Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oooooooooooooooooooh Foreman

mood: amused

music: Hit the ground - Lizz Wright

Do you know what that is?

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Did you recognize it? Yes? It is a Fuuuuuuurby! Yes, right you are.

A Furby can communicate - a Furby can be tought simple sentences...

So why do I state a Furby here? What has it to do with Foreman?

As you might remember Foreman is in LA as well and I am sure that Greg told you, he (Foreman) has to lecture on Monday.

You know us by now ... Gregory had a devilish plan for Foreman's lecture. He did buy a Furby in Princeton the night before they flew to LA. Well, Foreman must have sniffed it - so he let Greg promise not to do anything cruel, not to play pranks with him ...

Gregory was in a good mood that very evening (if you read my last entries carefully, you know why) and so he did promise not to do anything wrong.

When Foreman said goodbye and went back to the hotel I leaned back and grinned at Gregory.
"So, do you think I am included as well?"
Greg looked at me and smirked. "I don't think so" he replied and we both snickered.
"You are sooooooo evil sometimes, James" Greg laughed and looked at me "I love you for that."

I winked at him and we made our plans for the lecture.

Monday morning passed by and I sneaked out to go to the congress Greg and Foreman were attending.

Gregory was waiting for me in the entrance hall and we went in. Furby was in my backpack and so the whistle I bought this morning. Unfortunately they had no rattle in the shop.

We took seat and watched Foreman sitting in the first row - pretty nervous though. He looked cool but if you know someone you see the little signs on their faces and in their behavior.

When Foreman was announced and went in front of the room I put "Furby Chase" out of the bag.
Foreman started his lecture and he was good, it was interesting - but - well, something was missing ...

So when he made a short break, I yelled the first:

"Yoooooooooo maaaaaaaaaaaan! Go ahead! Wooohooooo!" and blew the whistle several times.
Some persons turned around - but by then I just sat there with a blank expression on my face and Greg and I looked around searchingly as well.

Foreman frowned and looked into Greg's face. He didn't notice that it was my voice though ... what a pity. Hehe!

So he continued and when he felt save again, I blew the whistle anew and threw the Furby in front - not without activating the voice. The furby turned and spinned in the air and moaned "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Foreman".

It landed in front of Foreman with a thump and an "u-nye-noh-lah".
Several people were laughing and applauding now. Foreman looked blank and from the color change on his face - well he blushed.

Not enough I shouted "Haaaang loose, man! You RULE!"
A female voice was heard then "I wanna have a babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy from you!" and this was followed by a bra!!!

YES a bra - we didn't arrange that! Be sure! It was a white bra though! We all looked around but couldn't see anyone.

Some other participants yelled a "Woooohoooo" and I blew the whistle anew.
Poor Foreman ...especially because the Furby said with a deep voice "SO, Foreman! Go and get me some coffee!"

He did take it good though. Foreman just ignored the Furby and continued with his lecture.

Ooooh that was so hilarious! I sneaked out before the lecture was over.
Greg looked at me when I stood up.
"Moment young man, where do you think you are going now?"
I grinned at him "Back to my own seminar"
"He grabbed my jacket "No way you will leave me alone with him now!"

A smile appeared on my face and I patted Gregory's shoulder.
"For sure I will! See you later, love!" and off I was.

Sure I had to apologize later - but this was just so funny.
Foreman did take it very good though - I wonder, if he has a revenge in his mind already.


Dr. Gregory House said...

It was really hard to convince him it wasn't ME!
That was mean, my dear.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Mean? I didn't threw the bra!

Dr. Gregory House said...

It certainly wasn't me who did so!

Dr. James Wilson said...

I know that ... and you don't have a female voice!

Perhaps it was that woman in the third row. The one with the heart a hand above the knees ...