Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hit the ground

This is one of my favourite songs at the moment and I dedicate it to those having their birthday today as well.

Just close your eyes and listen to the beautiful voice of Lizz Wright!

See your eyes in mine ... leave the rest behind!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A few days off

mood: pleased and curious

music: Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

The header says it all - I am having a few days off! YES! GREAT!

Well, not only I will have a few days off - Gregory will as well.

He just came in, looked at me, grinned and said: "You better go home with me soon and pack your bag. We will be having a few days off and as I remember it well, someone's birthday is tomorrow. I will pick you up in about 15 minutes!"

And with these words he closed the door again.

Gawking I was ... a few days off! This is very nice...

Birthday ... right!
My birthday tomorrow - 38!

Not really a date to celebrate and I was prepared to work though. But - hey - that is a nice surprise for me!

Having a few days off and driving away with Gregory!

I am on tenterhooks now and very very very curious!

Surprises are nice - but when I am told there will be a surprise ... oh this is making me so curious then. Do you know that feeling?!

So I will say bye bye for a few days, as I don't know if I will be able to go into the internet.

For all the others having birthday on the 28th February - ENJOY IT!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sexy as hell...

Look at that picture - I made it today. Yes, although he is smoking, he looks like pure sex here. I did make it while we were out.

We did spend the evening in a cosy Spanish restaurant and had some tapas and red wine.

Image Hosted by

Morning hours...

mood: tired and stunned

music: Feet of Flames

Morning hours can be wonderful, yes they can be really wonderful when you wake up in the arms of your beloved one or when the sun is tickling your nose and warming your body.

My Sunday morning started different though. Yes it started with the BEEP BEEP sound of my beeper. My head was still in the clouds and my mind was in a very pleasant dream I had - so it did cost me a few moments to realize what ugly and disgusting sound interrupted the sonor voice of Gregory singing in the bath tube, while I was watching him from the other side of the tube though. Oh what a lovely and wet dream ...

Until, yes, until that very moment - Gregory's voice became a signal. BEEP BEEP ... I moaned and turned towards the nightstand. My eyes still closed I searched for the sound making evil doer.
I rubbed my eyes and stared on the display of my pager: Medical emergency. Come here immediately. Cab is already waiting!

"Oh noooooo!" I said and straightened up.
"Hmmmm?", Greg mumbled.
"I have to go..." I moaned and looked at him.
"Mnm...your beeper?" he said with a sleepy voice - he can be so very cute in the morning.
"Yes." I answered and rushed out of bed.
Gregory turned to the side and looked at me, while I was searching my socks.
"Oh noooo...hunny....This is awful! Isn't it enough we have to work all the weekend?" he said grumpily.

I just grabbed my clothes when I heard the cab horn.
"Damn! I have to go there in my yammies!", I cursed, went into the hall, slipped into my sports shoes and grabbed my coat.

What kind of emergency should that be, I asked myself while sitting in the cab and ignoring the glances of the cab driver.
Fuck, I had to wear that Snoopy yammies just that night! A giggle from the driver made me raise an eyebrow and giving him a stern look.

"It was a present!" I muttered with gritted teeth and was so glad that I didn't buy the other yammies I had in my hands. The ones with the dancing sperms on it ...

A few moments later we arrived at the hospital. I paid the driver and rushed into the lobby.
The looks I earned were undescribable.
The nurses having duty were Beverly and Shandra. Don't ask me now wherefrom I know the names - I just do know them.
They both looked at me with popped open eyes and slightly opened mouths.

I remember rubbing my neck while approaching them.
"So, where is the emergency Cuddy called me for?" I moaned and looked around.

Just some patients were in the entrance hall and a few emergency doctors walking around with tired faces.
Shandra looked at me and then at Beverly - and back again.
"Ehm, Dr. Wilson ... ehm, are you sure Dr. Cuddy called you?"
"Of course I am sure? Would I come to the hospital at 4 o'clock in the morning in that yammies, if I wouldn't be sure?" I muttered and pointed at my yammies.
The two girls giggled and blushed slightly at the sight of Snoopy and the hearts (not to mention the COLOR).

"Let me check, Dr. Wilson" Beverly said with a soft voice and flipped through the files.
I thumped the desk with my fingers and waited ... ... ...
A few seconds later Beverly looked back at me "Sorry, Dr. Wilson but no emergency for you here. Someone must have fooled you" she said and both errupted in laughter.

I nodded and I am sure that I blushed crimson when I turned and made my way to my office.
GREGORY - I thought and opened the office door.

First thing I did was grabbing the phone and dialing the number.
Ring...ring ...ring ...
"Pick up" I hissed and paced the room.
"House" a tired voice mumbled into the phone.

Silence greeted me ... and remained there for a second or five.
"I could be deaf now, you know that?" Gregory muttered back and waited.
"Deaf? Fine, FINE! Do you know..."
"Aw, shut up and move your ass back home! We have to talk and bring rolls on your way back, I am hungry!" he growled and hang up.

I stared at the phone and hang up slowly.
"What the heck is going on, now?" I asked myself aloud.
Still pacing through the room I thought about things I could have probably done ...but really nothing came into my mind. Nothing!
So I just grabbed my "a patient vomited on me" rescue bag out of the cupboard and changed my clothes from yammies to a jeans and a jumper.

A taxi brought me back to our street and I just bought some rolls and croissants at the French bakery around the corner. The paper bag in my hands I opened the door.
"Hun'?" I asked and removed my shoes.
"In the kitchen" Gregory said and I followed his voice.

There he sat, completely dressed and staring into the tea mug.
"What's up, Greg?" I asked and placed the bag on the table.
He looked up into my eyes and said "Well, that's what I want to know as well, James!"
I frowned, removed my coat and hung it over a kitchen chair.

"Do I have to know what you are talking about? Or will ya speak in miracles?" I answered and gave him a questioning look.
"Miracles?" he growled and looked blank.
I rested my hands on the table and starred into his eyes.
"Well, you made me go to the hospital just in PINK yammies, then I call you - you bark at me and recite me back home. So please, go ahead and tell me what the heck is going on here! Is this just part of your revenge, or what?"

"Or what? Miracles? You ..." he said, pointed at me and stood up.
I followed his movements with my eyes.
He grabbed a coat of mine laying on another chair and threw it into my arms.
"You explain me that odor and the long brownish hairs on it - not to forget THAT!" with these words he threw a card with roses upon on the table.

I really must have looked slightly puzzled when I stared at the coat.
"What NOW? Lost for words?" he barked at me.
I sniffed at the coat and a sweet scent filled my nostrils.
"I ... I ... I..."
"You - what?"
"Heck, Greg! I don't know what you are talking about!" I answered and threw the coat on the table. ... Klonk!
At that sound we both looked down and starred on the key laying on the table. Before I could take it, Greg did grab it and examined it.

"This is ... ..." he started and then passed me, went out on the balcony and lit a cigarette.
I followed him with a pumping heart - What the heck was going on here, I asked myself all the time.

Greg was standing there and smoking one of my "hidden" cigarettes.
I leaned in the door frame, staring at the key on the balcony ballustrade. It was the key of our little cottage in Point Pleasant.
"Gregory" I whispered and was stopped with a gesture and an icy look.
"I just ask you for one thing, Jim. No lies!" he said coldly.
Sighing and rubbing my neck I looked deep into his eyes.

