Monday, December 04, 2006

Last entry ... for today

mood: extremely cuddly

music: All the pretty faces - The Killers

Hey guys,

this will be the last entry for today. Greg is already awaiting me and just checked some mails and so on.

We had some Chinese food for dinner, a great barrique wine and tiramisu - it was excellent. Greg promised me some raspberry biscuit now - so I should better go and hurry.

Ah this little poem was written today - especially for you (and Greg):

Love Flight

Panting of lust and desire I am moaning your name.
There is no embarrassment, no shame.

My brain is washed away by the heat,
your fingers are gently touching my body, I am feeling so weak.

Love bites are covering my shoulder, my neck.
I am crying out loud and dropping my head back.

My fingers are clutching your sides,
this is the universe you create in the nights.

Gently we move to the beat of the heart,
to and fro we slide, reality falls apart.

You are sucking my tongue, biting my lip,
our bodies are moving hip to hip.

Higher and higher we rise up to the sky,
lightning strikes us, you can hear a mutual cry.

Our hearts beat now as one,
the angels of love are singing their song.

Slowly we gravitate towards the ground,
the time stands still, no tick – no sound.
Enough now for today - try my very best to write tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

*blushes* Wow what a poem...I do like it.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Glad you like it!

Dr. Gregory House said...

It still makes me blush.
And smile...

Dr. James Wilson said...

I like it when you smile.