Friday, April 27, 2007

Under the rain

mood: relaxed and looking at the rain outside

It is slightly raining outside and this just reminded me of the warm rain that felt down to earth on Easter sunday.

Yes, now it is time to write about sunday evening. As I don't want to bore you with all the festivity and eating details, just let me tell you that we enjoyed the brunch with the Brunswick's.
The brunch actually lasted until evening. So it was brunch-dinner and to be correct, it was more or less a very wet dinner - as we started drinking (or better said - celebrating) single malt in the afternoon.

Mr. Brunswick recognized that he found in Gregory an excellent conversation partner concerning single malts, double malts and cigars.

It was a very funny afternoon and evening and we all were more than relaxed after dinner...

You might recall that we had our own chauffeur (the police) and we therefore enjoyed the single malts a bit too much. It was about 9 pm when I (I think it was me) asked for being brought up to the hut.

Yes, I have to admit that I ... ehm ... well that I had a slightest bit of a double vision effect, if you know what I mean?

Finn drove us up to the hut - not without flirting with Gregory again and again. My mood dropped with every little sweet word and every little smile he gave him.

About ten minutes later we arrived at the hut and Gregory was all smiles.
"So, Finn thank you very much for bringing us home."
"Always a pleasure, Gregory" Finn replied with a broad smile.

Believe me that I had to choke on my words. I managed to grin and to shake hands with Finn. My anger was still in me, so I embraced him and mumbled into his ear:
"Get your hands off him, Finn. He is mine and I don't want you to flirt with him all the time. Did ya get that?"

Finn only patted my shoulder and grinned.
"You took long for that, pal! Way too long you took and I was just waiting for that sign. So you love him, huh?" he whispered back.
I nudged his shoulder and grunted "For sure I do!"
"Good, good!" Finn said with a broad smile and patted my shoulder again.
"Have a nice evening or night you two!" he then said and looked at me and Greg and jumped into the police car again - and a few seconds later we were standing alone in front of the hut.

"What did you tell him?" Greg asked and stood there, staring into the clouded sky.
"I told him that you are mine and that he should keep his fingers away from you!"
"Did you?" Gregory answered with a soft voice.

I looked at him and narrowed my eyes.
"Yes, I did! Any problems with it?"

Gregory lowered his look and instead of searching the sky for stars, he looked at me now.
I approached him and my amber brown eyes met his blue ones.

"Not at all, James. Not at all ... So why don't you show me how I am yours?" Gregory murmured and his eyes sparkled a bit.
He didn't have to ask me twice for that.

Grabbing his collar I drew him closer and sealed his lips with a passionate kiss.
The kiss was depened and after a while we parted both breathing harder.
"Come with me Greg, I'll show you a nice place just behind the hut" I moaned and took his hand.
Just around the corner I pushed him hard against the hut.
"Jim!" he hissed.
"No word!" I moaned and my hand slipped under his shirt.
When I felt his warm skin underneath my finger tips there was now holding back.

My hands wandered over his body and soon we were both in our birthday suits.
The moon, which just peaked around some clouds, painted us in silver light. He looked so gorgeous when the moon light was reflected in his astonishing eyes.

My knees turned to jelly and I took Greg with me down to the ground. His body was covered by more than just ten kisses.
My tongue teased him, my fingers made him moan and skin met skin when I made us become one.

Our sighs, moans and lust screamings filled the air and only some owls and other night creatures may have heard our final love sighs when we both flew up high in the sky and floated down to earth again.

After we both were back in the here and yet - my eyes met his again and I noticed with a surprise that we were no longer dry. Rain drops so soft and tender like tear drops covered our bodies.

"The angels are crying because we woke them up, I suppose" Gregory murmured and smiled at me.
"My little poet" I whispered back and fondled his hair.

"Let us go inside, please. It is nice to be taken under the rain but I fancy a hot bath or shower now."
"Mhmmm" I sighed and snuggled a bit closer.
"C'mon Jim, we are getting sober - what about some malt for the warming up inside?" Gregory asked and gently caressed my back.

"Sounds good for me" I replied and stumbled to me feet again.
"Could you ..." Greg asked and looked up.

"Give me the clothes. I think we don't have to dress now." I answered and winked at him.
With these words I took his clothes and helped him up.
Gregory shook his head slightly.
"You know that I didn't mean that... don't you?"
"I know ..." I said and pinched his bottom.

