Friday, April 13, 2007

Burn out syndrome and hallucination?!

mood: exhausted

music: nothing at all

weather: sunny and spring time is coming and my allergy as well

Well, I think I just have to state why I am not writing in my blog at the moment. Simple answer - I am very busy and a bit exhausted as well.

Greg is knowing that I am not in the mood to write all down what happened lately and I am sure he will just take my part and inform you about all what happened while we were in Canada over the Easter holidays.

So many funny things - really - just to mention one thing.

We found a girl standing at the shore of a lake and her dark brown hair was loose on her shoulders - she smiled at me and Greg didnt really recognize how her blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight. But weird thing is that I had the imagination that she wasn't really there...because when I approached her to ask why the heck she is standing there in a pink Snoopy yammies and nothing on her feet although it was colder than now ... well she just vanished in mid air.

Isn't that weird? I mean - HELLOOOOOO?!

Okay I should just tell you that we (Greg and me) had several glasses of Oban and we had some nice type of ...ehm... pain reliever as well. Gregory just found it (what a surprise) in my office before we left to Canada.

He gave it to me here and we decided - Why not!

So it might just have been a halucination - and I am sure that is why I am feeling so tired as well. So exhausted and close to a burn out syndrome if I don't stop acting like a fool now and just let my blog in peace for a while.

So, dear readers from everywhere - don't be surprised when I will not write for a while ... I will be happy for any comments and even mails ...and perhaps will be on MSN from time to time as well.

See you around and stay tuned!


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Dr. Gregory House said...

Oh yes...I will take your part and tell nearly everyting, honeybunny.

Love you!