Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Screaming therapy

A look back to the Friday night!
So we got out of the house and approached the car. "Is it far away?" Gregory asked me when we opened the car doors.
"No, it is just a 20 minute drive" I replied and started the engine.
The streets were nearly empty and it was snowing heavily at that moment. I parked the car on the parking place near by the wood.
Greg looked around "Wow, I've never been here before! Does this still belong to town?"
I nooded "Yeah it is the city wood and it has a nice lake as well".
"Oh a lake, let's go there!" he said and we proceeded towards the lake.
When we reached the meadow, we looked around and the beauty just hit us right between the eyes.
"Look, isn't it just gorgeous?" Gregory asked me and I was only able to nod.
The moonlight made the snowy meadow glistening like a blanket full of diamonds. The stars above shone bright and the treetops were covered all with snow, it looked like in an enchanted fairy tale.
I dropped my head back and stared at the stars.
"Now take a deep breath in and then breath all the mud out in the air. Scream it out!" Gregory said to me.
"Huh?" I looked at him questioningly.
"I want you to scream the shit out of you. Let it flow!" he said and nodded at me.
I frowned and thought it over. Yes there was still a lump in my stomach, some dirt that was supposed to come out.
I filled my lungs with air, hesitated for a second and let out a soft scream.
"Ah c'mon you can do better. I know you can do better. Let it out!" Greg insisted.
I made a fist and took another deep breath and then I screamed my lungs out, I threw all the dirt into the fresh and clean air. My body shaked and my knees gave in. I found myself kneeling on the ground afterwards and was panting hard. From the corner of my eyes I saw Gregory approaching carefully and I felt the urge to scream again.
My head dropped back and I stared at the stars and another scream filled the silent winter night. Greg placed his hand on my shoulder and caressed my neck.

"Are you feeling better now?" he asked silently.
"Yes" I whispered and caressed his hand upon my shoulder.

To be continued - I have to go now.


Dr. Gregory House said...

It was a wonderful night out there.

Dr. James Wilson said...

It was!

I don't have to mention everything do I?

Dr. Gregory House said...

you feel like you have to?

Dr. James Wilson said...

No I don't feel so - it was just between us.

But perhaps I will write about our wedding on Saturday ...