Friday, February 16, 2007

California here I come

mood: bored and tired

music: The Kooks - California

So I am here in California right now, Santa Monica to be exactly.

I am staying here: Sheraton Delfina Santa Monica Hotel, 530 West Pico Boulevard

The flight from Newark to LA took me about 7h 40 minutes with 1 stop. Geez, for that time I could have took a flight to Europe, that is for sure.

So I arrived here in the early evening and a typical smog dome hang over the city. I took a taxi to the hotel and checked in. The hotel room is nice, the bed is big, empty and cold. No Gregory in there ... no Gregory around.

I stood at the window, looked out and a deep sigh emerged from my lips.
"What to do now, James?" I asked myself. Withouth even really noticing I combed my hairs with my fingers and gnawed on my lower lip.

Santa Monica ... I could go to the beach though and have a stroll or I could go to a nice bar and have a drink or two.
Drink ... drink ... wasn't there something special in Santa Monica?! My mind raced and finally a broad smile appeared on my face.
"Black Sheep" I muttered, turned around, grabbed my things and off I was. The taxi brought me to the Black Sheep shop where we already did order some before.

I made a new order for us - which will be sent to NJ next week: Black Sheep, Golden Sheep, Holy Grail and Hobgoblin.

I know that there is good American beer as well -but believe me this is totally different beer. I love ale and stout!

Okay before I start worshipping ale and stout I should continue.

I bought some bottles of Black Sheep and a bottle of Aberlour, single malt as well and then made my way back to the hotel.

I switched on my labtop after a while and I thank god for MSN! It is so good having Gregory around there as well now. So easy to contact a person that is far away when you have internet ...
The evening passed by with beer at my hand and with a funny conversation - Foreman was around as well and what do I say, I will see Gregory pretty soon again.

But perhaps he should tell you that. I have to go now - breakfast and then off to the seminar.

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