Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Poem: Smile

That poem was written in a hotel room in Atlanta while attending the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology.

I missed Greg a lot - as you probably can read in between the lines. Not one of my best ones - but I hope you'll like it a bit ... Gregory apparently did.

Thy smile sends sparkles into your eyes and make them shine in the brightest blue I've ever seen.
Thy smile enlightens my path in the darkness and makes my soul feeling whole again.
Thy smile can wash away all my sorrows, my burdens, my fears – when you smile an angel is more than just near.

Thy smile is a miracle for me ...
Thy smile is everything I sometimes want to see ...
Thy laughter is everything I want to hear ...
Never being able to do so – that is what I fear!

I miss thee with every breath I take,
I miss thee with every step I make,
I miss thee every day and every night,
I miss thee when I see others walking side by side.

Where is my sunshine?
Where is my moon?
Where is the reason to wake up that soon?

Where I ask did you go with your smile?
Where is that land ... I will run to you ... mile for mile!

Please, my love, my angel – my light ...
shine for me in my darkest night!
Please, my darling – send me thy love ...
smile for me from up above!

Thy smile is everything for me ...
thou art my sunshine ... my eternity!
(c) J.E. Wilson

Belated Happy New Year wishes

My dearest readers,

I know ... I know ...

You might already have thought that I am no longer writing this blog ... but I still do. It is just so that I was very very busy and had no time to write.

Should I find enough time - I will tell you what happened in the meantime. It is not much - but some episodes are worth a good laugh, a sigh or just a *doh*.

There would be our first wedding day ... the sequel of 28 minutes later ... the meetings Cuddy sent me to ... Xmas/Hannukah and of course New Years Eve.

Before I forget it - here my wishes for you!

May your light never fade and may you always wander with a friend
May your love shine through the darkest hours when you feel empty and alone
May your faith be strong and true when you are down to the ground
May you see the little sparkle of hope - when you think there is no way out
May you always remember that you never wander alone - and that there is always someone to help you up I am wishing you all this and much more - from deep within!

May you all be blessed by the love of your god/goddess/godness or any other belief!
Happy New Year 2008