Monday, February 26, 2007

Morning hours...

mood: tired and stunned

music: Feet of Flames

Morning hours can be wonderful, yes they can be really wonderful when you wake up in the arms of your beloved one or when the sun is tickling your nose and warming your body.

My Sunday morning started different though. Yes it started with the BEEP BEEP sound of my beeper. My head was still in the clouds and my mind was in a very pleasant dream I had - so it did cost me a few moments to realize what ugly and disgusting sound interrupted the sonor voice of Gregory singing in the bath tube, while I was watching him from the other side of the tube though. Oh what a lovely and wet dream ...

Until, yes, until that very moment - Gregory's voice became a signal. BEEP BEEP ... I moaned and turned towards the nightstand. My eyes still closed I searched for the sound making evil doer.
I rubbed my eyes and stared on the display of my pager: Medical emergency. Come here immediately. Cab is already waiting!

"Oh noooooo!" I said and straightened up.
"Hmmmm?", Greg mumbled.
"I have to go..." I moaned and looked at him.
"Mnm...your beeper?" he said with a sleepy voice - he can be so very cute in the morning.
"Yes." I answered and rushed out of bed.
Gregory turned to the side and looked at me, while I was searching my socks.
"Oh noooo...hunny....This is awful! Isn't it enough we have to work all the weekend?" he said grumpily.

I just grabbed my clothes when I heard the cab horn.
"Damn! I have to go there in my yammies!", I cursed, went into the hall, slipped into my sports shoes and grabbed my coat.

What kind of emergency should that be, I asked myself while sitting in the cab and ignoring the glances of the cab driver.
Fuck, I had to wear that Snoopy yammies just that night! A giggle from the driver made me raise an eyebrow and giving him a stern look.

"It was a present!" I muttered with gritted teeth and was so glad that I didn't buy the other yammies I had in my hands. The ones with the dancing sperms on it ...

A few moments later we arrived at the hospital. I paid the driver and rushed into the lobby.
The looks I earned were undescribable.
The nurses having duty were Beverly and Shandra. Don't ask me now wherefrom I know the names - I just do know them.
They both looked at me with popped open eyes and slightly opened mouths.

I remember rubbing my neck while approaching them.
"So, where is the emergency Cuddy called me for?" I moaned and looked around.

Just some patients were in the entrance hall and a few emergency doctors walking around with tired faces.
Shandra looked at me and then at Beverly - and back again.
"Ehm, Dr. Wilson ... ehm, are you sure Dr. Cuddy called you?"
"Of course I am sure? Would I come to the hospital at 4 o'clock in the morning in that yammies, if I wouldn't be sure?" I muttered and pointed at my yammies.
The two girls giggled and blushed slightly at the sight of Snoopy and the hearts (not to mention the COLOR).

"Let me check, Dr. Wilson" Beverly said with a soft voice and flipped through the files.
I thumped the desk with my fingers and waited ... ... ...
A few seconds later Beverly looked back at me "Sorry, Dr. Wilson but no emergency for you here. Someone must have fooled you" she said and both errupted in laughter.

I nodded and I am sure that I blushed crimson when I turned and made my way to my office.
GREGORY - I thought and opened the office door.

First thing I did was grabbing the phone and dialing the number.
Ring...ring ...ring ...
"Pick up" I hissed and paced the room.
"House" a tired voice mumbled into the phone.

Silence greeted me ... and remained there for a second or five.
"I could be deaf now, you know that?" Gregory muttered back and waited.
"Deaf? Fine, FINE! Do you know..."
"Aw, shut up and move your ass back home! We have to talk and bring rolls on your way back, I am hungry!" he growled and hang up.

I stared at the phone and hang up slowly.
"What the heck is going on, now?" I asked myself aloud.
Still pacing through the room I thought about things I could have probably done ...but really nothing came into my mind. Nothing!
So I just grabbed my "a patient vomited on me" rescue bag out of the cupboard and changed my clothes from yammies to a jeans and a jumper.

