Friday, April 27, 2007

Under the rain

mood: relaxed and looking at the rain outside

It is slightly raining outside and this just reminded me of the warm rain that felt down to earth on Easter sunday.

Yes, now it is time to write about sunday evening. As I don't want to bore you with all the festivity and eating details, just let me tell you that we enjoyed the brunch with the Brunswick's.
The brunch actually lasted until evening. So it was brunch-dinner and to be correct, it was more or less a very wet dinner - as we started drinking (or better said - celebrating) single malt in the afternoon.

Mr. Brunswick recognized that he found in Gregory an excellent conversation partner concerning single malts, double malts and cigars.

It was a very funny afternoon and evening and we all were more than relaxed after dinner...

You might recall that we had our own chauffeur (the police) and we therefore enjoyed the single malts a bit too much. It was about 9 pm when I (I think it was me) asked for being brought up to the hut.

Yes, I have to admit that I ... ehm ... well that I had a slightest bit of a double vision effect, if you know what I mean?

Finn drove us up to the hut - not without flirting with Gregory again and again. My mood dropped with every little sweet word and every little smile he gave him.

About ten minutes later we arrived at the hut and Gregory was all smiles.
"So, Finn thank you very much for bringing us home."
"Always a pleasure, Gregory" Finn replied with a broad smile.

Believe me that I had to choke on my words. I managed to grin and to shake hands with Finn. My anger was still in me, so I embraced him and mumbled into his ear:
"Get your hands off him, Finn. He is mine and I don't want you to flirt with him all the time. Did ya get that?"

Finn only patted my shoulder and grinned.
"You took long for that, pal! Way too long you took and I was just waiting for that sign. So you love him, huh?" he whispered back.
I nudged his shoulder and grunted "For sure I do!"
"Good, good!" Finn said with a broad smile and patted my shoulder again.
"Have a nice evening or night you two!" he then said and looked at me and Greg and jumped into the police car again - and a few seconds later we were standing alone in front of the hut.

"What did you tell him?" Greg asked and stood there, staring into the clouded sky.
"I told him that you are mine and that he should keep his fingers away from you!"
"Did you?" Gregory answered with a soft voice.

I looked at him and narrowed my eyes.
"Yes, I did! Any problems with it?"

Gregory lowered his look and instead of searching the sky for stars, he looked at me now.
I approached him and my amber brown eyes met his blue ones.

"Not at all, James. Not at all ... So why don't you show me how I am yours?" Gregory murmured and his eyes sparkled a bit.
He didn't have to ask me twice for that.

Grabbing his collar I drew him closer and sealed his lips with a passionate kiss.
The kiss was depened and after a while we parted both breathing harder.
"Come with me Greg, I'll show you a nice place just behind the hut" I moaned and took his hand.
Just around the corner I pushed him hard against the hut.
"Jim!" he hissed.
"No word!" I moaned and my hand slipped under his shirt.
When I felt his warm skin underneath my finger tips there was now holding back.

My hands wandered over his body and soon we were both in our birthday suits.
The moon, which just peaked around some clouds, painted us in silver light. He looked so gorgeous when the moon light was reflected in his astonishing eyes.

My knees turned to jelly and I took Greg with me down to the ground. His body was covered by more than just ten kisses.
My tongue teased him, my fingers made him moan and skin met skin when I made us become one.

Our sighs, moans and lust screamings filled the air and only some owls and other night creatures may have heard our final love sighs when we both flew up high in the sky and floated down to earth again.

After we both were back in the here and yet - my eyes met his again and I noticed with a surprise that we were no longer dry. Rain drops so soft and tender like tear drops covered our bodies.

"The angels are crying because we woke them up, I suppose" Gregory murmured and smiled at me.
"My little poet" I whispered back and fondled his hair.

"Let us go inside, please. It is nice to be taken under the rain but I fancy a hot bath or shower now."
"Mhmmm" I sighed and snuggled a bit closer.
"C'mon Jim, we are getting sober - what about some malt for the warming up inside?" Gregory asked and gently caressed my back.

"Sounds good for me" I replied and stumbled to me feet again.
"Could you ..." Greg asked and looked up.

"Give me the clothes. I think we don't have to dress now." I answered and winked at him.
With these words I took his clothes and helped him up.
Gregory shook his head slightly.
"You know that I didn't mean that... don't you?"
"I know ..." I said and pinched his bottom.

"Tease!" Greg muttered and I replied with the usual menace.

The hot shower warmed us up and the single malt did the rest.
Cuddling, snogging and snuggling again until the early morning hours - that was the rest of the evening.

What a pleasant Easter night ...


Dr. Gregory House said...

Pleasant, indeed.
Thanks a lot for telling it to the world...

Dr. James Wilson said...

A pleasure it was ...

Even now?