Friday, February 23, 2007

Nessun Dorma

One of the best music pieces ever been written.

It always brings tears into my eyes and makes my heart slip over.

Nessun Dorma it was as well, I listen to yesterday evening. We are back in Plainsboro by the way and it is good to be at home again. Although the weather in California is slightly better than here.

We had some pleasant moments at the beach and in the sand though. Of course we do have "beach moments" here as well from time to time - but well, the sand is different there.

Sand and beach reminds me of Point Pleasant - we both hope that we will be able to got there again pretty soon. This weekend though seems to be rotten - duty all through the weekend!

You can imagine that Gregory is "slightly" upset about that fact.

I won't repeat what he said about that matter when he first heard it. That would be ... not very nice though.

Nice was the evening at home - more than nice to be in the own bed again.

I'll probably tell about the fly back home later.

Sorry but I have to leave now - clinic duty for me!


Dr. Gregory House said...

Of course I am upset!
This is gross! Uakk!
Cuddy even used the post-it on my blog to tell me I owe her 4 hours of clinic duty today!

Dr. James Wilson said...

You already did 3 of them - so just one more to go and we are off!