A taxi brought me back to our street and I just bought some rolls and croissants at the French bakery around the corner. The paper bag in my hands I opened the door.
"Hun'?" I asked and removed my shoes.
"In the kitchen" Gregory said and I followed his voice.

There he sat, completely dressed and staring into the tea mug.
"What's up, Greg?" I asked and placed the bag on the table.
He looked up into my eyes and said "Well, that's what I want to know as well, James!"
I frowned, removed my coat and hung it over a kitchen chair.

"Do I have to know what you are talking about? Or will ya speak in miracles?" I answered and gave him a questioning look.
"Miracles?" he growled and looked blank.
I rested my hands on the table and starred into his eyes.
"Well, you made me go to the hospital just in PINK yammies, then I call you - you bark at me and recite me back home. So please, go ahead and tell me what the heck is going on here! Is this just part of your revenge, or what?"

"Or what? Miracles? You ..." he said, pointed at me and stood up.
I followed his movements with my eyes.
He grabbed a coat of mine laying on another chair and threw it into my arms.
"You explain me that odor and the long brownish hairs on it - not to forget THAT!" with these words he threw a card with roses upon on the table.

I really must have looked slightly puzzled when I stared at the coat.
"What NOW? Lost for words?" he barked at me.
I sniffed at the coat and a sweet scent filled my nostrils.
"I ... I ... I..."
"You - what?"
"Heck, Greg! I don't know what you are talking about!" I answered and threw the coat on the table. ... Klonk!
At that sound we both looked down and starred on the key laying on the table. Before I could take it, Greg did grab it and examined it.

"This is ... ..." he started and then passed me, went out on the balcony and lit a cigarette.
I followed him with a pumping heart - What the heck was going on here, I asked myself all the time.

Greg was standing there and smoking one of my "hidden" cigarettes.
I leaned in the door frame, staring at the key on the balcony ballustrade. It was the key of our little cottage in Point Pleasant.
"Gregory" I whispered and was stopped with a gesture and an icy look.
"I just ask you for one thing, Jim. No lies!" he said coldly.
Sighing and rubbing my neck I looked deep into his eyes.

"Fine then, no lies" I said and nodded.
Greg nodded back, swallowed and leaned against the ballustrade.
"The scent is a perfume you know as well. It is "LouLou" and it is the favorite perfume of my sister. She did spend a few days in our apartment when we were in LA though." I said and looked upon my feet.
"She must have borrowed my coat and.." I sighed "the card I did buy before I had to fly to LA. I wanted to hand it to you together with a bunch of red roses on the 21st though."

"What about the key?" Gregory asked silently.
I looked up and straight into his eyes.
"I don't know what's with the key and why it was in there. It might be that it was still in there from our last visit there." I answered and shrugged.

Greg threw away the cigarette and gave me a questioning look.
"Why the heck, did she stay here? Was Butthead here as well?" he gestured into the apartment.
"She did stay here, 'cause she did spend a few days here with Mom. They wanted to go shopping to New York though ...and..."
"Ruth did stay here as well?!" he asked slightly shocked.
"Ehm...yes, sorry darling, I just had other things in my mind then telling you that" I apologized and smiled at him.

A hint of a smile was given back now and he nodded.
"Well, I really wondered if I did clean the flat before flying down to LA and if I just did forget it though. So...ehm..." he said and looked at me shyly.
"I ... I just did act foolish again, right?" he asked and frowned a bit.
"Slightly" I smiled and approached him.

Greg drew me closer and looked deep into my eyes.
"May I apologize for it?" he murmured and let his hands slip under my jumper.
"That must be a very good apology, Gregory" I whispered back and let him kiss me deeply.

The rest of the morning - is a part of how good your imagination is working!


Dr. Gregory House said...

And it has to be a VERY good imagination.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Ooooh yes!