"Fine then, no lies" I said and nodded.
Greg nodded back, swallowed and leaned against the ballustrade.
"The scent is a perfume you know as well. It is "LouLou" and it is the favorite perfume of my sister. She did spend a few days in our apartment when we were in LA though." I said and looked upon my feet.
"She must have borrowed my coat and.." I sighed "the card I did buy before I had to fly to LA. I wanted to hand it to you together with a bunch of red roses on the 21st though."

"What about the key?" Gregory asked silently.
I looked up and straight into his eyes.
"I don't know what's with the key and why it was in there. It might be that it was still in there from our last visit there." I answered and shrugged.

Greg threw away the cigarette and gave me a questioning look.
"Why the heck, did she stay here? Was Butthead here as well?" he gestured into the apartment.
"She did stay here, 'cause she did spend a few days here with Mom. They wanted to go shopping to New York though ...and..."
"Ruth did stay here as well?!" he asked slightly shocked.
"Ehm...yes, sorry darling, I just had other things in my mind then telling you that" I apologized and smiled at him.

A hint of a smile was given back now and he nodded.
"Well, I really wondered if I did clean the flat before flying down to LA and if I just did forget it though. So...ehm..." he said and looked at me shyly.
"I ... I just did act foolish again, right?" he asked and frowned a bit.
"Slightly" I smiled and approached him.

Greg drew me closer and looked deep into my eyes.
"May I apologize for it?" he murmured and let his hands slip under my jumper.
"That must be a very good apology, Gregory" I whispered back and let him kiss me deeply.

The rest of the morning - is a part of how good your imagination is working!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Pink ...

mood: still funny

music: Black Lab - This Night

What did Foreman say when he came into my office this afternoon?!

Ah well ...

"Wilson" he said when entering my office "Wilson ... you ..." he started and errupted in laughter.
I frowned and looked up. "Yes, Foreman? I ...what?"

"You did really buy those ... those ..." he said and giggled madly.
"Hmmm?" I asked and watched him carefully. "Did you sniff some weird stuff or so?" I asked and now it was me grinning.

Foreman shook his head and snorted a bit then he took a deep breath in and answered "Of course I didn't take anything, I was talking about the yammies you bought for House and of course the other things as well."

Believe me I really did blush now. It is still a bit weird that someone is reading my blog as well.
I rubbed my neck and gave Foreman a shy glance.
"Ehm... yes I did" I said and nodded.

"Well ... pink is the new orange, Dr. Wilson" he snickered, turned and left the room again.

Pink is the new orange ... funny ...haha.

Okay I have to admit that it was fun buying those clothes - I just couldn't resist. Let me tell you I did buy some really nice looking pajamas as well.

Damn nice ones though...

Nonetheless, Gregory was pissed off a bit and when we went to the mall for shopping after work he excused himself for a while and walked towards the shops.

I just shrugged and did buy the food and the other household stuff ...
"Meeting in the car" was the text message I got on my cell half an hour later.
"Still pissed off" I thought, finished the shoppings and went back to the car.

Gregory was sitting in there and smiling at me when I opened the door.
I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "Okay what have you done, Mr. I-Dunno-Nothing?!" I asked him when I entered.

"I? What? I didn't do nothing at all" he said and looked like a puppy dog.
"Sure you did. I know that smile!" I snorted and started the engine.
Greg refused to tell me and just looked out of the window. I could see in the reflection that he was still grinning.

Scaaaary ... yes ... I was sooooo right!

When we came home I noticed the plastic bag he was carrying underneath his leather jacket.
I decided to say nothing at all and just brought the shoppings in.
Greg immediately went into the bedroom and some minutes later he came out wearing his new Superman yammies and the Homer slippers.

I looked at him whistling through my teeth.
"Greg, you look HOT" I said and waggled my eyebrows.
Before I could say anything else I was covered in a pink cotton cloud ...
"Hey!" I said and looked at it ... the pink Snoopy yammies.

"What?" I asked and looked at Gregory.
"We will make a pink parade now. You will wear those! Snoopy is for you!" he moaned.
I swallowed and nodded.
"Pink parade, huh?" I stated and shrugged. "Fine, do you want me to undress now?"

Gregory pointed at the bedroom door.
"For sure you will wear it NOW!"
"Okay, okay" I said and did go into the bedroom.

"By the way, you will wear the slippers I placed in front of your bed side!" he said.
"Slippers?" I asked and became curious.

"GREG!" I said after I saw the slippers ...
"You don't have to shout" he said and leaned in the door frame.
The so-called person pointed at me with his cane "You will wear them - now!" he said.

"Oh, c'mon hun'" I said and gave him a puppy dog look.
He narrowed his eyes "NOW! and you will put a pic of them on your blog as well!"
I sighed, put on the yammies and well... I am wearing them.

Here they are:

Free Image Hosting at
Now you can laugh!

Cruelty ...

mood: funny

music: Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

Gregory called me cruel. I am not cruel at all - I just couldn't resist buying him the new pajamas. Pink they are - and he will look sooooo cute in it.


No, I really mean it and I know he will be blushing crimson when he sees the boxers I bought as well.

His new slippers (the others looked shabby):

Image Hosted by

His new boxers:
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by

I know that Greg will hate me for that ... but I just couldn't resist!

Sorry my dear!

Nessun Dorma

One of the best music pieces ever been written.

It always brings tears into my eyes and makes my heart slip over.

Nessun Dorma it was as well, I listen to yesterday evening. We are back in Plainsboro by the way and it is good to be at home again. Although the weather in California is slightly better than here.

We had some pleasant moments at the beach and in the sand though. Of course we do have "beach moments" here as well from time to time - but well, the sand is different there.

Sand and beach reminds me of Point Pleasant - we both hope that we will be able to got there again pretty soon. This weekend though seems to be rotten - duty all through the weekend!

You can imagine that Gregory is "slightly" upset about that fact.

I won't repeat what he said about that matter when he first heard it. That would be ... not very nice though.

Nice was the evening at home - more than nice to be in the own bed again.

I'll probably tell about the fly back home later.

Sorry but I have to leave now - clinic duty for me!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oooooooooooooooooooh Foreman

mood: amused

music: Hit the ground - Lizz Wright

Do you know what that is?

Free Image Hosting at

Did you recognize it? Yes? It is a Fuuuuuuurby! Yes, right you are.

A Furby can communicate - a Furby can be tought simple sentences...

So why do I state a Furby here? What has it to do with Foreman?

As you might remember Foreman is in LA as well and I am sure that Greg told you, he (Foreman) has to lecture on Monday.

You know us by now ... Gregory had a devilish plan for Foreman's lecture. He did buy a Furby in Princeton the night before they flew to LA. Well, Foreman must have sniffed it - so he let Greg promise not to do anything cruel, not to play pranks with him ...

Gregory was in a good mood that very evening (if you read my last entries carefully, you know why) and so he did promise not to do anything wrong.

When Foreman said goodbye and went back to the hotel I leaned back and grinned at Gregory.
"So, do you think I am included as well?"
Greg looked at me and smirked. "I don't think so" he replied and we both snickered.
"You are sooooooo evil sometimes, James" Greg laughed and looked at me "I love you for that."

I winked at him and we made our plans for the lecture.

Monday morning passed by and I sneaked out to go to the congress Greg and Foreman were attending.

Gregory was waiting for me in the entrance hall and we went in. Furby was in my backpack and so the whistle I bought this morning. Unfortunately they had no rattle in the shop.

We took seat and watched Foreman sitting in the first row - pretty nervous though. He looked cool but if you know someone you see the little signs on their faces and in their behavior.

