Saturday, February 03, 2007

Commando "Nightshift"

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Our operation took place yesterday. Believe me, we've been more than nervous.

Gregory told me more than once that I shan't do nothing at all. I didn't listen this time ... yes well, I know this sounds not like me. You only see the handsome and nice Dr. Wilson in me, huh?
Oh you are so wrong!

I can be really mean - I can be really pissed off and that was just enough. Perhaps it did all affect me that much because of my own abuse in my childhood, because of what my uncle did.

Foreman and I prepared some nice surprises for "Mole the asshole".
Depilatory cream in his shampoos, his shower gel, superglue instead of lube, some shots with castor oil for his beverages and food - well and as we had his patient file we perfectly knew against what he was/is allergic.

Now you ask yourself wherefrom we know what kind of shampoos and shower gel he uses - not to speak of the lube in his nightstand. Well, ehm ... Foreman and Chase (yes he as well), did visit him the day before - of course, when he wasn't around. They checked everything out and we bought the very same things.

As you might probably have read on Greg's blog I told him that I had a lot of work at the PPTH - ehm - this was a lie. I have to confess that ... (sorry Gregory) ... well ... I sneaked out around lunch time and met Foreman right around the corner of Hunters Glen Drive. Gawd I was so nervous.

"Foreman" I greeted him and nodded.
He looked at me and grinned "Wilson. You are looking very nervous" he said with such a cool voice and grinned.
I rubbed my neck and looked at him "Well, I don't do such stuff every week, you know."
Foreman just shrugged "Perhaps we should ask House if he lets you come with us the next time".

A few moments later we were standing in the apartment of the "Asshole".
"It all looks pretty normal, hm?" I muttered and it just made Foreman snort.
"Yes, it always does look normal. They are the nice guys next door" he spat out - (is there perhaps another dark secret Foreman has?).
I decided to say nothing at all and put on my gloves (good to be a doctor).

We packed out the prepared things and started to remove the normal ones against the prepared ones.
Oh yes ... seeing him bald soon - or knowing that he will be - GREAT!

I injected the castor oil in several beverage and Foreman did put cats hair under his linen, at his clothes, sofa etc.

I was just putting the superglue lube in the nightstand when we heard the door.
"Fuck" I whispered and looked around in panic. "Fuck" I crawled under the bed and lay there silently. I thought my heart beat would be heard all over the place when Mole began to speak with another person.

They apparently spoke not English! It sounded more than Italian ... and I closed my eyes and shook my head.
Was that Arnello's voice? Geez, right we did see him before around here.

The conversation did carry on and I heard Mole saying: "I have it in the bedroom, just wait here Mr. Arnello" and footsteps accompanied these words. Footsteps towards my direction! I stopped breathing for a second and tried to see something from under the bed.

Of course I only saw some leather shoes ... heard some rummaging, door opened and closed and then he did go back into the living room.

"Thank you, Mr. Mole." - yes that was Joey Arnello! "Your hand is better?"
Some mumbling and then "... was in the hospital and met someone I knew from my past in England."
"Did you?" Arnello replied with a softer voice which made me frown. "Who did you meet?"
"Oh you sure don't know him. His name is House, he is a doctor now. Sure he was no doctor when I saw him the last time. He was just a little boy ..."
"A signore House, the dottore, right?" Arnello asked.

"Uhm, yes, you know him?" Mole asked back.
"Oh, nooooo just heard about him. Good doctor ... good doctor. Has nice friends though. Persons with kudos and guts, you know. They would do many things for him - break into apartments and such stuff ..." - I swallowed hard (OMG ...he knew it ...he knew it!).
"Huh?" that was Mole again ...

"Oh yes, if anyone would ever do House wrong, they would be very pissed off - you say so, pissed off? Right?" Arnello spoke with a soft voice and I heard him patting Mole's shoulder (guessed though)
"Ehm, right. Pissed off ... what are you talking about?"
"Io? About nothing - just a fact. Let us go now, I think we can handle the other thing later. What about having a stroll along the river? It is such a lovely day."

My breathing increased - the other thing ... thing ... geez, he knew what Mole did with House. He knew it.
"May I use your bathroom?" Arnello asked.
"Sure you may use it".

Footsteps ... some minutes nothing and then both men left the flat. I remained under the bed until Foreman came in "Wilson?"
I crawled back again "God, Foreman!"
He looked pale somehow and showed me a plastic bag full of shampoos etc. "We better bring everything back to normal again."
I frowned "Why?"

"Why? Oh because I was in the bathroom!"
My jaw dropped down and Foreman just nodded.
"Arnello washed his hand, didn't look around though and just said into the mirror "You better go and what you did here - bring it to normal. We will handle it ... You never saw me here!"

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" I stammered and looked around in panic.

Yes we did bring it back to normal and we did go back to the PPTH - and well, Foreman and Chase did leave the city for the weekend as well.

We are now in PP and they are somewhere in NY I suppose.

No news so far ...


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