Thursday, December 21, 2006

Never mix alcohol with pain relief cigs

You've read my last entry carefully? You've noticed I had my fifth malt combined with a ... smoke?

Yes, did ya? Fine!

Perhaps - well sure you know that Greg and I had a bad day today.

I was pissed off and hurt. Because the first thing of him I saw today was a more than deranged looking Gregory with marks on his neck ... and arms. Yes! Marks - and I mean love bites!

Believe me I didn't want to trust my eyes when I've seen it - and well the things Geinen mentioned came back into my mind. I didn't want to see Greg - and every time he tried to speak with me or even see me, I refused to.

I first had to think about it ... and it did hurt. But what did Foreman say lately - don't ever run away ...

So it was late in the afternoon when Greg peeked into my office.
"Hun'?" a weak voice addressed me.
I looked up from a file and saw Greg's pale face. He really looked ... not that good. Exhausted, tired and worried.
"Hm?" I asked and his look became more worried.
"May I come in? Please?" - I just nodded and pointed at the chair.
Greg approached and remaind standing in front of the desk. "See, I am sorry. But I didn't do nothing at all."
I just snorted and looked down on the file again.

A flask was placed on the file, "I will take Sodium Pentothal with a coffee, if you don't believe me!"
I looked up and examined him carefully, the marks hit my eyes again and I am sure he really wasn't aware how he looked like.
"More drugs?" I grunted and placed the flask aside.

"James! I really don't know why you are annoyed!" Greg insisted and put his hands on the desk.
"You don't know it? Did you recently look into the mirror? Fine take it!" I muttered.
Greg put 5 drops of the truth drug into his mug and looked at me "Do you think this will be enough?"
I shrugged "I don't know it!"
"Then check the database" he grunnted and I did so.
I carefully read what was written about Sodium Pentothal and then nodded at Greg "This will be enough".

"Good" he replied and downed the coffee.
We both waited some minutes and then Greg nodded at me - and I began to ask him simple questions at first.
Then I wanted to know what happened yesterday evening - part of his answer can already be read on his blog. It just came out that he dreamt that I was there - although I was different, smelled different and reacted different and it was all weird and somewhat blurred.
Believe me ... my thoughts were racing!

It couldn't be me - could it? I've been on the sofa, slept on the sofa and woke up this morning in bed ... home alone! Okay I felt shitty - had a damn hangover and couldn't remeber what happened after that ... smoke.

While Gregory answered my questions I examined his "love bites" and felt my stomach twitching. I sat down and rubbed my neck "Ouch" I said and Greg looked at me puzzled.
"What?" he asked and I shrugged.
"Dunno, it just hurt. Is there something?"
Greg pulled down my collar and whistled "Well, that is what I call a love bite ... and you have scratches as well."
I turned to him "You are kidding aren't you? I've been at home and I can't remember ... after that ... smoke."
He frowned "You smoked?"
I noticed me blushing and shifted uncomfortably. I perfectly know that he hates it when I am smoking. "Well I thought it'd be a normal cigarette but it was one we had at the lake you know ..."
"Ooooh... you had a joint? That would explain the different smell though" he murmured.
"But I was at home, woke up at home - by the way they would have noticed if I would have come to the clinic. They keep a list at the reception."
A smile appeared on his face "Go and ask them!"

Good idea ... I did so - and let me tell you what.
Entry: Dr. James Wilson - 3 am.
Out: Dr. James Wilson - 4.45 am.

So I must have been at the clinic and I must have gone home due to some reason. One thing is for sure, never mix alcohol with ehm... that other stuff. Better! Never ever smoke such crap!

Gregory grinned "So it was you all the time. Gawd, Jimmy you were rough!" he said and rubbed his marks.
"Sorry, darling" I replied with a grin and gently touched my neck as well. "I think you gave it back".
He stretched and yawned "I am so damn tired and everything hurts. I could do with a shower. Wearing the same clothes."
I looked at him and nodded "Yes and you smell a bit".

"Huh?" he said and blushed. "Do I? Oh my god, this is embarassing!"
I bent over and kissed him on the cheek "Let's go home then. It is time and I think we could both do with a nap and a hot shower or bath."

Greg blinked once - twice ... "Oh, I love you!"
We both giggled and stood up.

As you can see - everything is fine now ... except the fact we still don't know what bumfluff called him and gave him the barbiturates.

Gregory suspects Daniel - but I still doubt it somehow. Although Daniel is sick-minded and has a funny idea of jokes ... he wouldn't be that mean!

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Anonymous said...

He already told me it wasn't him...
I'm not sure if I should believe him.