When Foreman was announced and went in front of the room I put "Furby Chase" out of the bag.
Foreman started his lecture and he was good, it was interesting - but - well, something was missing ...

So when he made a short break, I yelled the first:

"Yoooooooooo maaaaaaaaaaaan! Go ahead! Wooohooooo!" and blew the whistle several times.
Some persons turned around - but by then I just sat there with a blank expression on my face and Greg and I looked around searchingly as well.

Foreman frowned and looked into Greg's face. He didn't notice that it was my voice though ... what a pity. Hehe!

So he continued and when he felt save again, I blew the whistle anew and threw the Furby in front - not without activating the voice. The furby turned and spinned in the air and moaned "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Foreman".

It landed in front of Foreman with a thump and an "u-nye-noh-lah".
Several people were laughing and applauding now. Foreman looked blank and from the color change on his face - well he blushed.

Not enough I shouted "Haaaang loose, man! You RULE!"
A female voice was heard then "I wanna have a babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy from you!" and this was followed by a bra!!!

YES a bra - we didn't arrange that! Be sure! It was a white bra though! We all looked around but couldn't see anyone.

Some other participants yelled a "Woooohoooo" and I blew the whistle anew.
Poor Foreman ...especially because the Furby said with a deep voice "SO, Foreman! Go and get me some coffee!"

He did take it good though. Foreman just ignored the Furby and continued with his lecture.

Ooooh that was so hilarious! I sneaked out before the lecture was over.
Greg looked at me when I stood up.
"Moment young man, where do you think you are going now?"
I grinned at him "Back to my own seminar"
"He grabbed my jacket "No way you will leave me alone with him now!"

A smile appeared on my face and I patted Gregory's shoulder.
"For sure I will! See you later, love!" and off I was.

Sure I had to apologize later - but this was just so funny.
Foreman did take it very good though - I wonder, if he has a revenge in his mind already.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Lumperjack song

Some time during a boring lecture - enjoy and laugh your ass off!

That night at the beach...

mood: busy but still grinning

music: Black Lab - This night

After we said goodbye to Foreman, Gregory and I decided to have a stroll down to the beach.

We sat down in the sand and Greg came nearer. I leaned against him and let my hands slip under his jumper.
I drowned in his eyes and started to caress his chest.

" Mmmmmmmh...God know where this leads to?" Gregory asked and licked his lips.
"I hope that it will lead to that" I murmured and brushed over his nipples a bit.
Greg sighed silently and unbuttoned my shirt. He started to kiss every incho of skin he could get.

A sigh slipped out of my mouth.
"Let's hope no one will come, don't want to end up in jail though" I murmured and squirmed underneath his hot kisses on my naked skin.
"It's early morning" he moaned. "Let's hope YOU will come" he whispered into my ear then.

I started to pant when he carressed my nipples with the tip of his tongue.
"God, Gregory, you look so beautiful in the silverish light of the moon" I whispered and I couldn't turn my eyes from him.
"You do ..." he sighed back, bent over me and sucked at my nipples.

I arched my back and scratched over his sides.
Gregory removed my shirt and licked my sides.
"Oh, babes ...." I sighed and bit my lower lip.

Greg grinned at me, fumbled at my belt and unbuckled it.
He did undress me pretty fast and removed his own jumper as well.
When Greg's bare chest brushed over mine I couldn't do anything else than shiver at that touch.

I starred at Greg and felt my heart beat accelerating when he slowly opened his jeans.
Gregory kept my look and undressed totally now.
My body seemed to have his own will and I started to touch myself, still looking into the amazingly blue eyes.
A smile enlightened Gregory's face, his lips slightly parted when he looked at me and then his own hands started to touch his own flesh.

I lay there in the sand underneath him and couldn't do anything else then gasp. You really can't imagine how he looked like.
He stopped touching himself and bent down to me.
"How do you want me?" he asked me with a deep voice.
"Do whatever you want. I am totally yours" I moaned.
Gregory lifted up my hips a bit, looked me deep in the eyes; "Sure?" he asked while teasing me with his touches.

"Yes" I sighed when he grabbed my hips.

My fingers delved into the sand and my mind was lifted into the dark velvet sky then.

The air around us must have flimmered ... I really did ask myself if we will lay on glass afterwards or still on sand.

Penetrating, teasing, thrusting, panting, sighing ... this and much more we did.

We totally got lost in passion when the movements became faster, harder and deeper.
I screamed out his name when he brought me the release I needed so badly.

"There's no such beauty as yours" Gregory whispered, bent down and kissed me tenderly.
My arms embraced him and I snuggled at his chest.

We lay there for a few moments, just holding each other very close.

"I think we should go now" I murmured a bit.
"We better do so, before you fall asleep, Jimmy." Greg whispered and fondled my hair.
I looked at him and grinned. "You know me, do you, hm?"
Greg smiled and nodded "Bet your little ass off I do that."

We both giggled and stood up then. Soon we were dressed again and made our way back to the hotel room.

Thanks goodness that no one saw us there.

Going to the loo

mood: woohooo

music: Annie Lennox - Why

"Excuse me, please" I said and stood up. Greg and Foreman who were sitting at the restaurant table as well, looked at me. A smile appeared on my face when I looked into the shining blue eyes of Greg.

Gregory raised one eyebrow and started to smile when I turned around. I walked through the restaurant room with slightly swinging hips as I knew that he was watching me.

Reggae music sounded through the beach restaurant and as I remembered our little reggae episode I did pick up the alluring sound.
I entered the restrooms and leaned against the sink. When the door opened and Greg came in I just starred into the mirror.
Greg closed the door behind him and without a word he went behind me and layed the hands upon my shoulders.

Blue eyes met my brown ones in the mirror when his hands slipped under my jumper.

Slowly he started to carress my chest and moved closer. My eyes widened and I started to pant slightly when Greg kissed my neck tenderly. His lips wandered up my neck and he gently sucked my earlobe. A sigh slipped out of my mouth and my knees became all jelly.

Gregory lost his control, bit my neck, opened my trousers and pulled them down.

"You better get grib to something" he moaned when he pulled his own trousers down and then gribbed my hips. I was only able to nod and did bend slightly forward, still holding Greg's look through the mirror. Hooooo boooooy - he really makes me going totally nuts!

Without a warning Greg did make our bodies became one. We both moaned out aloud and I felt heat rushing through my veins. Blood pressure increased, pupils widened and breath accelarted when he began to move ...

Teeth delved into weak flesh, skin cracked and was sucked while we both moved to the silent music in our heads.

Greg's hand found its way to my ...ehm... dominant body part at that time and he did careess it very feverishly.

We were raised high into the air of passion and lust... panting ...sighing .. crying out loud - no other sounds could be heard. Skin was scratched by fingernails, head was thrown back and soft flesh was sucked again and again.

Our eyes met when the movements became feverishly, hard, deep full of longing and the need for release. A shiver ran through my body when the desired release came and lifted me up high into the red clouded air.

After a while I slowly came back down again, still breathing hard and still feeling my heart pumping with a badabumm sound.

"I love you" I murmured when Greg held me close and tenderly.

Poetry: My gift

Thy blue eyes sparkle in the light of the candle by my side.

Thy smile warms my heart in the cold cold night of life.

Your laughter enlightens my soul and darkness is washed away.

Your smile makes my eyes shining oh so bright in the dim day light.

Therefore and for much much more you are burried deep in my soul,
you make me believe, you make me whole!

You are my angel, you are my saviour, you are my light -
shining so bright in the dark of the night!

