Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cosy and warm

Just a short note from Canada ...

It is so wonderful here - snowed in again and we even have a little Christma tree provided by Finn this afternoon.

He came by with the snow mobile and brought as a sweet little tree. It looks pretty in the cosy living room ...

The fire in the fireplace brings a warm light and we have candles lit as well. Gregory is sitting at the fireplace right now and wanted to join me ... I just used the chance and switched from Byron to the Internet - but as Greg is looking at me with his special smile again .... there will be something else in our minds now.

So please excuse me ... I will go and join my honey now.

(Did I tell you that he is more than adorable? That I love the way he looks at me? When he sits and plays on the piano and his thoughts are astray? Hooooooooooo boy!)

Tomorrow we will have mushroom soup, salad with geese breast smoked, quails and then a special ... dessert!

Perhaps - if there is time, I'll make a short entry again. (Or on the 25th)

Now I'll join him ... God! He looks so good - I am feeling the cuddle attack arising again!


Anonymous said...

Two minutes?
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Anonymous said...

I just love your cuddle attacks!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy cuddle attacks *smiles*