Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's lunch

Let me tell you about our lunch time then. We did talk though.

At lunch time I went to Greg's office and saw that the blend were closed so I knocked at his door "Greg?"
No reply. I knocked again tried to look through the blends "Gregory?" - Nothing ... so I entered the room and saw that he was not there. "Fine, where the heck is he?!" I muttered and turned around. "Perhaps he is in the laboratory" I thought and made my way to it.

Chase was standing in the lab and doing some testings.
"Hello Chase, did you see House?"
"House? No, I think he did want to go to lunch" he said and frowned.
"Aw, okay. Thank you." I nodded, turned again and walked back towards my office.

Suddenly my pager went off and I looked at it.
Looking for you. Am at entrance hall.
"Oh ... oh" I murmured and turned towards the entrance hall.

Greg was sitting there looking down on his shoes and apparently thinking. He raised his head when I came closer and stood up.
"Hey" he said.
I rubbed my neck and answered with the same shy "Hey..."

He glanced at me with a slightly blear look "Um...would you want to spend the lunchbreak at the Italian restaurant?"
"Going outside sounds good. So let's go then", I nodded and gave him a shy side glance.

Greg walked on beside me and slightly brushed my hand. My stomach twitched when I felt his hand brushing over mine.
"It's raining...Shall I go back and take your umbrella?" Greg asked with a soft voice.

"Raining?" I looked up and became aware that it was really raining. "That is just a bit of water. Are we sugar?" I asked, looked at him and smiled a bit.
Gregory looked up into the sky as well "Nope! Although you're sweet... " He looked at me and smiled slightly "Okay...let's go and try not to get too wet."
I felt myself blushing a bit "Yes" I said with a hoarsely voice and cleared my throat when recognizing it. "Let's go."

We walked over to the restaurant without saying a word. Greg gave me some side glances from time to time and so did I. Finally I sighed and did put my hands into the pockets. I felt so miserably.

Greg entered the restaurant before me and chose a table for two hidden behind two big palms.
"Is that okay for you?" he asked me and sat down. The expression on his face was a slightly akward one.
"Very cosy" I answered, smiled back at him and took seat as well.

"Cosy...right..." Greg said and fumbled at his collar. He seemed to be very nervous and my hands started to sweat.
"Um..look, James...I... I'm sorry I got so upset..." he said and paused then.
I looked at him and played absent mindly with the table clothes.

Gregory looked back at me and said "I really thought that was you... And that you now were trying to tease me or something. Playing some ill-minded prank on me. I'm so sorry I came to think of such things and slammed your door like a dull child... I'd love to be bogged now..."

I leaned back and watched him carefully and a silent sigh emerged from my lips.
"I would never ever play pranks on you with that. So tell me, is there any feeling? Anything that happened?" I asked him and swallowed down hard. My throat felt so dry and I was pretty nervous.

Greg stared at me.
"Anything that happened? Apart from the fact I thought I was writing to you? Maybe I was flirty...don't know. You read it all, I suppose. "
He stopped, leaned back and continued then "Of course there were feelings. The ones I have for you. Not for any other guy, just for you. I thought you'd know that when I told you I thought it was you some seconds ago."

This was the moment the waitress did choose to appear - why do they always choose the wrong moments?
I looked at the waitress and order something to eat (rigatoni al arrabiata) and then I waited until Greg ordered his lunch. I looked at him and felt my heart racing.
When the waitress was gone, I cleared my throat again and said very quietly "So you still love me?"

"You..." Greg started and looked at me with widened eyes. "Are you kidding? Of course I do! I love you! Dearly! Deeply! With all my heart and soul, more than my life, more than anyone or anything in the whole wide world. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You bring out the best in me...things I never knew I had. I...really can't explain it 'cause words are not enough."

I took a deep breath in and out and looked down at my trembling hands.
"Oh darling" I whispered and felt my heart slop over when I heard his words.
"I am so unsure sometimes. So easy to be hurt and well, I ... I ... I... thought that...that you might have enough of me" I said and sighed deeply.

"Enough of you? Honeybunny... " Gregory answered, came around the table and sat down next to me.
"I'll never have enough of you. I love you. I'm addicted to you" he said with a soft voice, took me into his arms and kissed me deeply.
Believe me, I really felt a mountain trembling down when I heard his words and when he took me into his arms and kissed me.
"I'm so sorry I didn't think about this. That I never asked you why you had two accounts. This would have spared us much trouble and anxiety" Gregory murmured into my ear after our kiss.
"Yes, it would have saved us a lot of trouble" I murmured back and kissed him again.

A short while later we parted again and he looked deep into my eyes and caressed my cheek with his right hand.
"Do you think I can make up for this? I feel terrible because of that. I didn't even know I hurt you and I always tell myself I should have recognized it's not you. " Gregory sighed and kissed me again full of passion. My heart beat increased and I felt all the jealousy being washed away by his feelings.
"Do you still want to get your paperwork done or might we have a chance to have dinner at that seafood restaurant tonight?" he asked me after we stopped kissing.

I cuddle him and smiled.
"Seafood sounds really good, my darling" I whispered into his ear.
"What about leaving earlier today?" I asked him while caressing his neck.

"You never have to ask me, if I want to leave earlier. What time? After lunch?" he replied and the warmth in his blue shining eyes really would have made me stumble if I would have been walking.
"What about 3 pm?" I asked and winked at him.
"Sounds good. So we prolong the lunch until then." Greg said and grinned devilishly.

I decided to say nothing and just squeezed his hand slightly. The waitress brought us the lunch by then and the rest of the lunch time was very pleasent. We had a coffee with cream afterwards (not what you might thin now!) and went back to the hospital then.

Have to do some paperwork now and soon we will be off.

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Dr. Gregory House said...

Very pleasant, indeed.
I'm so glad this crap was over so soon.