Thursday, February 15, 2007

Crap surprise!

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Before you can ask ... what the surprise is - read it! One thing to mention first - I am not in Plainsboro anymore.

But read what happened!

"FUCK!" I shouted this morning out when I hang up the phone.
Gregory peeked out of the bathroom "Again? C'mon this is impossible!" he said but did approach me.

I rubbed my neck and pointed angrily at the phone.
"This was Cuddy! She said that I have to participate in an Oncologist seminar as a lector."
Greg raised an eyebrow "Well, that is not nice but no need to be pissed off now, you don't have to do it today though" he said and grinned.
I looked blank and just snorted.
His pupils widened and he said "You don't have to hold it today, do you?"
I shook my head "No, not today" I muttered and before he could say something else I continued "But tomorrow!"

Gregory limped closer "Tomorrow? But there is no Oncologist seminar in Plainsboro tomorrow."
"Right there is none in Plainsboro!" I mumbled.
"Oh ... oh....wait...wait!" he said and gestured at me. "You don't want to tell me that you have to leave the town, right?!"
"Actually ..." I began.
"NOOOOOOOOO! No WAY!" Greg yelled.

"C'mon, Greg, it is not my fault!" I said when his eyes turned greyish.
He stomped the cane on the ground "Of course it is not your fault, Jimmy! HECK!"
I shrugged and swore anew.
"So do tell me where you have to go? New York? Baltimore? Chicago?"
"Not really ..." I started silently and avoided his glance.

"Wilson!" he barked.
"House!" I barked back and looked him deep in the eyes.
"You will tell me immediately where this damn fucking seminar will take place!" Greg growled.
"Los Angeles ... fuck! I have to go to LA!" I answered visibly annoyed.
Greg opened and closed his mouth again. "LA? LA?!!" he whispered and looked me in the eyes. Suddenly he started to smirk and pointed at me "Aw, you are playing pranks with me now, right?"
I sighed turned and went to the bedroom.

"JAMES! You are playing pranks, right?" he shouted after me and I heard him following.
I pulled my traveling bag out of the cupboard and threw it on the bed with the words "Do I look like playing pranks?"
Gregory stood in the door frame "No, you look pissed off. FUCK! Why you? Why at short notice? Don't tell me ..."
"It was Murdock's lecture but Murdock called in sick and can't fly. So she did just say that I have to act as his substitute."

Gregory limped to the bed and sat down "She is ..." he started and looked on his shoes while I was throwing clothes into the bag. "Wait...for how long do you have to stay?" Greg asked and looked at the amount of clothes I did pack.
"Over the weekened" I muttered and searched for socks.
"Over the WEEKEND? But Monday you'll be coming back, right? RIGHT?"
I straightened up and sighed "Greg the seminar last until Wednesday. ..."
"Wednesday ..." he whispered and raised an eyebrow.
"Wednesday, right and it could be I have to stay until then. She was very unsure about it though.." I grawled again.

"I'll kill her... I'll do so ... slooooowly" Greg murmured.
I approached him and looked into his eyes "Oh, dear. You know I would love to stay here. For God's sake, I don't want to go!"
"Fine! Stay then!" Greg said and put out his lower lip "Pleeeeeeeeeeze".
This made me laugh for the first time since that call. "Greg... you are unbelievable! I can't stay."
He grabbed my hips and drew me closer "I could handcuff you to the bed though" Greg moaned.
I fondled his hair "Don't be silly. I have to go and I have to hurry. Flight is at 11.35 am!"
"What?! That early? May I accompany you?" he asked and looked up.

"Sure you can come with me" I said and smiled.
"Good!" Greg replied stood up and started to throw clothes on the bed.
I must have looked puzzled and stammered "What ...what ...?"
"I am coming with you to that seminar" Greg nodded.

"Wooohooo, wait wait! I thought you meant bringing me to the airport!"
Gregory stopped throwing clothes on the bed and gave me a side glance.
"You don't want to have me with you?"
I swallowed and shook my head, "No, no it is not that but you have to work."
Narrowing his eyes he smashed the cane on the bed. "Have to work, have to work ... I don't give a shit what I am supposed to do."

"Gregory ..." I started and was left alone in the room, as Greg went out.
A few seconds later I heard him yelling "CUDDY! Are you INSANE?" (I will not repeat the rest of the conversation - just take it that he was very upset)

I finished packing though and carried the bag into the hallway.
Gregory was still arguing with Cuddy and a look on the watch showed me that there was still time left, so I decided to percolate some coffee.
A few minutes later - Gregory was still arguing - I poured two cups of coffee and went into the living room with them.

He just finished his "little" conversation with Cuddy when I placed the cups on the table.
"Thank you, Jim" he said and sighed.
I looked at him and a sigh slipped out as well. "So?"

"I think you heard that I was not agreeing" he muttered and looked at me.
"Oh yesss, I heard it and probably the neighbors as well" I replied and grinned slightly.
"I don't ..."
"Give a shit ...I know" I finished the sentence and sipped some coffee.

"So" he sighed "we will have to leave soon."
I nodded "Half an hour left."
Greg took his cup and sipped as well "Okay, I'll bring you to the airport and then I will be working" and from the devilish grin appearing on his face I just can say - Poor Cuddy!


To be continued ...


Dr. Gregory House said...

I miss you like hell.
I miss you so much it hurts.

Dr. James Wilson said...

I miss you as well my darling!