Monday, February 19, 2007

Poetry: My gift

Thy blue eyes sparkle in the light of the candle by my side.

Thy smile warms my heart in the cold cold night of life.

Your laughter enlightens my soul and darkness is washed away.

Your smile makes my eyes shining oh so bright in the dim day light.

Therefore and for much much more you are burried deep in my soul,
you make me believe, you make me whole!

You are my angel, you are my saviour, you are my light -
shining so bright in the dark of the night!

If I am allowed I'll keep you inside for the rest of my life.

This is my gift, my present to thee ...this and so much more -
only you will ever see.
Short poem ... well - perhaps you like it.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Like it?
LIKE it???
LOVE it!!!!

Dr. James Wilson said...

so glad you do