"Tease!" Greg muttered and I replied with the usual menace.

The hot shower warmed us up and the single malt did the rest.
Cuddling, snogging and snuggling again until the early morning hours - that was the rest of the evening.

What a pleasant Easter night ...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Breathe again

mood: remembering

music: Nickleback - Photograph

I just want to tell you a bit about Canada during the Easter holidays.

I wanted to write about it much earlier - but, sorry, I had no time and wasn't in the mood to write about it. Therefore, here it comes now ...

Gregory already told you some fact ... the meadow - yes, I am not forgettable and I really remember that very very well.

He is babbling way too much from time to time - babbling about things that are very very private ...

Do you want me to babble as well? Babble about hot stories, babble about embarassing stories ...babble about this and that?

Well, I think I am actually doing it all the time - right?!

Let me tell you about Sunday ... Easter 2007.

We did spend the Saturday evening home alone and enjoyed the loneliness up there in the hut. Hmmm... probably I should start with the Saturday evening though.

Mr. Brunswick had delivered enough food and beverages for a football team and so we decided not to drive down to the village and accept the invitation to the pub - we just wanted to enjoy the fireplace, the superb single malt (Lagavulin - this time) and some good food.

I checked the fridge and looked at Gregory who stared on the four single malt bottles and the red, white and rosé wine as well ...

"So what do you prefer, Greg? A liquid dinner or rather some steak with butter, beans wrapped in bacon and some fried potatoes?"
"Hmmm, that is not an easy one you know ... I mean did you see what he delivered? Aran, Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Talisker not to mention the superb wine collection."
"Yes, it is obvious that you enjoy the look at it" I mumbled a bit and then just started preparing the dinner.

Some minutes later, Gregory embraced me from behind and whispered into my ear.
"But your dinner sounds absolutely alluring, honeybunny"
I couldn't avoid snorting a bit and wrapped some more beans in bacon.
"Why not stopping that for a while and wrapping me in a blanket?" Gregory murmured and nibbled at my neck.

"Greg" I sighed and everything slipped out of my fingers, when his fingers found their way to some more delicate parts of my body.
"C'mon Jim, your new scent makes me going insane - what is that? Roma Uomo, or what?"
"Mhmmmm" I replied and started to unbotton his shirt.
"Gawd, Jimmy I dont have time for such a thing" he said very harsh and with one quick movement - my shirt was destroyed and I stood there with a bare naked chest.

"Shit, Greg!" I called out but then had to spare my breath for other things as I was pushed against the door frame, kissed feverishly and just felt some fresh air on my legs when he had removed my trousers without any problem at all.

My heart raced and my pupils widened, I felt the blood rushing through my body ...
His teeth brushed over my soft lower lip and when he bit me tenderly and sucked at my weak and soft flesh I couldnt resist anymore and got rid of his shirt as well.

Our bodies met and his chest brushed over mine ... my finger nails scratched over his back and the fingers magically found their way to the trousers - but there were no trousers anymore ... he must have removed them without me noticing it.

His kiss became even more passionately and I got lost in it ... just let me flow on the river of lust and desire.

So it was no wonder that some minutes later I found us laying on the living room floor in front of the fire place and the fire painting his body with orange and reddish lights - I think in that very moment we both stopped breathing for a while ...

His eyes captured mine and I drowned in them again. The deep blue just grabbed me and drew me closer and closer and closer and I sank deeper and deeper into his soul, into his heart and when he made our bodies became one and our pupils widened in that very second - I noticed that I should breathe again because I was close to getting lost in him ...

So I took one deep breath and felt our bodies moving in unison, flesh upon flesh and sweat covered our bodies - which made the fire reflecting even more and the fire did break in blue eyes and made my head explode in love.

I don't know how long we were like in trance but when we turned and Gregory was lying underneath me and I started to move slowly and full of passion and lust and his sighs filled the air of the little hut - I stopped breathing again for a while and just concentrated on his beauty ...

The fire reflection on his body, how he responded to my little teasing movements, how he couldn't do anything against it and how my heart slopped over with every little gesture he made and wasn't aware of it ...

I deepened my movements and they brought us to the kingdom of lust and back again ...

A while later we both were lying on the floor and panting hard ...


... ... ...

"Hmmm hmmm?"

... ... ....

I turned to him and looked him in the eyes.
"Greg?" I panted and tried to calm down a bit.
"James ... I ... I never thought it might be so hard to breathe again!"

