Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No pleasant evening at all

My mind is somewhere else today. I am not in a very good mood. The evening at the Hemingway’s wasn’t pleasant at all. Not what you might think, Chase behaved and it surely was better for him to do so.

Me and Foreman sat there hidden behind some plants and were watching Greg’s table. We sat so that they couldn’t see us but we heard every single word and saw every little gesture. I think they’ve cleared some things out now and hopefully this matter will be solved.

We (Foreman and I) didn’t notice how many drinks we had and kept listening to what was going on between Greg and Chase. Foreman just looked at me sometimes and we only spoke a few words by and then and turned towards the other table afterwards. We surely wanted to stay sober and so we only ordered non-alcoholic beverages, the more surprised we were when the waitress came to us presenting two cocktails, we both looked at her “This must be a mistake, we only ordered some Coke”, Foreman said. The waitress nodded “I know, it was ordered by those two men sitting near the window” and she rolled her eyes to that direction. I looked secretly the pointed way “Do you know them, Foreman?” I asked him. He just shrugged “No, you?”. I shook my head and the waitress placed the two drinks in front of us “So will you keep them?”, she asked.

“Why not” Foreman replied and we both nodded in the direction of the two men. They were looking at us and smiling. “Weirdos” I whispered to Foreman and he gave me a smile. One was blond haired and tall, not looking that bad and the other was an Afro-American guy slightly reminding me of Will Smith. We sipped at our drinks and then drew our attention to the conversation again.

The cocktails were emptied and I started to feel a bit dizzy. “Woosh, it was just one drink”, I wondered and looked at Foreman. His eyes were a bit widened as well and we both grinned “Feeling a bit disshy” he mumbled and we both grinned. From the corner of my eye I saw the two men approach and I gave Foreman a sign, he looked up and we both nodded at the men. “May we join you?” the blond man asked. “Thanks for the drink” I answered and waved with the empty glass. The man smiled at me and they must have thought that this was an invitation to join us, as they took seat.

The other man addressed Foreman “Seems you are not having a pleasant evening?”. “Oh we do” Foreman replied and I nodded. They both raised an eyebrow and exchanged glances, I tried to focus my look but all seemed blurred and I really felt shitty. “Shorry” I mumbled and stood up “I am not feeling to good. I think I should catch some fresh air.” My knees felt a bit weak and I had the feeling of having a starting cold and getting fever. “You don’t look good. Shall I accompany you?” the blond man asked and I must have given him a quite puzzled look. “I don’t even know that guy” I thought and just shook my head. I shouldn’t have done so, as the world started to turn slightly.

“Wooosh. I am outta here” I muttered and made my way down the steps, carefully holding the stair-rail. I staggered my way through the bar and noticed Greg looking up and staring at me. “Just one damn cocktail” I thought when I opened the door and the fresh air immediately hit my face.
I took some deep breaths and made a few steps around the corner. “C’mon James” I muttered and leaned against the wall. A few minutes passed by but I didn’t feel better. My brain felt like cushioned and so it was no wonder that I noticed too late the man approaching me. Eyes fixed on the ground I only saw two shiny black boots standing in front of me. “Hey you are okay?” I heard a soft voice speaking and I looked up. It was that guy who bought us the cocktails – the blond one. I nodded and then shook my head, a moan slipped out of my mouth “I am not sure. Just had that cocktail and now I am feeling dizzy, weak and somewhat funny” I managed to say. The guy lay his arm around my shoulder “I can bring you home if you want to…” he whispered in my ear. “No, no … my husband is inside. He will take care of me” I answered and my voice sounded like coming from far away.

“Could you please call him?” I asked and closed my eyes – “Don’t faint, Jim!” I thought. “No need to worry, my friend takes care of your husband” the voice murmured in my ear. “Hmm?” I asked and forced me to open my eyes, that was when I found myself pinned against the brick wall. My heart started to beat heavily and I stared puzzled into green eyes “What?” I managed to say and tried to free me but I felt too weak.

