Monday, February 05, 2007


mood: tired

music: Meatloaf - For crying out loud

I am currently sitting in the kitchen, a big mug of strong black coffee standing in front of me and my notebook on the table - it is 5.20 am Monday morning.

My night was short and not very relaxing. We went to bed at around 0.30 am and well I could have done with some good sleep and dreams but I slept very bad though and woke up because it was damn cold. Silk worm did find his way into the bed again and robbed the blanket. Of course I tried to wake him up but this caused silk worm extreme, so I gave up and arose.

I percolated some coffee and it is at least strong, black and good. The music is good for waking up - I like Meatloaf.

So let me report about Saturday. You might have a clue that I was on tenterhooks all the time. I checked the news all the time and Foreman did call ten times in the morning for asking if I got some news. Greg sure got curious and asked me what the heck is going on (nicely said).

It was after Foreman's eighth call or so when Greg suddenly hit the sofa with his cane and said:
"Damn fuck, James, what the heck is going on? I am getting more than pissed off, if you don't speak NOW!"
I swallowed and looked unsteadily "Ehm, well it is not that grave, Greg" I answered and rubbed my neck.
"Not that grave, huh?" he said and rested his arms on the armrest "You are hiding something, I can see it in your eyes aaaand you are getting pale!"
"I am not getting pale!"
"Now you did! So why the bloody fucking hell aren't you just spitting it out!"

A sigh filled the room and it was mine when I rolled my eyes towards the ceiling.
"What about telling you while we are driving?" I asked him and stood up.
"Driving? Where to? Why can't you just tell me what is going on? Are you afraid I could run away!?" Greg replied and followed me into the bedroom where I changed into a dark-blue jeans, a jumper and boots.
"I thought about having a nice daytrip would be nice. Up the shore, what do you think?!"
Greg turned around, grabbed his leather jackett and mine and threw it into my arms.
"Fine! Take your camera though, I am in the mood making some photos" and out he was.

Camera - fine - didn't make photos quite a while ago. So I grabbed my camera and off we were.
I didn't tell him on the way what happened on Friday, we just listened to some music and he gave me side glances from time to time.
We did drive up the shore 'till we came through a really picturesque town and decided to stop here.

The rest of the day was packed with making photos, enjoying the sun, having some really sinful cup of coffee accompanied with a really really good chocolate fudge - and this time it was me making the funny little noises of pleasure at first.

"Hrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm....oooooh....yessssssss" I said, licked my lips after the first spoonful and looked at Gregory who did stop eating and just stared at me.
Another spoonful with "Ooooooooooh my gooood, hrrrmmmmm" did make him swallowing hard and he hissed "Stop it immediately or I promise to take you right here and now, Jimmy!"
I just grinned and swallowed down ...
He watched me carefully and as I didn't respond he lowered his head again and took his own spoonful - that was when I did it again.

"Ooooooooooooh soooo good, yessss, that is....aaaaaaaaaaaaaww" I sighed and watched Greg dropping his spoon.
"You tease! You just do this on purpose and because no one else is around here. Do you know what this caused, huh?!" he muttered and threw his napkin on the table.
I shrugged and grinned but just munched my cake.
"This will have a payback, Mr. Wilson!"
"Mr. Wilson, hum?" I asked and raised an eyebrow.
"Yes, Mr. Wilson!"

Fine so it was Mr. Wilson now - he must have been very upset and well something else perhaps.
I decided to finish my fudge without acting like a horny bee, i.e. I didn't do the funny noises again.

We finished our coffee and made our way back to the car - slowly and with taking some nice shots. I suddenly stumbled and well it must have looked really funny - I kissed the pavement. Kissed the pavement you might ask yourself? Yes, I tumbled and found myself on the street again.
Greg looked puzzled and didn't react - I just sat there and started to laugh while figuring out if something was broken or hurt.
He approached me and looked down "You are okay?"
I nodded "I am fine, don't worry. Help me up, please" and I reached out my hand.

He did help me up again and I caressed my hip.
"Geez, I can't believe I kissed the pavement" I muttered and shook my head.
"Nor can I" Gregory said and looked at me enquiringly. "You are really okay?"
"Yes I am. It is nothing grave though." I replied and rubbed my hip bone.
"Let's go home then" Greg murmured and we both shook our heads simultaneously.

On our way back to PP I must have mentioned "Geez, I can't believe I kissed the pavement" several times.
Greg did say it as soon as I shook my head then ... we laughed our asses off in the car.

So this was our daytrip ... pleasant and "Geez, I can't believe I kissed the pavement".


Dr. Gregory House said...

You didn't tell me the whole day...
I had to read it here.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Yes I know ...

Dr. Gregory House said...

I got a cup of coffee this morning with a post-it stuck on it reading "Target terminated"....