I wasn't able to answer because my breath still wasnt normal and so I just sighed, nodded and caressed his chest with my right hand.


Breathing can sometimes harder then we know!

And I will tell you another time about Sunday ... now I have to start breathing again because I just stopped it for a while when writing this down.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Poetry: Eyes

Your eyes are following me in my dreams,
your eyes are here in my heart - all the time.

I cannot forget their shining light,
I cannot forget your sparkling eyes.

Always seeing them before me - thy eyes.
Thy eyes filled with love and showing me the bottom of your soul.

Your eyes reflecting your moods,
your eyes reflecting my love,
your eyes showing me heaven and hope ...

Engraved in my soul,
tattooed in my heart ...

Your eyes are following me in my dreams,
your eyes are here in my heart - all the time.

Well ... a rare thing at the moment - a poem!


mood: relaxing

What kinds of relaxation methods do you know?

I mean - do you know any kind of relaxation method at all?

I am asking you that because I am currently relaxing a bit - I had a lot of stress lately and was very busy. I told you that I do have a tiny bit of nervous breakdown - well had - or better said recovering from it.

Everything was a bit too much in the last few months - ups and downs and ups and downs and some fears and doubts came back etc.

Gregory is my kind of relaxation method - most of the time - ... okay I have to admit that he can be the opposite as well (as you might already have guessed) - but most of the time he is such a wonderful partner - believe it or not!

Another relaxation method for me is listening to some special kind of music, reading some good poetry, watching a movie I do love and well ... going to the sauna, swimming, massage - and some Reiki.

I told you about that before - right? So I will just not mention it again ... if there is someone not knowing what Reiki is - right me an email or make a comment and I will inform you about it!

Yesterday evening was pure relaxation for me ... - let me just tell you about it!

We (Greg and I, of course) spent the evening home alone ... no Foreman, no Chase, no Cameron, no Danby - just NO WORK! (and - no mother calling - believe me that was disturbing)
That was so great and really really relaxing. We did both spend too much time at work in the last few weeks - and those rare moments having just us ... we had to "celebrate" a bit.

When we entered the apartment, Gregory turned around after he just did throw his backpack in the corner and asked me, if we should just order something for dinner tonight.
"Chinese or Italian, what do you prefer, James?"

Good question ...

"Well, I think that Chinese sounds pretty good for me, Greg! What about you? Some saté with peanut butter sauce?"
"Hrrrm... no as you mention it. Yeah, sounds perfect - but I thought about beef with Hoi Sin sauce - spicy a bit today."
With the last words he raised and eyebrow and grinned at me.

"Spicy? Huh?" I answered and opened my tie.
"Okay then but I like it smooth and relaxing ... ... for my stomach, you know." I replied as well and unbuttoned my shirt on the way into the bedroom.
"Okaaaaaaaay ... what about both?" Gregory asked from the living room and a smile appeared on my face when he just inserted some really special kind of music.

I was just stepping out of my trousers when I heard the bedroom door shut and I turned around - Greg was leaning against the door and looked at me.

"Go ahead" he whispered and pointed at me with his cane.
I decided to say nothing at all and just continued undressing - until I only stood there in my microfibre boxers.
"Dark green, hmmm... very nice, Jim. They are new, aren't they?"
"Mhmm... I bought them in Canada, remember?"

Gregory eyeballed me and then pointed with the cane at the bed...

"Relaxation starts now and here - lay down, Jim" he whispered silently.
"What ...?" I started to ask but was interrupted with an impatient wave ...
"Okay, okay ..." I sighed and laid down on the bed - face up.
"Turn around or do you want to have your chest kneaded?"
Now beaming at him I turned on my belly and stretched out - awaiting a relaxing massage ... and I should not have been disappointed!

The massage was so great I really couldn't avoid moaning and sighing out aloud - this of course resulted in another type of massage - that was even more relaxing for both of us.

About 1.5 hours later I turned on the back again and looked at Gregory, who was laying at my side with his eyes closed but with a smile upon his face.
"Your massage techniques are very very relaxing, dear" I whispered and he opened his eyes.

My heart just slopped over a bit and the next words came out more hoarsley then intended.
"I am hungry now ..."
Greg grinned devilishly and answered with a wink "Again? But I don't know if ..."
A nudge interrupted him and we both giggled.
"I meant that I am actually starving!"
"Mhmmmm... starving I am as well" Greg said and leaned over me, kissed me on the neck and whispered something into my ear that made me blush crimson.

