Monday, February 19, 2007

That night at the beach...

mood: busy but still grinning

music: Black Lab - This night

After we said goodbye to Foreman, Gregory and I decided to have a stroll down to the beach.

We sat down in the sand and Greg came nearer. I leaned against him and let my hands slip under his jumper.
I drowned in his eyes and started to caress his chest.

" Mmmmmmmh...God know where this leads to?" Gregory asked and licked his lips.
"I hope that it will lead to that" I murmured and brushed over his nipples a bit.
Greg sighed silently and unbuttoned my shirt. He started to kiss every incho of skin he could get.

A sigh slipped out of my mouth.
"Let's hope no one will come, don't want to end up in jail though" I murmured and squirmed underneath his hot kisses on my naked skin.
"It's early morning" he moaned. "Let's hope YOU will come" he whispered into my ear then.

I started to pant when he carressed my nipples with the tip of his tongue.
"God, Gregory, you look so beautiful in the silverish light of the moon" I whispered and I couldn't turn my eyes from him.
"You do ..." he sighed back, bent over me and sucked at my nipples.

I arched my back and scratched over his sides.
Gregory removed my shirt and licked my sides.
"Oh, babes ...." I sighed and bit my lower lip.

Greg grinned at me, fumbled at my belt and unbuckled it.
He did undress me pretty fast and removed his own jumper as well.
When Greg's bare chest brushed over mine I couldn't do anything else than shiver at that touch.

I starred at Greg and felt my heart beat accelerating when he slowly opened his jeans.
Gregory kept my look and undressed totally now.
My body seemed to have his own will and I started to touch myself, still looking into the amazingly blue eyes.
A smile enlightened Gregory's face, his lips slightly parted when he looked at me and then his own hands started to touch his own flesh.

I lay there in the sand underneath him and couldn't do anything else then gasp. You really can't imagine how he looked like.
He stopped touching himself and bent down to me.
"How do you want me?" he asked me with a deep voice.
"Do whatever you want. I am totally yours" I moaned.
Gregory lifted up my hips a bit, looked me deep in the eyes; "Sure?" he asked while teasing me with his touches.

"Yes" I sighed when he grabbed my hips.

My fingers delved into the sand and my mind was lifted into the dark velvet sky then.

The air around us must have flimmered ... I really did ask myself if we will lay on glass afterwards or still on sand.

Penetrating, teasing, thrusting, panting, sighing ... this and much more we did.

We totally got lost in passion when the movements became faster, harder and deeper.
I screamed out his name when he brought me the release I needed so badly.

"There's no such beauty as yours" Gregory whispered, bent down and kissed me tenderly.
My arms embraced him and I snuggled at his chest.

We lay there for a few moments, just holding each other very close.

"I think we should go now" I murmured a bit.
"We better do so, before you fall asleep, Jimmy." Greg whispered and fondled my hair.
I looked at him and grinned. "You know me, do you, hm?"
Greg smiled and nodded "Bet your little ass off I do that."

We both giggled and stood up then. Soon we were dressed again and made our way back to the hotel room.

Thanks goodness that no one saw us there.


Dr. Gregory House said...

That beach is awfully nice in the late night/early morning hours...

Dr. James Wilson said...

mhm... it really is