If I am allowed I'll keep you inside for the rest of my life.

This is my gift, my present to thee ...this and so much more -
only you will ever see.
Short poem ... well - perhaps you like it.

Shakespeare's sister - Stay with me ...

Just some good song for you to relax and dream away.

We heard it in a beach restaurant - it was a very very interesting and pleasant evening. Damn good music though - really good one!

Will tell about it later!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A warm welcome

mood: happy

music: Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies (CD)

Aw I just see that you don't know yet that Gregory is here as well. Well, he is here! YES!

As I already told you - there is a congress for diagnosticians as well. I talked with Gregory about this event and what to say - he had just thrown the invitation (including a flight to LA) away. So typically him ... lucky he didn't torn it into pieces.

Funny thing is that Foreman is here as well - he has to lecture on Monday (poor guy).
So Gregory and Foreman just came to LA yesterday in the early evening hours. I had to participate in the seminar until 6 pm so I wasn't able to pick Gregory up at the airport.

I got a short message on my cell at about 6:20 pm.
"Just arrived! We have to wait for Foreman's bag. Bollocks!"
A grin appeared on my face when I read it - 6:20 though. Waiting for the bag and then a taxi ... so they probably would be here in about an hour.

Gregory would be starving by then, I thought and so made my way to one of the restaurants here to book a table for three for 8:15 pm.

Enough time left for preparing a few things ...

An hour later I got another message.
"You! Down to the lobby - we are soon there!"
Perfect timing, I thought and went down to the lobby.

The lobby was crowded with some celeb fans - there is some celebrity staying here in the hotel as well. Dunno who though - and it is not of interest.
I looked around but couldn't see Gregory so far.

Then I heard some swearing and a "HEY watch out... Oh I am ...sorry."
I smiled an turned towards that voice and there he was. GOD - he was so good looking although I could see that he was slightly annoyed - and he did search for me.
As if he would have sensed my glance his eyes found mine and the grumpy look was replaced by a warm smile.

We approached each other and then there he was again. His scent filled my nostrils, reached my soul and my heart slopt over.
"Hey" I whispered.
"Hey" he whispered back and looked unsure.
"Oh ..." I said and grabbed his collar to pull him closer "Come here, babes" I whispered so that only he could hear it.
He grabbed my neck and gave me a very passionate kiss. Hoooooooooooo booy!

After we parted, we both breathed harder and his look told me that we better be going up to the room soon.
We both smiled and I heard someone coughing slightly.
"Hey Foreman" I said and turned around.
Foreman was standing there and looking a bit sad though (missing Chase for sure!).
"Hello Dr. Wilson!" he greeted me and we both shook hands.

"Fine, enough of that polite stuff. I need a shower pretty soon and I am actually starving!" Gregory muttered.
"Good then. Check-in and we will go up and both of you can refresh then. Dinner at 8:15 pm though - booked a table in the Lobby Bistro and Lounge here."
Greg grinned "You are my man!"
I patted his shoulder and grinned back "Yes, I am".

So they did check-in (well Gregory just had to give his name as he shares the room with me though. Kingsize beds are great!) and we went up to our floor.

As soon as we had entered our room and the door was shut behind us, I found myself pushed against the wall, heard the "thop" sound of the bag landing on the floor and then I did forget everything for a short while.

"Bunnybum" Greg moaned while he removed my shirt in a hurry. We soon were undressed and touched our bodies like two persons drowning and clinging to each other.
"Greg" I sighed and felt a shiver running down my spine.
"Hrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm" he replied and brushed with his thump over my chest.
My knees went to jelly and before I wasn't able to say anything else then "Gawd" I whispered into his ear "Let's go into the bath room!".

Gregory nodded and so we did.
He stood in the door and was gawking.
"Did you ... did you...." he stammered and pointed into the room.

The room was lit by candle light. Two glasses of single malt were already waiting there and the bath tube was filled with water (still very warm though).
"Thought you might want to have some water on your body" I murmured and embraced him from behind.

I heard Gregory sighing when my chest brushed against his back ... and yes, we did have a bath. A very very very pleasant and relaxing bath though.

What a wonderful welcome!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Short note

mood: bored

listening to: a boring lecture

Currently sitting in a boring lecture and using the palm I took with me.

My block is full with comments on the persons attending the seminar. Perhaps you might recall that I do this when I am absolutely bored.

I already did hold the lecture in the morning - so I am just sitting here ... listening and thinking. The lecture was prepared by Alan Murdock though - I say Alan to make sure, that I mean the Dr. Murdock working at the PPTH and not that California guy we met in Baltimore (do you rememeber?).
So there was nothing really to do for me. I just read it through several times the evening before and changed some parts of it. The topic was: Psychosocial Issues in Patients with Breast Cancer: Body Image, Fertility and Sexuality

It was okay though - no cheering, no teddy bears, no dessous (thanks God for that!).

Now let me tell you why I am on tenterhooks ...

We found out yesterday - by a coincidence (are there any?) - that there is a diagnostician congress in LA as well at the moment. How we did find out?

I was sitting on the bed, cross-legged, and chatting with Gregory and Foreman when I heard a knock at the door. The look on the alarm clock showed me that it was already 10 pm, so I frowned and ignored the knock at first. Second and third knock accompanied by a "Dr. Wiiiilsoooon?" made me sigh and rise.

I opened the door and stared at ... Dr. Bench (you remember the blond woman from Baltimore? - right).

"Dr. Wilsoooooon! Oh I knew it was you. Sorry for disturbing you ... " she looked up and down my appearance (thanks God I still had my jeans and a jumper on) "I knew it - so I asked for your room number at the reception. I wonder if you are here for the oncologist seminar?!" (did she breathe?)

I did wait for a second to see if she really did finish her monologue.
"Dr. Bench, nice to see you again" I answered.
"Nice to see you, Dr. Wilson!" she shot back "So?"
"So? Oh, yes I am here for that very seminar." I nodded and frowned then.
"You are no oncologist though, are you attending as well?" I asked her and she did shake her head.
"No, no. There is a congress for diagnosticians as well in LA. Didn't you know that?"
"Nooo, I didn't know that." I answered and rubbed my neck.

"Oh" she said and then smiled at me. "So you are alone here?" she asked and tried to look behind me.
"Do you want to come with me down to the bar? That is actually the reason why I did knock" she then said with a warm smile upon her face.
I sighed inside and did then shake my head "Thank you very much, that is very kind of you. But see, I was about to go to bed as I have to stand up early in the morning and I still have to work on my lecture."
"Oh" she said again "Well, perhaps tomorrow then!"
I shrugged "Perhaps..."

We said good night and I closed the door behind her. My way lead me immediately to the phone and I called Greg.

Sorry - I have to stop writing for now. Lunch break!

California here I come

mood: bored and tired

music: The Kooks - California

So I am here in California right now, Santa Monica to be exactly.

I am staying here: Sheraton Delfina Santa Monica Hotel, 530 West Pico Boulevard

The flight from Newark to LA took me about 7h 40 minutes with 1 stop. Geez, for that time I could have took a flight to Europe, that is for sure.

So I arrived here in the early evening and a typical smog dome hang over the city. I took a taxi to the hotel and checked in. The hotel room is nice, the bed is big, empty and cold. No Gregory in there ... no Gregory around.

I stood at the window, looked out and a deep sigh emerged from my lips.
"What to do now, James?" I asked myself. Withouth even really noticing I combed my hairs with my fingers and gnawed on my lower lip.