"Gregory House!"
"What's up, James Evan Wilson?" he smirked.
"You ... you ... " I stammered and nudged him again.
"I what? Hm? Common don't tell me now ... " he eyeballed me again and grinned ... "I see you just ..." and with these words I found myself covered by his kisses and ...

Some time later we just called the delivery service and ordered our food ...

We dressed again - well, okay - just put on the boxers and a bath robe and made ourselves comfortable in the living room - with candle light, good music (some Jazz and Blues) - and later Greg played a bit on the piano.

It was a lovely and really relaxing evening ... very very relaxing ...

So this was just my relaxation story for you - today!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday JoJo

You know a significant sign that we are getting older and older is the fact that our little family members are getting older and you are still able to remember when they were so young that they hardly could speak out your name properly.

Today is such a day - my little cousin, Jojo is one year older. As she would probably kill me when I would tell you her age - I just keep my mouth shut.

She is a beauty and I can still remember her first time on stage ... in the Kindergarden - geez and today she takes drama lessons in school - heard that her drama teacher gives her the creeps from time to time.

She is good on stage though and well, probably it is the LA vicinity - but she as an actress would be very good I suppose.

So, dearest cousin - wishing you all the very best (again).

I know that I did wake you up this morning - sorry! Do you believe me that we just forgot the time zone? Hmmmm?

Enjoy the California sun, dear!



Sunday, April 22, 2007

Love ...

mood: just enjoying the weather

Hi there,

just sitting here on the balcony and enjoying the weather - Gregory has to work and I am home alone and felt a bit bored as I didn't want to work or doing the housework (what is work as well) ... so I am just stopping by and "talking" about: Love

Did you ever write a love letter? I mean a real love letter? Not just a teenager love letter when you are a bit in love with a guy or a girl ... no, I mean a real love letter to an adult person.

Have you ever been in real love? Do you know then how hard it can be to sit there and just thinking about what to write ...? Do you?

If so - just don't read what comes now ... or well, smile and grin and relax a bit.

If not - just let me tell you that it is HELL!

A few days ago I decided to write a love letter to - of course - Gregory! Yes, he already got it and so it is no surprise anymore.

I sat there for days! Yes, days ... and my hand felt like shit afterwards but I wanted to finish it while I was in Montreal - so I had to hurry up a tiny little bit.

Never thought that it would be so hard to write a love letter - especially when you are not knowing what to write because everything just feels so wrong. Not to exact enough or too exact as well - because you switch to everything as you want to tell everything what is in your head.

I started to write about everything - when we first met and then switched back to my childhood and youth - because I figured out that I wanted to let him know everything ... just every little episode in my former life without him.

So - this was not the way I thought and again ... I deleted everything and started anew.

But that trial was in vain as well - as I told too much again ...and again ... and again.

I wanted to write just a simple little love letter - but well, seven pages are not simple, hm?

Perhaps I overdid it a bit - and if so, dear - I am so sorry ... but I didn't know what I should tell you more - than just: I love you!

Just those three words weren't sufficient enough in my opinion and I tried to tell you more about me and I hope I succeeded ... yes, I hope that it wasn't too much.

Love is such a wonderful thing - but it can be hell as well ...

What if you have doubts and fears? The other person doesn't love you (anymore) or doesn't want you (when you are not together).

When do you know that you are in love? What is the sign for love?

I mean real love - for what you would do everything - you would act like a fool! Yes, like a fool in love ...

Imagine what would you do, if e.g. you would fall in love with a person you just know from a few contacts (email, internet, short visits ...) - but you had the feeling from the very beginning you layed your eyes upon him/her - that there is something - that there is just something so deep your soul responds to it.

That was exactly what I felt when I first looked deeply into Greg's eyes - and my soul did respond to his look. It was as if my heart just stopped for a tiny bit of a second, started to race afterwards and my soul screamed out for him.

It took me a while to realize that I was just loving him so deeply that I would have done anything for him - and would still do it (for sure!).

Love made me act like a fool - because some months after we first met - I wrote my very first love letter to a man I hardly knew - but to who I was so dearly in love that I, myself, couldn't understand it and I had so many doubts and fears - I just didn't send the letter away.

You might know by now what happened, hm? Three marriages and some years later ...

