Friday, December 01, 2006

Poem: Death

The storm is raging, the snow is falling,
I drop my head slightly, no-one hears my calling.
Through the darkness of the night I wander around,
my feet they stumble, but I hear no sound.
The sound was eaten by the devil in me,
I am no longer the man I used to be.
Pain and dispair are now my friends,
slowly we walk through the world, holding our hands.
Darkness and fear we always bring,
listen carefully and you can hear the Banshee sing.
To and fro the ravens circle in the sky,
blackened ruins we are passing by.
Run oh mortals, run as fast as you can,
'cause here comes Death and I have a plan.
I'll bring you sorrow, I'll bring you pain,
all your attempts will be in vain.
No one can flee, no one can hide,
'cause I have the angels by my side.
Don't be afraid, no need to fight,
I am the darkness but I'll bring you light.
by me

This poem was written by me today - there was no reason for it ... I am not going nuts. A muse just kissed me and I had to write it down.

Hope you like it!


Julia Brooklyn said...

It's pretty nice... but a bit dark!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Yes I know it is dark.

I was called Mr. Romantic - so I just thought this might be a nice break

Julia Brooklyn said...

yes it is! Mr. Romantic... :D nice

Dr. Gregory House said...

Your poems are always amazing - just as you are.
I love it and it slightly reminds me of the ravens of unresting thought.
It's wonderful.
I like the atmosphere it evokes.

Dr. James Wilson said...

This means a lot for me, Greg