged "We had no time to make any reservations so far, you know" I said with an apologizing smile.

Cuddy sighed "Your family and friends are coming and you have not made any reservations so far? C'mon I don't believe you!", "Of course we had not time. There is no time to make any arrangements if we have to stay here all the time" Greg grunted back.

She thumped her block with the pencil and looked at us enquiringly. We both looked innocently back, she finally raised her hands and said "Okay, okay - no clinic hours for you on Thursday and Friday" she sighed and turned around. "And I have to know by tomorrow where it will take place as I have to make plans as well. By the way, is there some dress code?!" Greg nodded "Just don't wear such ..." he pointed at her blouse "delicate clothes. You don't want to cause the rabbi an eye complaint, do you?" She grunted and went outside.

I snickered "You are unbelievable, Greg". Greg turned to me "Yes but we have two days off clinic duty. 'Course we could have told her that we will celebrate at Arnello's but so we have some time for us." I shook my head and pointed at him with my pen "Yes, but we really have to make some planning for Saturday", he sighed and turned to the door.

"You know we have to" I exclaimed but he already was out of the room. The smile still remained on my face when I turned to the computer to check some databases.

Perhaps I should call my Mom and ask if they already made some arrangements ...

Another stupid test

While waiting for Greg and Danby I made another stupid test. God I am pretty much tired ...

Waking up...

"Tuesdays suck!" these were the first words I heard this morning.

Still having my eyes closed I mumbled "A wonderful morning to you as well!", I felt two arms around my body and they were followed by a warm chest snuggling at my back.

"Morn'" he softly spoke into my ear and placed a kiss on my neck. Some pleased tones slipped out of my mouth "'tis sounds better". I opened my eyes and yawned.

"Can't we just stay in bed?" he asked while placing sweet little kisses on my back. I smiled and turned around "Would love to but as we had enough time off in the last couple of weeks, I think this might cost us our jobs...". Greg has started to cover my chest with kisses and his hand was wandering to delicate places. "Greg" I murmured, "Hmmmm?" he asked innocently and didn't stop. "We need to shower" I tried to resist but only for a second and then closed my eyes and let me drop back with a moan ...

"At least we can start the day like that" he murmured some time later, I just smiled and nodded. "Your poem was a good inspiration, although we have still have to talk about some phrases - perhaps tonight." I sat up and put my feet on the ground "Oh, you already read it?" I asked him and gave him a side glance.

"Bet I did. Very inspiring!" he grinned. I stood up and walked towards the bathroom, "You are a good muse" I said over my shoulder. I only heard a snort when I entered the bath and turned on the shower.

After having a shower, we just had a short breakfast (coffee) and then had to hurry to the PPTH - that is where we are now.

Another day packed with work. I am currently doing some paper work and will later make my ward round with Danby. There are some appointments after that and the afternoon is occupied with clinic duty.

Tonight we will go to Hemingway's ...

Greg will soon come by as well - he told me that he probably has a cancer patient for me. We will have to discuss the case.

See you around, guys!