Monday, February 19, 2007

Going to the loo

mood: woohooo

music: Annie Lennox - Why

"Excuse me, please" I said and stood up. Greg and Foreman who were sitting at the restaurant table as well, looked at me. A smile appeared on my face when I looked into the shining blue eyes of Greg.

Gregory raised one eyebrow and started to smile when I turned around. I walked through the restaurant room with slightly swinging hips as I knew that he was watching me.

Reggae music sounded through the beach restaurant and as I remembered our little reggae episode I did pick up the alluring sound.
I entered the restrooms and leaned against the sink. When the door opened and Greg came in I just starred into the mirror.
Greg closed the door behind him and without a word he went behind me and layed the hands upon my shoulders.

Blue eyes met my brown ones in the mirror when his hands slipped under my jumper.

Slowly he started to carress my chest and moved closer. My eyes widened and I started to pant slightly when Greg kissed my neck tenderly. His lips wandered up my neck and he gently sucked my earlobe. A sigh slipped out of my mouth and my knees became all jelly.

Gregory lost his control, bit my neck, opened my trousers and pulled them down.

"You better get grib to something" he moaned when he pulled his own trousers down and then gribbed my hips. I was only able to nod and did bend slightly forward, still holding Greg's look through the mirror. Hooooo boooooy - he really makes me going totally nuts!

Without a warning Greg did make our bodies became one. We both moaned out aloud and I felt heat rushing through my veins. Blood pressure increased, pupils widened and breath accelarted when he began to move ...

Teeth delved into weak flesh, skin cracked and was sucked while we both moved to the silent music in our heads.

Greg's hand found its way to my ...ehm... dominant body part at that time and he did careess it very feverishly.

We were raised high into the air of passion and lust... panting ...sighing .. crying out loud - no other sounds could be heard. Skin was scratched by fingernails, head was thrown back and soft flesh was sucked again and again.

Our eyes met when the movements became feverishly, hard, deep full of longing and the need for release. A shiver ran through my body when the desired release came and lifted me up high into the red clouded air.

After a while I slowly came back down again, still breathing hard and still feeling my heart pumping with a badabumm sound.

"I love you" I murmured when Greg held me close and tenderly.


Dr. Gregory House said... Foreman knows we did not have to pee...

Dr. James Wilson said...

It could just be a story ... not real though.