Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stoned to the bone ...

Oh yeeeaaaaas - to speak with Chase's accent - the afternoon was very interesting.

As you might have read ... Greg got stoned. Although he insisted not to be stoned. It cost me some nervs to bring him to the car.

He didn't want to go. I convinced him with a bowl of sugar canes (don't ask) and he refused to take his cane ... The drugs must have made him painfree and he walked withouth it (for a while).

I somehow got him into the car - that's where it became the funnier part then. Greg thought I was still married to Susan (my first wife).

Okaaaay ... Here are some highlights:

"Will Susan be pissed, because you will be staying with me?
"No, she won't" (well it is true)

"You know, Susan told me you are much to often at my place."
"Really, does she?!" (she did)

"Will you stay here, Wils?"
"Yes Greg, I will." (I did)

"Damn, I forgot my keys in the hospital!"
"Oh, I'll open the door." (I used my keys)
"Aw, you have the keys. Fiiiiine."

Gregory looking around in the apartment.
"You know, Wils, I can smell your Fahrenheit here. Isn't that weird?"
"Oh ... perhaps."

"Wils, will you stay here?"
"Sure, I will."

"I'll make some coffee, okay?"
"Coffee is in the second cupboard" (I already percolated some).
"Ehm, yes I know, Greg."
"Oh ... "

"Perhaps you should go to bed, Greg..."
"No, I don't want to."
"Why not?"
"I don't want to be alone there. I can sleep on the sofa and you'll be around."
"Okaay. But ... I could ... accompany you."
"You would do so?" (he looked puzzled)
"Sure, if you want me to."
"This'd be fine." (slightly smiling)

"You have your own yammies here?"
("Doh!") Ehm, no these must be yours as well!"
"Oh. You can wear them, if you want to. Or sleep with boxers and shirt" (he tried not to look - he was so cute!)
(I decided to go to bed with boxers and shirt)

"I ... I must tell you that I am in love ..."
"Are you?"
"Mhm. With someone darkhaired ..."
"Is this true?" (I looked very interested)
"Yes (he nodded) - with dark eyes."
"Like mine" (I got closer)
"Yes" (he whispered)

Well - as I told you it was very interesting and Gregory slept about 12 hours until morn'.

He is sober now ... and I am more than glab about it.

Cuddy was pissed yesterday - not because of us, as it wasn't our fault. No, because of the fact that the delivery was wrong and all pills had to be checked.

Tuesday - let's see what this day will bring.


Anonymous said...

Aaaaw, this is so embarassing!

Dr. James Wilson said...

I'd call it - cute!

Anonymous said...

And now Foreman, Chase, Cameron, Cuddy and everyone will know I was...cute.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Should I'd say - you were a real pain in the neck?!

Anonymous said...

Just tell the truth.

Dr. James Wilson said...

The truth? Fine you were extremely cute when you did not remember that we are married.

You looked cute with your widened pupils ...

But I also didn't like it - although this time it was not your fault.

Julia Brooklyn said...

Oh sometimes it's not that bad to be a bit... vacantly :)

Anonymous said...

Comfortably numb...Hehe...

Jimmy, there are more ways to widen my pupils...

Dr. James Wilson said...

I know that!

Anonymous said...

Want to try today?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Always willing to try new things ...

Anonymous said...

Fine! You succeeded this afternoon, I think...