Saturday, February 17, 2007

A warm welcome

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Aw I just see that you don't know yet that Gregory is here as well. Well, he is here! YES!

As I already told you - there is a congress for diagnosticians as well. I talked with Gregory about this event and what to say - he had just thrown the invitation (including a flight to LA) away. So typically him ... lucky he didn't torn it into pieces.

Funny thing is that Foreman is here as well - he has to lecture on Monday (poor guy).
So Gregory and Foreman just came to LA yesterday in the early evening hours. I had to participate in the seminar until 6 pm so I wasn't able to pick Gregory up at the airport.

I got a short message on my cell at about 6:20 pm.
"Just arrived! We have to wait for Foreman's bag. Bollocks!"
A grin appeared on my face when I read it - 6:20 though. Waiting for the bag and then a taxi ... so they probably would be here in about an hour.

Gregory would be starving by then, I thought and so made my way to one of the restaurants here to book a table for three for 8:15 pm.

Enough time left for preparing a few things ...

An hour later I got another message.
"You! Down to the lobby - we are soon there!"
Perfect timing, I thought and went down to the lobby.

The lobby was crowded with some celeb fans - there is some celebrity staying here in the hotel as well. Dunno who though - and it is not of interest.
I looked around but couldn't see Gregory so far.

Then I heard some swearing and a "HEY watch out... Oh I am ...sorry."
I smiled an turned towards that voice and there he was. GOD - he was so good looking although I could see that he was slightly annoyed - and he did search for me.
As if he would have sensed my glance his eyes found mine and the grumpy look was replaced by a warm smile.

We approached each other and then there he was again. His scent filled my nostrils, reached my soul and my heart slopt over.
"Hey" I whispered.
"Hey" he whispered back and looked unsure.
"Oh ..." I said and grabbed his collar to pull him closer "Come here, babes" I whispered so that only he could hear it.
He grabbed my neck and gave me a very passionate kiss. Hoooooooooooo booy!

After we parted, we both breathed harder and his look told me that we better be going up to the room soon.
We both smiled and I heard someone coughing slightly.
"Hey Foreman" I said and turned around.
Foreman was standing there and looking a bit sad though (missing Chase for sure!).
"Hello Dr. Wilson!" he greeted me and we both shook hands.

"Fine, enough of that polite stuff. I need a shower pretty soon and I am actually starving!" Gregory muttered.
"Good then. Check-in and we will go up and both of you can refresh then. Dinner at 8:15 pm though - booked a table in the Lobby Bistro and Lounge here."
Greg grinned "You are my man!"
I patted his shoulder and grinned back "Yes, I am".

So they did check-in (well Gregory just had to give his name as he shares the room with me though. Kingsize beds are great!) and we went up to our floor.

As soon as we had entered our room and the door was shut behind us, I found myself pushed against the wall, heard the "thop" sound of the bag landing on the floor and then I did forget everything for a short while.

"Bunnybum" Greg moaned while he removed my shirt in a hurry. We soon were undressed and touched our bodies like two persons drowning and clinging to each other.
"Greg" I sighed and felt a shiver running down my spine.
"Hrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm" he replied and brushed with his thump over my chest.
My knees went to jelly and before I wasn't able to say anything else then "Gawd" I whispered into his ear "Let's go into the bath room!".

Gregory nodded and so we did.
He stood in the door and was gawking.
"Did you ... did you...." he stammered and pointed into the room.

The room was lit by candle light. Two glasses of single malt were already waiting there and the bath tube was filled with water (still very warm though).
"Thought you might want to have some water on your body" I murmured and embraced him from behind.

I heard Gregory sighing when my chest brushed against his back ... and yes, we did have a bath. A very very very pleasant and relaxing bath though.

What a wonderful welcome!


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