Santa Monica ... I could go to the beach though and have a stroll or I could go to a nice bar and have a drink or two.
Drink ... drink ... wasn't there something special in Santa Monica?! My mind raced and finally a broad smile appeared on my face.
"Black Sheep" I muttered, turned around, grabbed my things and off I was. The taxi brought me to the Black Sheep shop where we already did order some before.

I made a new order for us - which will be sent to NJ next week: Black Sheep, Golden Sheep, Holy Grail and Hobgoblin.

I know that there is good American beer as well -but believe me this is totally different beer. I love ale and stout!

Okay before I start worshipping ale and stout I should continue.

I bought some bottles of Black Sheep and a bottle of Aberlour, single malt as well and then made my way back to the hotel.

I switched on my labtop after a while and I thank god for MSN! It is so good having Gregory around there as well now. So easy to contact a person that is far away when you have internet ...
The evening passed by with beer at my hand and with a funny conversation - Foreman was around as well and what do I say, I will see Gregory pretty soon again.

But perhaps he should tell you that. I have to go now - breakfast and then off to the seminar.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Crap surprise!

mood: crappy

music: Tool - Pushit

Before you can ask ... what the surprise is - read it! One thing to mention first - I am not in Plainsboro anymore.

But read what happened!

"FUCK!" I shouted this morning out when I hang up the phone.
Gregory peeked out of the bathroom "Again? C'mon this is impossible!" he said but did approach me.

I rubbed my neck and pointed angrily at the phone.
"This was Cuddy! She said that I have to participate in an Oncologist seminar as a lector."
Greg raised an eyebrow "Well, that is not nice but no need to be pissed off now, you don't have to do it today though" he said and grinned.
I looked blank and just snorted.
His pupils widened and he said "You don't have to hold it today, do you?"
I shook my head "No, not today" I muttered and before he could say something else I continued "But tomorrow!"

Gregory limped closer "Tomorrow? But there is no Oncologist seminar in Plainsboro tomorrow."
"Right there is none in Plainsboro!" I mumbled.
"Oh ... oh....wait...wait!" he said and gestured at me. "You don't want to tell me that you have to leave the town, right?!"
"Actually ..." I began.
"NOOOOOOOOO! No WAY!" Greg yelled.

"C'mon, Greg, it is not my fault!" I said when his eyes turned greyish.
He stomped the cane on the ground "Of course it is not your fault, Jimmy! HECK!"
I shrugged and swore anew.
"So do tell me where you have to go? New York? Baltimore? Chicago?"
"Not really ..." I started silently and avoided his glance.

"Wilson!" he barked.
"House!" I barked back and looked him deep in the eyes.
"You will tell me immediately where this damn fucking seminar will take place!" Greg growled.
"Los Angeles ... fuck! I have to go to LA!" I answered visibly annoyed.
Greg opened and closed his mouth again. "LA? LA?!!" he whispered and looked me in the eyes. Suddenly he started to smirk and pointed at me "Aw, you are playing pranks with me now, right?"
I sighed turned and went to the bedroom.

"JAMES! You are playing pranks, right?" he shouted after me and I heard him following.
I pulled my traveling bag out of the cupboard and threw it on the bed with the words "Do I look like playing pranks?"
Gregory stood in the door frame "No, you look pissed off. FUCK! Why you? Why at short notice? Don't tell me ..."
"It was Murdock's lecture but Murdock called in sick and can't fly. So she did just say that I have to act as his substitute."

Gregory limped to the bed and sat down "She is ..." he started and looked on his shoes while I was throwing clothes into the bag. "Wait...for how long do you have to stay?" Greg asked and looked at the amount of clothes I did pack.
"Over the weekened" I muttered and searched for socks.
"Over the WEEKEND? But Monday you'll be coming back, right? RIGHT?"
I straightened up and sighed "Greg the seminar last until Wednesday. ..."
"Wednesday ..." he whispered and raised an eyebrow.
"Wednesday, right and it could be I have to stay until then. She was very unsure about it though.." I grawled again.

"I'll kill her... I'll do so ... slooooowly" Greg murmured.
I approached him and looked into his eyes "Oh, dear. You know I would love to stay here. For God's sake, I don't want to go!"
"Fine! Stay then!" Greg said and put out his lower lip "Pleeeeeeeeeeze".
This made me laugh for the first time since that call. "Greg... you are unbelievable! I can't stay."
He grabbed my hips and drew me closer "I could handcuff you to the bed though" Greg moaned.
I fondled his hair "Don't be silly. I have to go and I have to hurry. Flight is at 11.35 am!"
"What?! That early? May I accompany you?" he asked and looked up.

"Sure you can come with me" I said and smiled.
"Good!" Greg replied stood up and started to throw clothes on the bed.
I must have looked puzzled and stammered "What ...what ...?"
"I am coming with you to that seminar" Greg nodded.

"Wooohooo, wait wait! I thought you meant bringing me to the airport!"
Gregory stopped throwing clothes on the bed and gave me a side glance.
"You don't want to have me with you?"
I swallowed and shook my head, "No, no it is not that but you have to work."
Narrowing his eyes he smashed the cane on the bed. "Have to work, have to work ... I don't give a shit what I am supposed to do."

"Gregory ..." I started and was left alone in the room, as Greg went out.
A few seconds later I heard him yelling "CUDDY! Are you INSANE?" (I will not repeat the rest of the conversation - just take it that he was very upset)

I finished packing though and carried the bag into the hallway.
Gregory was still arguing with Cuddy and a look on the watch showed me that there was still time left, so I decided to percolate some coffee.
A few minutes later - Gregory was still arguing - I poured two cups of coffee and went into the living room with them.

He just finished his "little" conversation with Cuddy when I placed the cups on the table.
"Thank you, Jim" he said and sighed.
I looked at him and a sigh slipped out as well. "So?"

"I think you heard that I was not agreeing" he muttered and looked at me.
"Oh yesss, I heard it and probably the neighbors as well" I replied and grinned slightly.
"I don't ..."
"Give a shit ...I know" I finished the sentence and sipped some coffee.

"So" he sighed "we will have to leave soon."
I nodded "Half an hour left."
Greg took his cup and sipped as well "Okay, I'll bring you to the airport and then I will be working" and from the devilish grin appearing on his face I just can say - Poor Cuddy!


To be continued ...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's lunch

Let me tell you about our lunch time then. We did talk though.

At lunch time I went to Greg's office and saw that the blend were closed so I knocked at his door "Greg?"
No reply. I knocked again tried to look through the blends "Gregory?" - Nothing ... so I entered the room and saw that he was not there. "Fine, where the heck is he?!" I muttered and turned around. "Perhaps he is in the laboratory" I thought and made my way to it.

Chase was standing in the lab and doing some testings.
"Hello Chase, did you see House?"
"House? No, I think he did want to go to lunch" he said and frowned.
"Aw, okay. Thank you." I nodded, turned again and walked back towards my office.

Suddenly my pager went off and I looked at it.
Looking for you. Am at entrance hall.
"Oh ... oh" I murmured and turned towards the entrance hall.

Greg was sitting there looking down on his shoes and apparently thinking. He raised his head when I came closer and stood up.
"Hey" he said.
I rubbed my neck and answered with the same shy "Hey..."

He glanced at me with a slightly blear look "Um...would you want to spend the lunchbreak at the Italian restaurant?"
"Going outside sounds good. So let's go then", I nodded and gave him a shy side glance.

Greg walked on beside me and slightly brushed my hand. My stomach twitched when I felt his hand brushing over mine.
"It's raining...Shall I go back and take your umbrella?" Greg asked with a soft voice.

