Monday, June 09, 2008

June already

Hello again!

May did come and go ... and it is already June yet! Holy moly ... how time does pass!

I still remember our trip to London in last year's June ... this was a wonderful time. Really gorgeous and I would have so wanted to repeat it – but unfortunately Cuddy doesn't think that this would be a wise idea!

Well ... so this year the birthday coming up very soon (just a few days left) – will be spent nearby – at the beach of Point Pleasant to be exactly. At least we both got a day off on Wednesday so that we will drive to PP directly after work.

Our little and cozy retreat is clean and awaiting us ... and nearly all presents are bought yet.

But you are surely interested what happened until now ...

Fairly easy: A bunch of work, some weekend trips to Point Pleasant and in the last week of May a short visit of Greg's parents – just saying: Hello.

Gregory wanted to leave it like that ... but I convinced him that it would be very impolite to just let them drop in the hospital – going to the cafeteria there and having a short coffee break.

'Why on earth should that not be enough, Jim? It was enough for the past years ...and now ...'
'Exactly – and now it is different, because now I am here and I don't want that ... and don't start pouting now, Greg!' (he is so good with that)

His lower lip started quivering a bit and he gave me his little puppy glance.
„But ... but ... I don't want ...“
I shook my head and stood up to open my office door: „Dinner at seven and I will pick you up in your office – so you won't forget it. Now, excuse me ... I have an appointment in five minutes and I need a bit of preparation time.“

Greg grunted a bit and poked me with his index finger, „Fine then, Mr. Stubborn! Fine ... but you will have to make up for it“, he said before leaving my office.
„I am looking forward to that“ I hummed and closed the door behind him.

Point six I went into his office to pick him up ... but no Gregory House there.
„Where is he?“ I asked Foreman who did pour himself a coffee.
„Who? Chase? House or Santa Claus?“ he asked me back.
„Funny mood today? Sure I meant House! He was supposed to be ready at six ...“
Foreman shrugged and told me that I should try my luck at home as House has left the building one hour ago.

„He did WHAT?“
After briefly checking the clock again – Foreman replied, „Gregory House – my lovely boss – left the building, means the PPTH, at around 500, SIR!“ A little salute made his announcement complete ...

„Obviously in a funny mood ...“ I grunted back and nodded at him.
„Did he say that he would go home?“
„He did say nothing at all – just grabbed his backpack and off he was. We just assumed that he'd be going home with you ... and obviously he did not ...“
A sigh slipped out of me and I combed through my hair.
Slightly absent minded I thanked Foreman for this information and pulled out my cell.

Sure his cell was not 'on' and he did not pick up the phone at home ...
„Damn ...“ I moaned and made my way to the car.

I reached the spot where the car should have been ... but I stood in front of an empty space.
„Gregory House I will surely kick your ass, when I will find you!“ I said aloud.

On my way to the taxi rank and still thinking about some nice torture methods I would use on Greg ... I was pulled back into the here and now by some hooting.

„Hey Dr. Wilson!“
I turned my head to find me staring into the bluest eyes I've ever seen.

My eyes narrowed slightly when I looked at that beauty of man ...
„Fancy a ride?!“ I was asked with an explicit gesture.
I stood there gnawing on my lower lip for a second and thinking over that.
„Well ... I am not sure ... I was waiting for my love ... you know!“
„Drop that idiot ... take me instead, hottie!“
My head went from left to right – to check out if someone would see me and then I nodded.
„Fine then ... but I have not much time left ... a quick ride must do it!“
The man in the car did eyeball me and nodded then.

He reached over the passenger seat to open the door for me.
„Jump in, hotness!“
With a sexy movement (or rather what I hoped that it would look a bit like that) I let me glide into the seat.
„Where to now?“ I asked him while caressing his right leg.
„You are a fast one, huh?“ that dark-blondish man said and gave me a side glance.
„Mhm ...“ I answered and let my hand glide a bit higher.

„Wohooo... wait till we are at my apartment, sweetheart!“
„Fine, sugar!“ I replied and leaned back in my seat.

The man drove fast and secure ... and lucky us there was no traffic so that we arrived at his place at around 6.20 p.m. .
„Come on, loverboy ... you told me the time is precious! Lets go inside“ he said and pointed at a door.
„Here?“ I asked him and looked around.

Some seconds later we stood in the apartment and I gazed around when I heard the click of the closing door behind me.

The man, dressed in blue jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt pushed me hard against the wall.
My bag dropped on the floor and my tie was loosened with a quick movement.
„It is not the first time you are doing this“ I mumbled silently while he pulled my shirt out of the trousers.
„No“ he answered throatily, opened my trousers and pulled them down with one quick movement.
„Turn“ he moaned and fumbled at his zipper.

I did as I was told and with a shivering anticipation I rested my hands at the wall. The rustling of his clothes was the only thing I heard and then I felt his presence – hot and wanting skin rubbed over skin.
„I told you that you would have to pay for it“, Gregory moaned into my left ear and before I could answer him, he made us become one with one single, deep stroke.
The only answer I was able to make was a loud moan.

Quite some minutes later I found myself panting on the floor, still shivering a bit but full of satisfaction – I was able to answer him that I was glad being able to pay for it.
Gregory, who was leaning against the wall with his eyes shut – opened them lazily and grinned slightly.
„This was just the beginning!“