Wednesday, April 04, 2007


mood: fool in love

music: Oda of Joy

Heaven can be so close and we don’t know it or just don’t see it always. But heaven is around us; it is in our hearts and what we do.

You might ask yourself again – what is he up to now?

Let me just tell you that I am feeling like in heaven.

I am feeling like up on Cloud No. Seven and watching the angels passing by and singing an ode of joy.

Yes, your fools, I am a fool in love! I am up and high in the sky – just floating on the stream wrapped in my cloud no. 7.

Why? Just simply because I have him around. Just because I feel his touches by and then and just because I see his lovely figure every time around. I do love him so much that sometimes I could just burst out in tears because my heart is slopping over and that is when I usually write some poetry or ...tell you about a nice happening.

So this is the exact time right now to tell you how I enjoyed last night.

We came home rather late from work and the first thing I did was changing my clothes – from suit (I hate those ties) into a very comfortable blue jeans and a grayish shirt (without tie for sure). Gregory way led him right into the kitchen for percolating some coffee.

„Junkie“ I yelled into the kitchen.
And a prompt answer followed „You don’t want to have any coffee then, or?“
„Sure I would love to have a cup of coffee. I am damn tired now and I could really do with a coffee“, I said and went into the kitchen on bare feet.

Yes, bare feet – I seldom wear shoes at home. Leaning in the doorframe I watched Gregory counting the coffee spoons and then turning to me with a smile and a blinking in his beautiful blue eyes.

Imagine me sighing now, please. A deep one!

Okay ...

So I stood there and he looked at me, raised an eyebrow and said; „You know that I like that grey shirt, buttercup.“
„Oh, buttercup. Long time ago you called me that.“ I answered and smiled.
„Mhmmm...“ he replied and approached me. „And, believe it or not, I will call you even more when we finished that coffee.“

I gulped and blinked twice before I answered with a slightly hoarse voice. „So ... I am really looking forward to it then.“
He tapped on my left shoulder with his index finger and grinned devilishly „You do good though. You really do good!“
„Why not now?“ I asked him and pulled him closer at his belt.
Greg pushed me back a bit and winked at me. „Just because I want to change my clothes as well, you little horny one.“
„Mhmmm..., you better hurry then.“

And Greg did change his clothes – but well he didn’t wear them for long.
So nothing with waiting until the coffee was finished – well not for that time.

Laying on the bed with the covers between our legs and looking into each other’s eyes, both with a coffee mug in the hands – we talked about this and that and I just couldn’t believe that this was really him.

He is always so completely different when we are alone – grumpiness is vanished and he is just a warm and tender person.
So much love in his heart – and he is willing to give it though.

And I am pleased that I am the one receiving it.

„What are you thinking of now, Jim?“ he asked me and looked me straight in the eyes.
„First that I must be dreaming, cause I am laying here with you on a bed and we just had sex.“
Gregory grinned, „But why dreaming? We are laying in here every – well, nearly every night and having sex as well ... a lot more often though.“
„I know, but, see it is still so unreal for me sometimes that I just have to touch you to find out that it is not a dream at all.“
With these words I ran with my index finger over his soft skin and he closed his eyes for a second.
„And second?“ he asked me silently and when he opened his eyes again – his pupils were widened, and my response was a racing heart and something else moving a bit.
„Second ...yes ... second, right.“ I answered and combed my hair with the fingers.
„Second is that I am feeling in heaven...“

„Well, I am God, you know it“ he said and grinned broadly.
I took away his mug and placed both on the nightstand.
„I am the devil then, you know it...“ I murmured and pushed him back into the linen.
„So devil ... will you just seduce me?“ Gregory answered and licked his lips a bit.
„Seduce you?“ I asked him and brushed over his naked chest with mine while parting his legs a bit.
„Hrrmm... ehmm..mhmmm“ he moaned and his lips were so inviting, so moistened that I just bent down and kissed him feverishly.

My hands caressed his sides and my lower part rubbed over his.
„GAWD, James“ he hissed and pulled me closer.
„No you got that wrong“ I moaned while he turned me on the back now.
„No, I think God is ruling of the Devil now. And as I am almighty you should just bite your tongue or use it else...’cause I will convert you now.“

With one hard move he made clear how he planned to convert me.
I used my tongue for screaming out loud and it was his name I screamed out.
Gregory just showed my the way to heaven and back and if angels can have sex, that would just be the way they would have liked it, I suppose.

Heaven is so close ... so close

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