Everything would have been so easy ... but what if he would not have loved me as well? What if I would have found my guts to send the letter and what if he would have never replied it? What if he would have just stared upon the white pages (I had nothing else there) and thinking: Who is that? What the heck?!!! - yes, what if?

I think if I would have done just that and wouldn't have received a reply - even if it would just have been a: Dear James, I am sorry but - well, I don't know you that much and I really don't love you ...
it would have just killed me a little bit - because when you find your guts to write such a letter and to send it to that very person then you are so hurtable and so unsure - so very unsure because you just did send it due to your deep feelings.

And a feeling it is - Love is such a strong emotion - you can hardly explain it!

So - should you ever receive a love letter from a person you hardly know or well, if you know that person ... please, readers, please just think about it for a minute!

Should you be famous ... and receive such a later - sometimes there is love as well - although you might not know that person or hardly know that person ... love was the reason the other person did send you that letter - and if we receive such a sign of courage we should honor it and not laugh about it (okay you might do that when you are alone!) - but we should just be polite when we don't have the same feelings for the other person.

Fear is the heart of love, dears! A person who loves - has so many fears ... and we should not use them to let the person feel miserable. We should just tell him/her that the letter was nice - but well, you are not having the same feelings for that person ...

Should you have any doubts about your feelings - guys - just make it possible that you will meet that person and look him/her in the eyes ... because eyes can tell you so much more than just words!

Words are not really capable to show you the true feelings - so ... this is my "love letter" now ... just a bit of information what love means and what it means to write a love letter.

The response I got on my latest love letter just made my knees turn to jelly and I found myself on the bed covered with little smooches and even more ...

Sometimes it is worth it - sometimes we should do stupid things, sometimes it is just the time to jump over your shadows and fight against your doubts and fears!

Yes, sometimes love makes us do that ...

I would have wished that I would have done that years before!

Everything could have turned out well - much earlier!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Back at McGill

mood: busy

Just a short stop by ... so really a very very short entry.

I had to lecture at McGill University and I stayed at my parent's home in Montreal though. Really nice it was and I had a lot of fun with old colleagues here.

Yesterday evening I had a pleasant dinner with some of them and well today, just flying back home.

Still very busy and still feeling very exhausted - but ... I think everything will be well soon.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit longer until I'll be back - just having to much to do currently.

Take care!


Friday, April 13, 2007

Burn out syndrome and hallucination?!

mood: exhausted

music: nothing at all

weather: sunny and spring time is coming and my allergy as well

Well, I think I just have to state why I am not writing in my blog at the moment. Simple answer - I am very busy and a bit exhausted as well.

Greg is knowing that I am not in the mood to write all down what happened lately and I am sure he will just take my part and inform you about all what happened while we were in Canada over the Easter holidays.

So many funny things - really - just to mention one thing.

We found a girl standing at the shore of a lake and her dark brown hair was loose on her shoulders - she smiled at me and Greg didnt really recognize how her blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight. But weird thing is that I had the imagination that she wasn't really there...because when I approached her to ask why the heck she is standing there in a pink Snoopy yammies and nothing on her feet although it was colder than now ... well she just vanished in mid air.

Isn't that weird? I mean - HELLOOOOOO?!

Okay I should just tell you that we (Greg and me) had several glasses of Oban and we had some nice type of ...ehm... pain reliever as well. Gregory just found it (what a surprise) in my office before we left to Canada.

He gave it to me here and we decided - Why not!

So it might just have been a halucination - and I am sure that is why I am feeling so tired as well. So exhausted and close to a burn out syndrome if I don't stop acting like a fool now and just let my blog in peace for a while.

So, dear readers from everywhere - don't be surprised when I will not write for a while ... I will be happy for any comments and even mails ...and perhaps will be on MSN from time to time as well.

See you around and stay tuned!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Promotion for a friend

PROMO DAY! 12th April 2007

This is a special promotion entry for a DA friend of mine.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


mood: fool in love

music: Oda of Joy

Heaven can be so close and we don’t know it or just don’t see it always. But heaven is around us; it is in our hearts and what we do.

You might ask yourself again – what is he up to now?

Let me just tell you that I am feeling like in heaven.

I am feeling like up on Cloud No. Seven and watching the angels passing by and singing an ode of joy.

Yes, your fools, I am a fool in love! I am up and high in the sky – just floating on the stream wrapped in my cloud no. 7.

