Friday, February 23, 2007

Pink ...

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music: Black Lab - This Night

What did Foreman say when he came into my office this afternoon?!

Ah well ...

"Wilson" he said when entering my office "Wilson ... you ..." he started and errupted in laughter.
I frowned and looked up. "Yes, Foreman? I ...what?"

"You did really buy those ... those ..." he said and giggled madly.
"Hmmm?" I asked and watched him carefully. "Did you sniff some weird stuff or so?" I asked and now it was me grinning.

Foreman shook his head and snorted a bit then he took a deep breath in and answered "Of course I didn't take anything, I was talking about the yammies you bought for House and of course the other things as well."

Believe me I really did blush now. It is still a bit weird that someone is reading my blog as well.
I rubbed my neck and gave Foreman a shy glance.
"Ehm... yes I did" I said and nodded.

"Well ... pink is the new orange, Dr. Wilson" he snickered, turned and left the room again.

Pink is the new orange ... funny ...haha.

Okay I have to admit that it was fun buying those clothes - I just couldn't resist. Let me tell you I did buy some really nice looking pajamas as well.

Damn nice ones though...

Nonetheless, Gregory was pissed off a bit and when we went to the mall for shopping after work he excused himself for a while and walked towards the shops.

I just shrugged and did buy the food and the other household stuff ...
"Meeting in the car" was the text message I got on my cell half an hour later.
"Still pissed off" I thought, finished the shoppings and went back to the car.

Gregory was sitting in there and smiling at me when I opened the door.
I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "Okay what have you done, Mr. I-Dunno-Nothing?!" I asked him when I entered.

"I? What? I didn't do nothing at all" he said and looked like a puppy dog.
"Sure you did. I know that smile!" I snorted and started the engine.
Greg refused to tell me and just looked out of the window. I could see in the reflection that he was still grinning.

Scaaaary ... yes ... I was sooooo right!

When we came home I noticed the plastic bag he was carrying underneath his leather jacket.
I decided to say nothing at all and just brought the shoppings in.
Greg immediately went into the bedroom and some minutes later he came out wearing his new Superman yammies and the Homer slippers.

I looked at him whistling through my teeth.
"Greg, you look HOT" I said and waggled my eyebrows.
Before I could say anything else I was covered in a pink cotton cloud ...
"Hey!" I said and looked at it ... the pink Snoopy yammies.

"What?" I asked and looked at Gregory.
"We will make a pink parade now. You will wear those! Snoopy is for you!" he moaned.
I swallowed and nodded.
"Pink parade, huh?" I stated and shrugged. "Fine, do you want me to undress now?"

Gregory pointed at the bedroom door.
"For sure you will wear it NOW!"
"Okay, okay" I said and did go into the bedroom.

"By the way, you will wear the slippers I placed in front of your bed side!" he said.
"Slippers?" I asked and became curious.

"GREG!" I said after I saw the slippers ...
"You don't have to shout" he said and leaned in the door frame.
The so-called person pointed at me with his cane "You will wear them - now!" he said.

"Oh, c'mon hun'" I said and gave him a puppy dog look.
He narrowed his eyes "NOW! and you will put a pic of them on your blog as well!"
I sighed, put on the yammies and well... I am wearing them.

Here they are:

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Now you can laugh!


kolpo said...

sweet dreams..are made of this..

Dr. James Wilson said...

Well, I actually had sweet dreams though.

Dr. Gregory House said...

Of course you had.
They suit you!

Julia Brooklyn said...

Well... *gg* really nice! :D I think I had some like this one when I was 15! ;)

Dr. James Wilson said...


Julia Brooklyn said...

Well, I'm still alive... ;D