Friday, December 29, 2006

Some nice presents for Greg

I just bought some new perfume for Gregory and me.

I love his Halston though but I thought it would be nice to buy him some other fragrances.

So I bought Egoist by Chanel and some Calvin Klein for him. He will find it on his desk soon. I wrapped it in some really funny paper. Well, perhaps this will cheer his mood up a bit.

And if not, there will be another cheering up present for him - later.

He said he loves my puppy eyes and well ... I just thought, but I dont want to spoil the surprise.

Do you wonder what I bought for me? Armani and Cerruti perfumes it is. I like it!

Now I have to go to his speech. I will have to prepare some things ...

Gooooo, Greggo, goooooooooooooooooooooo


DarkBlue said...

oh, wilson, you have such a good taste for perfumes ^.^

Anonymous said...

Yes...he has.
It's Eternity and I love it!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Glad you like it, darling!