"Raining?" I looked up and became aware that it was really raining. "That is just a bit of water. Are we sugar?" I asked, looked at him and smiled a bit.
Gregory looked up into the sky as well "Nope! Although you're sweet... " He looked at me and smiled slightly "Okay...let's go and try not to get too wet."
I felt myself blushing a bit "Yes" I said with a hoarsely voice and cleared my throat when recognizing it. "Let's go."

We walked over to the restaurant without saying a word. Greg gave me some side glances from time to time and so did I. Finally I sighed and did put my hands into the pockets. I felt so miserably.

Greg entered the restaurant before me and chose a table for two hidden behind two big palms.
"Is that okay for you?" he asked me and sat down. The expression on his face was a slightly akward one.
"Very cosy" I answered, smiled back at him and took seat as well.

"Cosy...right..." Greg said and fumbled at his collar. He seemed to be very nervous and my hands started to sweat.
"Um..look, James...I... I'm sorry I got so upset..." he said and paused then.
I looked at him and played absent mindly with the table clothes.

Gregory looked back at me and said "I really thought that was you... And that you now were trying to tease me or something. Playing some ill-minded prank on me. I'm so sorry I came to think of such things and slammed your door like a dull child... I'd love to be bogged now..."

I leaned back and watched him carefully and a silent sigh emerged from my lips.
"I would never ever play pranks on you with that. So tell me, is there any feeling? Anything that happened?" I asked him and swallowed down hard. My throat felt so dry and I was pretty nervous.

Greg stared at me.
"Anything that happened? Apart from the fact I thought I was writing to you? Maybe I was flirty...don't know. You read it all, I suppose. "
He stopped, leaned back and continued then "Of course there were feelings. The ones I have for you. Not for any other guy, just for you. I thought you'd know that when I told you I thought it was you some seconds ago."

This was the moment the waitress did choose to appear - why do they always choose the wrong moments?
I looked at the waitress and order something to eat (rigatoni al arrabiata) and then I waited until Greg ordered his lunch. I looked at him and felt my heart racing.
When the waitress was gone, I cleared my throat again and said very quietly "So you still love me?"

"You..." Greg started and looked at me with widened eyes. "Are you kidding? Of course I do! I love you! Dearly! Deeply! With all my heart and soul, more than my life, more than anyone or anything in the whole wide world. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You bring out the best in me...things I never knew I had. I...really can't explain it 'cause words are not enough."

I took a deep breath in and out and looked down at my trembling hands.
"Oh darling" I whispered and felt my heart slop over when I heard his words.
"I am so unsure sometimes. So easy to be hurt and well, I ... I ... I... thought that...that you might have enough of me" I said and sighed deeply.

"Enough of you? Honeybunny... " Gregory answered, came around the table and sat down next to me.
"I'll never have enough of you. I love you. I'm addicted to you" he said with a soft voice, took me into his arms and kissed me deeply.
Believe me, I really felt a mountain trembling down when I heard his words and when he took me into his arms and kissed me.
"I'm so sorry I didn't think about this. That I never asked you why you had two accounts. This would have spared us much trouble and anxiety" Gregory murmured into my ear after our kiss.
"Yes, it would have saved us a lot of trouble" I murmured back and kissed him again.

A short while later we parted again and he looked deep into my eyes and caressed my cheek with his right hand.
"Do you think I can make up for this? I feel terrible because of that. I didn't even know I hurt you and I always tell myself I should have recognized it's not you. " Gregory sighed and kissed me again full of passion. My heart beat increased and I felt all the jealousy being washed away by his feelings.
"Do you still want to get your paperwork done or might we have a chance to have dinner at that seafood restaurant tonight?" he asked me after we stopped kissing.

I cuddle him and smiled.
"Seafood sounds really good, my darling" I whispered into his ear.
"What about leaving earlier today?" I asked him while caressing his neck.

"You never have to ask me, if I want to leave earlier. What time? After lunch?" he replied and the warmth in his blue shining eyes really would have made me stumble if I would have been walking.
"What about 3 pm?" I asked and winked at him.
"Sounds good. So we prolong the lunch until then." Greg said and grinned devilishly.

I decided to say nothing and just squeezed his hand slightly. The waitress brought us the lunch by then and the rest of the lunch time was very pleasent. We had a coffee with cream afterwards (not what you might thin now!) and went back to the hospital then.

Have to do some paperwork now and soon we will be off.

Valentine's day

mood: jealous and anxious

music: Billy Talent - Red flag

Valentine's day ... yes normally I would have bought red roses and thought about spending a more then pleasant day with Gregory but now I am unsure.

What happened you might ask yourself. Yes - this is a very good question.

I did amass Gregory yesterday and he slept in while doing so. Okay, that is no problem for me, he really needs some rest. But he is a bit different the last few days. Sitting in front of his computer and giggling so often and when I ask him what is so funny, he says that he just read some funny article.

Article, huh?!

Okay, I really believed him. I really did!

As you might probably know we are sometimes in the Internet (as you can see here). It is funny somehow and so anonymously - great! Really weird people out there though.

I am drifting apart, sorry for that. So what changed my mood?

Gregory fell asleep while I amassed his back slightly and after I placed the cover over him, I tiptoed my way out of the bedroom and went into the living room. It wasn't actually that late so I decided to switch on the computer again.

I wanted to check DeviantArt a bit and so I did. There I found an interesting conversation Gregory had with a so-called "Jimmy". Very interesting conversation though! They were actually flirting!!!

I sat there, gnawed on my lower lip, rubbed my neck and drank a Guinness.

They referred to another kind of internet platform, that was unknown for me. So I went there, made an account and found Greg there as well. I found him "talking" to that "Jimmy" - if you still can call it talking though.

I felt sick, my stomach turned and my heart beat increased. Yes, I am a jealous person, I really don't deny that! You would have been jealous as well, seeing that converstation.

So I went to bed, stayed on my side and tried to sleep. After having a really damn nightmare I stood up at about 5 am, got dressed and went to the PPTH. I told you I have a lot of work to be done currently.

It was at about 9 am, Greg came in.
He stumbled into my offcie, "You told me you were her...NOW..." he said with a grin upon his face. Yes, right I did write him a message before.
I looked up from my file and waved at him. "Come here for a moment."

Gregory raised an eyebrow and waved back "You wave at me? Um..." He looked a bit puzzled and approached my desk. "Okay...I'm here. For a moment?"
I handed him a file "Here check this out, please. We are having problems with this case. Woman, 37 years old, testings are negative but her symptoms are a bit unusual."
He looked down at the file and glanced up to me "That's all? And that's why you left before I got up?" Greg looked back to the file again "Hm... Okay. By the way, good morning, nice to see you and I love you, too."

(Loving me, too...)

I raised an eyebrow and replied with a slightest of a smile "Sorry but I do have pretty much work and I didn't want to disturb you in your sleep."
Gregory gave me a critical look "Uhuuu... There was only were two times since we are together you did not 'disturb me in my sleep' when you wanted to get up and leave early. First: When you fled to Canada. Second: When I put your hand into that bowl of water. "

"Then this is the third one, right?" I said, stood up and poured me some coffee. "You had coffee already?" I asked and waved slightly with another mug.
"I... No...not yet.'s the third one. Would you please explain to me what I did?" he said and leaned hard on the cane.

