Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday ... plotting

mood: plotting

music: Chalice - The Calm That Was the Storm

Wonderful music - the band is not very well known here. It is an Australian band - so Chase might probably know them.

You might have asked yourself why I didn't post any new entries in the last days. Sorry but I was busy again. A lot of work and some plotting going on.

Plotting? Against? Against this idiot annoyed and afraiding Gregory for sure.

Foreman is involved in my plan - we both made out some really nice things for this ... this ... this asshole!

Commando "nightshift" will take place this evening and then we will rush to Point Pleasant - not that our tortures will be that quick working - NOOO - they will be sloooowly.

No chainsaws, no bottles, no such violent things ... we are doctors - we have other methods.

I have to go and prepare some more nice things.

See you around!


Dr. Gregory House said...

What the heck are you going to do?!

Dr. James Wilson said...

You don't have to worry about that.

Dr. Gregory House said...

You won't do anything!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Why not? Will you sit the whole time somewhere and hide?

He did hurt you! What would you have done with my uncle, huh?

Dr. Gregory House said...

I would have killed him...I'm sure.