Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cheering again...

mood: tired an' hungry

music: The Killers - Bones

location: on the sofa in the living room

It was a long night for me, I went to bed at about 6.30 am and the first time I woke up again was at about 11 am. Believe me I am still tired and longing for another coffee. This would surely mean I would have to stand up from the sofa.

Greg is still fast asleep but I couldnt sleep anymore. My back hurts, my arm hurts and I am sitting here very comfortable - no way I'll be standing up now. I am accompanied by Bertie (the pink rabbit) and the new teddy bear (I will reveal his name later - hehe), they really are cuties and it makes me grin all the time when I look at them.

My little cheering up presents - well it was worth it - I like the excuses. We really have to buy a new bed today ...

You might have read in his blog that I cheered again at his speech. I really tought about not doing it - but although Greg can be very shy sometimes (believe me it is true) - he would have done the very same thing!

He even forced me once to write a letter and he said if I wouldnt do so, he would just made me do some embarassing thing in front of all the colleagues. This is of course some time ago but nevertheless, he is ill-minded as well and I pretty much know he WOULD have done it.

He likes his new fragrances and he smells incredibly good with the Calvin Klein one - hooooo boy! I tried to lift his mood a bit up before he had to give the lecture and he was relaxed ...

What he didnt know by then was that there was already some evil plan going on. The cheering ...
you remember the pink rabbit and the cheering in Baltimore? This was nothing compared to the yesterday's cheering and all ... yes all because I lost a bet!

Yes you got it right! I lost a bet with Foreman and Chase - they said they would succeed in making House going to lecture here at the PPTH and as I knew he wouldnt do so I just said: No way!

My task if they would succeed was to cheer again at his lecture - okay I thought not that hard ... this would never ever happen.
They are EVIL you know? They really are ill-minded ...

We came back from Canada and the first thing they showed me was the lecture plan for the congress ... Woohoo! These little wombats have written Cuddy an email from my computer, with my signature and telling that Greg surely would be pleased to hold a lecture, that he is really good at it, etc.

You know what happend then - She listed him for lecturing and she told Gregory that I was the one telling her he is so good at it. Gawd!

I knew they would give me a hard time but when they handed me the red boxer, the sign with "You rule! Please have wild sex with me!" and the teddy bear with these big amber brown eyes ... I knew this would top the Baltimore cheering.

Fine, I've lost and so I did my very best to fulfill my bet debts - horn and rattle were my idea and of course I had to make up what to do and say, but the very rest must be blamed to Foreman and Chase!

"You! Now! At my office!", Gregory barked into the microphone when he finished his speech and pointed at me with his cane. He left the stage taking the teddy and the boxers and I followed him with the rattle, the horn and the sign.

No word was spoken until we reached his office, he just shook his head and I really tried not to rattle sometimes. We entered his office and he muttered, "Close the blends and shut the door!"

I obeyed and as soon as the public was left outside he turned to me and barked "I know you are ill-minded but that" he held up the red boxer and pointed at the sign "THAT is just not your style!"
I waved with the sign a bit and rattled "You really think so?", I asked him and tried to look innocently.

"Yes!" he grunnted ... and well I told him about the bet and what Foreman and Chase wanted me to do - and I promised to make up for it at the evening (which I did ...).

His grin was more than devilish and I think this will mean some hard payback for them!


Anonymous said...

The payback will be more than hard!
And I will wait until it's almost forgotten!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Or not!

You are Mr. Evil sometimes!