I handed him my cup and poured another one for me "What you did? Nothing, nothing ..." I said while turning and sitting on my chair again.
Greg stared at me "Nothing...right... " he said and shook his head slightly "Did anyone annoy you? Did you receive a daft text message this morning? Did your parents call? Oh...and may I sit down or do you want me to leave now?"

"Sure you can stay." I said, rubbed my neck and leaned back. "No one called, no text message though." I replied and looked him in the eyes. I wanted to be sure if there could anything be seen in there. Any sign ...

Gregory looked back and I noticed that he felt uneasy somehow " Well... " he said and sipped at his coffee "Sounds like a perfectly normal start into the day. Would you now bother to say good morning to me?"

"Good morning" I said, sipped at my coffee as well and tried to put a smile on my face. (He felt uneasy!!)
Gregory looked at me with his analyzing glance "And a happy valentine's day..." he then said and smiled back.

"Oh right, it is Valentine's day" I nodded slightly and sipped again. "Happy one to you as well."
He frowned "Hey, how awkward is that, huh? You are pissed off, this is no normal behavior! Or did you change to House and I didn't notice?"

I opened a new file and sighed "No I am still Wilson."
Gregory gazed at me with a somehow baffled look "Okay....fine." He replied and looked out of the window "What do you think of having dinner tonight at a good seafood restaurant?" He asked me and my heart made a little jump.

"I have loads of paperwork to do, so I can't say when I will be out of here." I replied with a deep sigh and I know I must have looked a bit uncomfortably.
Gregory looked blanked "Paperwork... And this paperwork is so important it is going to keep you here until 9 pm?"

"I do have clinic duty and patients as well" I said and pointed at the file on the desk. "You know how this is" I answered with a sigh.
"I know how this is. Sure. But... C'mon, you can't fool me. Just one look at you tells me you just don't want to. Just tell me and I won't feel as crappy as I now do when you pretend not to have the time. I'll better go now, hm? Maybe you'll be finished earlier then. "

"Just ask me again later in the lunch break. I might know it by then." I replied and nodded.
He looked into my eyes and my heart made another jump. "Okay. I'll do that. May I have another coffee or do you want me to go now?"

"Sure you can have another cup of coffee" I said and pointed at the coffee machine.
"Awfully nice." He said and poured another coffee for himself "What about you?"
I shook my head "No, thanks. I already had enough in the last few hours." My hands flipped through the file and I asked myself, if I should just ask him about that "Jimmy".

"Hum?" Greg said and turned to me with a raised eyebrow. "That Jimmy? You want to ask me about yourself?" He narrowed his eyes and sat down again "Are you sure you feel well?"

Gawd, did I really say that aloud? I thought and replied "What Jimmy?"
"Dunno? You mumbled something into your non-existing beard." Greg said, popped a pill and sipped some coffee.

"Fine, fine" I said, sighed and looked at him. "I found your little conversation with that "Jimmy" on DA and well I noticed you referred to some other platform as well. So I just went to look. Fuck it, Greg! You are flirting with him!" I stood up and walked to the window, staring out in the February rain.

"I am talking to a man with your name and your picture." I heard Greg saying but didn't turn around yet. " If that's one of your illminded pranks, okay...But don't act pissy pique now, please. "
These words actually made me turn around. "Ill-minded pranks? Are you insane or what?" I asked him in rage. "That, that guy is hitting on you" I pointed at the computer "I don't know why he has the same name like I do have or where the heck from he has a picture of me. This is not funny! And I am really not amused, Gregory."

I turned around again and supported my hands on the balcony door "You know, this did hurt. This really did hurt. You better tell me if there is anything going on or you go and think about it and we talk later."

There was no sound from Gregory so I turned around again, leaned at the balcony door and looked at him. "Are you speechless now?" I asked him and Greg just looked at me with his mouth slightly opened.

"Going on? 'That' guy? Heck, that guy is you! Stop it! It's not funny if it was supposed to be. You should calm down and think about your behavior!" he said angrily, turned and slammed the door behind him.

Fine ... still no clue by now. I really have to think about it a bit and I hope he will tell me the truth.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Short life sign

mood: amused

music: Tanita Tikaram - If I ever

Greg is in such a bad mood these days that I am slightly amused by now. He is so grumpy because he has to do clinic duty all the time. So grumpy that it is cute again. Sitting in his chair and gnarling, barking and pouting - really cute as a devil he is.

I should better go again and give him the promised massage. His leg is hurting badly though ...

Sorry for that very short entry again - I will write soon more but I am currently having no time.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


William Ernest Henley

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud,
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Just a poem for your longing hearts and souls, dear readers! I will update my blog tomorrow, for sure.

Just had a busy week packed with paperwork and clinic duty - not to mention with calming down Danby.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ooh la

music: The Kooks - Ooh la

Just wanted to show you that funny vid!

Sorry for not having written that much lately - I am very busy at the moment. A lot of bumfluff and clinic duty.

Monday, February 05, 2007


mood: tired

music: Meatloaf - For crying out loud

I am currently sitting in the kitchen, a big mug of strong black coffee standing in front of me and my notebook on the table - it is 5.20 am Monday morning.

My night was short and not very relaxing. We went to bed at around 0.30 am and well I could have done with some good sleep and dreams but I slept very bad though and woke up because it was damn cold. Silk worm did find his way into the bed again and robbed the blanket. Of course I tried to wake him up but this caused silk worm extreme, so I gave up and arose.

I percolated some coffee and it is at least strong, black and good. The music is good for waking up - I like Meatloaf.

So let me report about Saturday. You might have a clue that I was on tenterhooks all the time. I checked the news all the time and Foreman did call ten times in the morning for asking if I got some news. Greg sure got curious and asked me what the heck is going on (nicely said).

It was after Foreman's eighth call or so when Greg suddenly hit the sofa with his cane and said:
"Damn fuck, James, what the heck is going on? I am getting more than pissed off, if you don't speak NOW!"
I swallowed and looked unsteadily "Ehm, well it is not that grave, Greg" I answered and rubbed my neck.
"Not that grave, huh?" he said and rested his arms on the armrest "You are hiding something, I can see it in your eyes aaaand you are getting pale!"
"I am not getting pale!"
"Now you did! So why the bloody fucking hell aren't you just spitting it out!"

A sigh filled the room and it was mine when I rolled my eyes towards the ceiling.
"What about telling you while we are driving?" I asked him and stood up.
"Driving? Where to? Why can't you just tell me what is going on? Are you afraid I could run away!?" Greg replied and followed me into the bedroom where I changed into a dark-blue jeans, a jumper and boots.
"I thought about having a nice daytrip would be nice. Up the shore, what do you think?!"
Greg turned around, grabbed his leather jackett and mine and threw it into my arms.
"Fine! Take your camera though, I am in the mood making some photos" and out he was.

Camera - fine - didn't make photos quite a while ago. So I grabbed my camera and off we were.
I didn't tell him on the way what happened on Friday, we just listened to some music and he gave me side glances from time to time.
We did drive up the shore 'till we came through a really picturesque town and decided to stop here.

The rest of the day was packed with making photos, enjoying the sun, having some really sinful cup of coffee accompanied with a really really good chocolate fudge - and this time it was me making the funny little noises of pleasure at first.

"Hrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm....oooooh....yessssssss" I said, licked my lips after the first spoonful and looked at Gregory who did stop eating and just stared at me.
Another spoonful with "Ooooooooooh my gooood, hrrrmmmmm" did make him swallowing hard and he hissed "Stop it immediately or I promise to take you right here and now, Jimmy!"
I just grinned and swallowed down ...
He watched me carefully and as I didn't respond he lowered his head again and took his own spoonful - that was when I did it again.

