Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday JoJo

You know a significant sign that we are getting older and older is the fact that our little family members are getting older and you are still able to remember when they were so young that they hardly could speak out your name properly.

Today is such a day - my little cousin, Jojo is one year older. As she would probably kill me when I would tell you her age - I just keep my mouth shut.

She is a beauty and I can still remember her first time on stage ... in the Kindergarden - geez and today she takes drama lessons in school - heard that her drama teacher gives her the creeps from time to time.

She is good on stage though and well, probably it is the LA vicinity - but she as an actress would be very good I suppose.

So, dearest cousin - wishing you all the very best (again).

I know that I did wake you up this morning - sorry! Do you believe me that we just forgot the time zone? Hmmmm?

Enjoy the California sun, dear!



1 comment:

Jojo said...


You are so sweet!!

Thank you!!


Yes, my drama teacher DOES scare the crap out of me. LOL

Thank you so much, again!!