Wednesday, April 25, 2007


mood: relaxing

What kinds of relaxation methods do you know?

I mean - do you know any kind of relaxation method at all?

I am asking you that because I am currently relaxing a bit - I had a lot of stress lately and was very busy. I told you that I do have a tiny bit of nervous breakdown - well had - or better said recovering from it.

Everything was a bit too much in the last few months - ups and downs and ups and downs and some fears and doubts came back etc.

Gregory is my kind of relaxation method - most of the time - ... okay I have to admit that he can be the opposite as well (as you might already have guessed) - but most of the time he is such a wonderful partner - believe it or not!

Another relaxation method for me is listening to some special kind of music, reading some good poetry, watching a movie I do love and well ... going to the sauna, swimming, massage - and some Reiki.

I told you about that before - right? So I will just not mention it again ... if there is someone not knowing what Reiki is - right me an email or make a comment and I will inform you about it!

Yesterday evening was pure relaxation for me ... - let me just tell you about it!

We (Greg and I, of course) spent the evening home alone ... no Foreman, no Chase, no Cameron, no Danby - just NO WORK! (and - no mother calling - believe me that was disturbing)
That was so great and really really relaxing. We did both spend too much time at work in the last few weeks - and those rare moments having just us ... we had to "celebrate" a bit.

When we entered the apartment, Gregory turned around after he just did throw his backpack in the corner and asked me, if we should just order something for dinner tonight.
"Chinese or Italian, what do you prefer, James?"

Good question ...

"Well, I think that Chinese sounds pretty good for me, Greg! What about you? Some saté with peanut butter sauce?"
"Hrrrm... no as you mention it. Yeah, sounds perfect - but I thought about beef with Hoi Sin sauce - spicy a bit today."
With the last words he raised and eyebrow and grinned at me.

"Spicy? Huh?" I answered and opened my tie.
"Okay then but I like it smooth and relaxing ... ... for my stomach, you know." I replied as well and unbuttoned my shirt on the way into the bedroom.
"Okaaaaaaaay ... what about both?" Gregory asked from the living room and a smile appeared on my face when he just inserted some really special kind of music.

I was just stepping out of my trousers when I heard the bedroom door shut and I turned around - Greg was leaning against the door and looked at me.

"Go ahead" he whispered and pointed at me with his cane.
I decided to say nothing at all and just continued undressing - until I only stood there in my microfibre boxers.
"Dark green, hmmm... very nice, Jim. They are new, aren't they?"
"Mhmm... I bought them in Canada, remember?"

Gregory eyeballed me and then pointed with the cane at the bed...

"Relaxation starts now and here - lay down, Jim" he whispered silently.
"What ...?" I started to ask but was interrupted with an impatient wave ...
"Okay, okay ..." I sighed and laid down on the bed - face up.
"Turn around or do you want to have your chest kneaded?"
Now beaming at him I turned on my belly and stretched out - awaiting a relaxing massage ... and I should not have been disappointed!

The massage was so great I really couldn't avoid moaning and sighing out aloud - this of course resulted in another type of massage - that was even more relaxing for both of us.

About 1.5 hours later I turned on the back again and looked at Gregory, who was laying at my side with his eyes closed but with a smile upon his face.
"Your massage techniques are very very relaxing, dear" I whispered and he opened his eyes.

My heart just slopped over a bit and the next words came out more hoarsley then intended.
"I am hungry now ..."
Greg grinned devilishly and answered with a wink "Again? But I don't know if ..."
A nudge interrupted him and we both giggled.
"I meant that I am actually starving!"
"Mhmmmm... starving I am as well" Greg said and leaned over me, kissed me on the neck and whispered something into my ear that made me blush crimson.

"Gregory House!"
"What's up, James Evan Wilson?" he smirked.
"You ... you ... " I stammered and nudged him again.
"I what? Hm? Common don't tell me now ... " he eyeballed me again and grinned ... "I see you just ..." and with these words I found myself covered by his kisses and ...

Some time later we just called the delivery service and ordered our food ...

We dressed again - well, okay - just put on the boxers and a bath robe and made ourselves comfortable in the living room - with candle light, good music (some Jazz and Blues) - and later Greg played a bit on the piano.

It was a lovely and really relaxing evening ... very very relaxing ...

So this was just my relaxation story for you - today!