"Ooooooooooooh soooo good, yessss, that is....aaaaaaaaaaaaaww" I sighed and watched Greg dropping his spoon.
"You tease! You just do this on purpose and because no one else is around here. Do you know what this caused, huh?!" he muttered and threw his napkin on the table.
I shrugged and grinned but just munched my cake.
"This will have a payback, Mr. Wilson!"
"Mr. Wilson, hum?" I asked and raised an eyebrow.
"Yes, Mr. Wilson!"

Fine so it was Mr. Wilson now - he must have been very upset and well something else perhaps.
I decided to finish my fudge without acting like a horny bee, i.e. I didn't do the funny noises again.

We finished our coffee and made our way back to the car - slowly and with taking some nice shots. I suddenly stumbled and well it must have looked really funny - I kissed the pavement. Kissed the pavement you might ask yourself? Yes, I tumbled and found myself on the street again.
Greg looked puzzled and didn't react - I just sat there and started to laugh while figuring out if something was broken or hurt.
He approached me and looked down "You are okay?"
I nodded "I am fine, don't worry. Help me up, please" and I reached out my hand.

He did help me up again and I caressed my hip.
"Geez, I can't believe I kissed the pavement" I muttered and shook my head.
"Nor can I" Gregory said and looked at me enquiringly. "You are really okay?"
"Yes I am. It is nothing grave though." I replied and rubbed my hip bone.
"Let's go home then" Greg murmured and we both shook our heads simultaneously.

On our way back to PP I must have mentioned "Geez, I can't believe I kissed the pavement" several times.
Greg did say it as soon as I shook my head then ... we laughed our asses off in the car.

So this was our daytrip ... pleasant and "Geez, I can't believe I kissed the pavement".

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Commando "Nightshift"

mood: tired and a bit of a headache

music: Edvin Marton - Dark Angel

Our operation took place yesterday. Believe me, we've been more than nervous.

Gregory told me more than once that I shan't do nothing at all. I didn't listen this time ... yes well, I know this sounds not like me. You only see the handsome and nice Dr. Wilson in me, huh?
Oh you are so wrong!

I can be really mean - I can be really pissed off and that was just enough. Perhaps it did all affect me that much because of my own abuse in my childhood, because of what my uncle did.

Foreman and I prepared some nice surprises for "Mole the asshole".
Depilatory cream in his shampoos, his shower gel, superglue instead of lube, some shots with castor oil for his beverages and food - well and as we had his patient file we perfectly knew against what he was/is allergic.

Now you ask yourself wherefrom we know what kind of shampoos and shower gel he uses - not to speak of the lube in his nightstand. Well, ehm ... Foreman and Chase (yes he as well), did visit him the day before - of course, when he wasn't around. They checked everything out and we bought the very same things.

As you might probably have read on Greg's blog I told him that I had a lot of work at the PPTH - ehm - this was a lie. I have to confess that ... (sorry Gregory) ... well ... I sneaked out around lunch time and met Foreman right around the corner of Hunters Glen Drive. Gawd I was so nervous.

"Foreman" I greeted him and nodded.
He looked at me and grinned "Wilson. You are looking very nervous" he said with such a cool voice and grinned.
I rubbed my neck and looked at him "Well, I don't do such stuff every week, you know."
Foreman just shrugged "Perhaps we should ask House if he lets you come with us the next time".

A few moments later we were standing in the apartment of the "Asshole".
"It all looks pretty normal, hm?" I muttered and it just made Foreman snort.
"Yes, it always does look normal. They are the nice guys next door" he spat out - (is there perhaps another dark secret Foreman has?).
I decided to say nothing at all and put on my gloves (good to be a doctor).

We packed out the prepared things and started to remove the normal ones against the prepared ones.
Oh yes ... seeing him bald soon - or knowing that he will be - GREAT!

I injected the castor oil in several beverage and Foreman did put cats hair under his linen, at his clothes, sofa etc.

I was just putting the superglue lube in the nightstand when we heard the door.
"Fuck" I whispered and looked around in panic. "Fuck" I crawled under the bed and lay there silently. I thought my heart beat would be heard all over the place when Mole began to speak with another person.

They apparently spoke not English! It sounded more than Italian ... and I closed my eyes and shook my head.
Was that Arnello's voice? Geez, right we did see him before around here.

The conversation did carry on and I heard Mole saying: "I have it in the bedroom, just wait here Mr. Arnello" and footsteps accompanied these words. Footsteps towards my direction! I stopped breathing for a second and tried to see something from under the bed.

Of course I only saw some leather shoes ... heard some rummaging, door opened and closed and then he did go back into the living room.

"Thank you, Mr. Mole." - yes that was Joey Arnello! "Your hand is better?"
Some mumbling and then "... was in the hospital and met someone I knew from my past in England."
"Did you?" Arnello replied with a softer voice which made me frown. "Who did you meet?"
"Oh you sure don't know him. His name is House, he is a doctor now. Sure he was no doctor when I saw him the last time. He was just a little boy ..."
"A signore House, the dottore, right?" Arnello asked.

"Uhm, yes, you know him?" Mole asked back.
"Oh, nooooo just heard about him. Good doctor ... good doctor. Has nice friends though. Persons with kudos and guts, you know. They would do many things for him - break into apartments and such stuff ..." - I swallowed hard (OMG ...he knew it ...he knew it!).
"Huh?" that was Mole again ...

"Oh yes, if anyone would ever do House wrong, they would be very pissed off - you say so, pissed off? Right?" Arnello spoke with a soft voice and I heard him patting Mole's shoulder (guessed though)
"Ehm, right. Pissed off ... what are you talking about?"
"Io? About nothing - just a fact. Let us go now, I think we can handle the other thing later. What about having a stroll along the river? It is such a lovely day."

My breathing increased - the other thing ... thing ... geez, he knew what Mole did with House. He knew it.
"May I use your bathroom?" Arnello asked.
"Sure you may use it".

Footsteps ... some minutes nothing and then both men left the flat. I remained under the bed until Foreman came in "Wilson?"
I crawled back again "God, Foreman!"
He looked pale somehow and showed me a plastic bag full of shampoos etc. "We better bring everything back to normal again."
I frowned "Why?"

"Why? Oh because I was in the bathroom!"
My jaw dropped down and Foreman just nodded.
"Arnello washed his hand, didn't look around though and just said into the mirror "You better go and what you did here - bring it to normal. We will handle it ... You never saw me here!"

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" I stammered and looked around in panic.

Yes we did bring it back to normal and we did go back to the PPTH - and well, Foreman and Chase did leave the city for the weekend as well.

We are now in PP and they are somewhere in NY I suppose.

No news so far ...

Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday ... plotting

mood: plotting

music: Chalice - The Calm That Was the Storm

Wonderful music - the band is not very well known here. It is an Australian band - so Chase might probably know them.

You might have asked yourself why I didn't post any new entries in the last days. Sorry but I was busy again. A lot of work and some plotting going on.

Plotting? Against? Against this idiot annoyed and afraiding Gregory for sure.

Foreman is involved in my plan - we both made out some really nice things for this ... this ... this asshole!

Commando "nightshift" will take place this evening and then we will rush to Point Pleasant - not that our tortures will be that quick working - NOOO - they will be sloooowly.

No chainsaws, no bottles, no such violent things ... we are doctors - we have other methods.

I have to go and prepare some more nice things.

See you around!