Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Making a list

mood: tired

I am currently making a list for the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology in Atlanta ... not for a lecture, no for packing and for Gregory.

Packing is easy - just a reminder for me what I should not forget. You know such stuff I suppose.
Greg's list is a bit longer and will be put on the coffee machine (so he will see it!)
Of course that list does not contain things like: toothbrush, socks etc. ;)

What I have so far is ...

1. Good morning, darling ...
2. Coffee is right next to the tea box
3. Don't forget to buy MILK when that one in the fridge is empty
4. Don't be too grumpy
6. I love you
7. Don't forget the laundry!
8. Please water the plants!!!
9. Feed the pet!
10. Feed yourself!!!
11. Don't steal the food of the others too often ;)
12. I miss you
13. There is a present for you underneath my bedside!
14. Go shopping please!
15. I miss you like hell!
16. Please pick me up at the airport!

That is what I have so far ... well, I will have to think about it - perhaps I should add some more things on it. Still enough space left!

I am damn tired - believe it or not! - I could not sleep that well, as a certain silkworm appeared in the middle of the night and stole all of my cover!
It was damn cold and I could not crawl underneath it again ... I don't know what weird dreams he might have had.
After some minutes of laying there without a blanket .... and after some minutes of tenderly trying to crawl underneath it ... I gave up and went into the living room, grabbed the sofa blanket and went back into the bedroom again just to find Gregory sleeping there like a baby and mumbling the cutest things ever ... awww.

I won't repeat what he said - but it made my heart go faster and my soul melting.
Now I hear him waking up ... he has a special moan for that.

Yah ... time to make coffee!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Poem: Hurting reality

Although there may be wounds in our souls,
although the reality may hurt from time to time,
although the pain strikes when we do not expect,
although the tears role down our cheeks when we should laugh,
although this and even more ...
we should not forget that life is precious and that nothing is foreseen!
Go beyond thy borders and find out that life is still worth living!

Hurting reality by *DrJamesWilson on deviantART