The man pushed me against the wall with his arm and he bent over me, pressed his lips on mine and forced his tongue into my mouth. “Oh my god, he will rape me!” I thought and intensified my effort to get free. He must have opened some buttons of my shirt as I suddenly felt his sticky hand upon my bare chest, his tongue was still in my mouth although I tried to scream. I couldn’t move my arms as he hold me so that I was unable to use them properly. His body was pressed against mine in a kind of way which made it impossible for me to smash my knee in his genitals.

He turned me around and pushed my chest hard against the wall, I had one second to scream out loudly before he pressed his hand over my mouth “Shut up! Don’t play the shy guy!” he hissed in my ear and then sucked my earlobe. “Oh please! Anyone hear me!!!” I thought. I could hear myself whimper when I felt him loosening my belt and opening the buttons of my trousers.

“Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames?” I suddenly heard Greg crying out my name. Adrenalin flooded my veins at the very sound of his voice and with some strength I freed my mouth and shouted out loud “HELP!” The guy behind me stopped in his movements “Shit!” he hissed and then he let me loose. My knees gave in and I sank to the ground, I only heard the guy running down the alley and I just lifted up my head when Greg came around the corner.

He looked at me blank and his eyes wandered over my appearance, I tried to stand up but failed. Grey hurried over and bent down, supported me and helped me up. “What happened?” he asked and I could see in his eyes that he was full of anger. I dropped my eyes “It’s not like it looks like” I heard myself muttering an excuse. A deep breath was taken in “How does it look like?” he gnarled and lifted up my head to examine my eyes. “Your pupils are widened, your shirt is open, not to mention your belt and the buttons on your trousers”, he said with a flattened tone.

I fumbled at my buttons and finally managed to close them, “What happened?” he asked again and lifted up my head once more. His look was concerned and still full of anger, I couldn’t see if he was pissed about me or if it was something else, so I just stared at him and opened my mouth slightly. Gregory drew me closer and embraced me “Sssh, don’t cry” he whispered in my ear and caressed my back. Now I could feel tears running down my cheek of which I wasn’t aware before. He felt strained but it was so good having him near me, holding me close and not saying a word.

Voices reached my ear and Gregory slightly straightened and closed my shirt. “It seems so that the police arrived” he said slowly and brushed a strand of hair out of my face. “Why?” I asked weakly, while he lay his arm around my waist and held me close. “Because, Chase found Foreman in the toilet with this wanker who tried to …” his voice faded out and he gave me an enquiring side look. I still felt a drowsiness upon me and leaned on Greg’s shoulder as my muscles still felt weak. Greg supported me as good as he could around the corner “Officer!” he shouted and I could see a police officer turning around. Two police cars and one ambulance were standing in front of the bar. Gregory leaned me against the wall “Just stay here, honey” he said with a soft voice while the police officer approached.

Greg made a few steps towards the officer and they whispered some words, the officer turned and winked at an ambulance man. Gregory came back to me and slightly touched my shoulder “They will bring you to hospital now and make some checks” he swallowed hard, I just nodded. “Feel’n drowshy an weak” I mumbled. The ambulance men approached and I heard Greg saying “Test both on Rohypnol and bring them to the PPTH”. He then guided me to the rescue car “Dun’ go away” I muttered, “No, I won’t” he whispered.

I spent the next few hours in the hospital and got several tests and an examination. Flunitrazepam was found in our blood and we were told that nothing else happened except the attempt.

This morning I didn’t remember anything what happened and I am just recovering it again due to the puzzle pieces presented to me. I am feeling more than shitty. The lack of coordination is gone and so is the dizzyness. Greg brought me back home in the early morning hours and that is where I am now. He had to go back to the clinic for a couple of hours although he was more than pissed about it. Sure he will be coming home soon.

The police caught the other man as well – it wasn’t their first time and both are sitting in jail right now. I think I will have a nap now, it cost me more than two hours to write this all down.


Dr. Gregory House said...

I'm still in clinic and I think I'll kill Cuddy for this...

Anonymous said...

I wish I could help...I know how you feel...and I'm talking to you Wil.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Don't worry I am fine

Anonymous said...

I hope *hugs*

Dr. James Wilson said...

Sure, sure ...

Anonymous said...

God, I feel so sorry for you!
I can understand House, I would want to kill these bastards, too!