Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A few days off

mood: pleased and curious

music: Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

The header says it all - I am having a few days off! YES! GREAT!

Well, not only I will have a few days off - Gregory will as well.

He just came in, looked at me, grinned and said: "You better go home with me soon and pack your bag. We will be having a few days off and as I remember it well, someone's birthday is tomorrow. I will pick you up in about 15 minutes!"

And with these words he closed the door again.

Gawking I was ... a few days off! This is very nice...

Birthday ... right!
My birthday tomorrow - 38!

Not really a date to celebrate and I was prepared to work though. But - hey - that is a nice surprise for me!

Having a few days off and driving away with Gregory!

I am on tenterhooks now and very very very curious!

Surprises are nice - but when I am told there will be a surprise ... oh this is making me so curious then. Do you know that feeling?!

So I will say bye bye for a few days, as I don't know if I will be able to go into the internet.

For all the others having birthday on the 28th February - ENJOY IT!


Julia Brooklyn said...

Wow the 28th of February... One day later and you'd just be 7 years old! :D

But I won't say Happy Birthday before tomorrow, that's what my mom taught me! :)

Well, enjoy your free days and have a nice time!

Dr. Gregory House said...

We will have ;)