Why? Just simply because I have him around. Just because I feel his touches by and then and just because I see his lovely figure every time around. I do love him so much that sometimes I could just burst out in tears because my heart is slopping over and that is when I usually write some poetry or ...tell you about a nice happening.

So this is the exact time right now to tell you how I enjoyed last night.

We came home rather late from work and the first thing I did was changing my clothes – from suit (I hate those ties) into a very comfortable blue jeans and a grayish shirt (without tie for sure). Gregory way led him right into the kitchen for percolating some coffee.

„Junkie“ I yelled into the kitchen.
And a prompt answer followed „You don’t want to have any coffee then, or?“
„Sure I would love to have a cup of coffee. I am damn tired now and I could really do with a coffee“, I said and went into the kitchen on bare feet.

Yes, bare feet – I seldom wear shoes at home. Leaning in the doorframe I watched Gregory counting the coffee spoons and then turning to me with a smile and a blinking in his beautiful blue eyes.

Imagine me sighing now, please. A deep one!

Okay ...

So I stood there and he looked at me, raised an eyebrow and said; „You know that I like that grey shirt, buttercup.“
„Oh, buttercup. Long time ago you called me that.“ I answered and smiled.
„Mhmmm...“ he replied and approached me. „And, believe it or not, I will call you even more when we finished that coffee.“

I gulped and blinked twice before I answered with a slightly hoarse voice. „So ... I am really looking forward to it then.“
He tapped on my left shoulder with his index finger and grinned devilishly „You do good though. You really do good!“
„Why not now?“ I asked him and pulled him closer at his belt.
Greg pushed me back a bit and winked at me. „Just because I want to change my clothes as well, you little horny one.“
„Mhmmm..., you better hurry then.“

And Greg did change his clothes – but well he didn’t wear them for long.
So nothing with waiting until the coffee was finished – well not for that time.

Laying on the bed with the covers between our legs and looking into each other’s eyes, both with a coffee mug in the hands – we talked about this and that and I just couldn’t believe that this was really him.

He is always so completely different when we are alone – grumpiness is vanished and he is just a warm and tender person.
So much love in his heart – and he is willing to give it though.

And I am pleased that I am the one receiving it.

„What are you thinking of now, Jim?“ he asked me and looked me straight in the eyes.
„First that I must be dreaming, cause I am laying here with you on a bed and we just had sex.“
Gregory grinned, „But why dreaming? We are laying in here every – well, nearly every night and having sex as well ... a lot more often though.“
„I know, but, see it is still so unreal for me sometimes that I just have to touch you to find out that it is not a dream at all.“
With these words I ran with my index finger over his soft skin and he closed his eyes for a second.
„And second?“ he asked me silently and when he opened his eyes again – his pupils were widened, and my response was a racing heart and something else moving a bit.
„Second ...yes ... second, right.“ I answered and combed my hair with the fingers.
„Second is that I am feeling in heaven...“

„Well, I am God, you know it“ he said and grinned broadly.
I took away his mug and placed both on the nightstand.
„I am the devil then, you know it...“ I murmured and pushed him back into the linen.
„So devil ... will you just seduce me?“ Gregory answered and licked his lips a bit.
„Seduce you?“ I asked him and brushed over his naked chest with mine while parting his legs a bit.
„Hrrmm... ehmm..mhmmm“ he moaned and his lips were so inviting, so moistened that I just bent down and kissed him feverishly.

My hands caressed his sides and my lower part rubbed over his.
„GAWD, James“ he hissed and pulled me closer.
„No you got that wrong“ I moaned while he turned me on the back now.
„No, I think God is ruling of the Devil now. And as I am almighty you should just bite your tongue or use it else...’cause I will convert you now.“

With one hard move he made clear how he planned to convert me.
I used my tongue for screaming out loud and it was his name I screamed out.
Gregory just showed my the way to heaven and back and if angels can have sex, that would just be the way they would have liked it, I suppose.

Heaven is so close ... so close

Monday, April 02, 2007

Robert Burns

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I bought me a new book: collected poems - written by Robert Burns.

Do you know him? Like him?

Well, I do like him though!

Here is one of my favorites!


by: Robert Burns (1759-1796)

MY Luve's like a red, red rose,
That's newly sprung in June.
O, my Luve's like the melodie,
That's sweetly play'd in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonie lass,
So deep in luve am I,
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry.

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun!
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only luve,
And fare thee weel a while!
And I will come again, my luve,
Tho' it were ten thousand mile!