Friday, February 16, 2007

Short note

mood: bored

listening to: a boring lecture

Currently sitting in a boring lecture and using the palm I took with me.

My block is full with comments on the persons attending the seminar. Perhaps you might recall that I do this when I am absolutely bored.

I already did hold the lecture in the morning - so I am just sitting here ... listening and thinking. The lecture was prepared by Alan Murdock though - I say Alan to make sure, that I mean the Dr. Murdock working at the PPTH and not that California guy we met in Baltimore (do you rememeber?).
So there was nothing really to do for me. I just read it through several times the evening before and changed some parts of it. The topic was: Psychosocial Issues in Patients with Breast Cancer: Body Image, Fertility and Sexuality

It was okay though - no cheering, no teddy bears, no dessous (thanks God for that!).

Now let me tell you why I am on tenterhooks ...

We found out yesterday - by a coincidence (are there any?) - that there is a diagnostician congress in LA as well at the moment. How we did find out?

I was sitting on the bed, cross-legged, and chatting with Gregory and Foreman when I heard a knock at the door. The look on the alarm clock showed me that it was already 10 pm, so I frowned and ignored the knock at first. Second and third knock accompanied by a "Dr. Wiiiilsoooon?" made me sigh and rise.

I opened the door and stared at ... Dr. Bench (you remember the blond woman from Baltimore? - right).

"Dr. Wilsoooooon! Oh I knew it was you. Sorry for disturbing you ... " she looked up and down my appearance (thanks God I still had my jeans and a jumper on) "I knew it - so I asked for your room number at the reception. I wonder if you are here for the oncologist seminar?!" (did she breathe?)

I did wait for a second to see if she really did finish her monologue.
"Dr. Bench, nice to see you again" I answered.
"Nice to see you, Dr. Wilson!" she shot back "So?"
"So? Oh, yes I am here for that very seminar." I nodded and frowned then.
"You are no oncologist though, are you attending as well?" I asked her and she did shake her head.
"No, no. There is a congress for diagnosticians as well in LA. Didn't you know that?"
"Nooo, I didn't know that." I answered and rubbed my neck.

"Oh" she said and then smiled at me. "So you are alone here?" she asked and tried to look behind me.
"Do you want to come with me down to the bar? That is actually the reason why I did knock" she then said with a warm smile upon her face.
I sighed inside and did then shake my head "Thank you very much, that is very kind of you. But see, I was about to go to bed as I have to stand up early in the morning and I still have to work on my lecture."
"Oh" she said again "Well, perhaps tomorrow then!"
I shrugged "Perhaps..."

We said good night and I closed the door behind her. My way lead me immediately to the phone and I called Greg.

Sorry - I have to stop writing for now. Lunch break!

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