Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some different poetry ...

I don't know why I am posting this poetry here, but it somehow feels right.

I've written it and don't be surprised - there are many things inside of James Wilson you just don't know.

Now here we go

The Recall

I am closing my eyes and looking inside,
back through all my former lifes I stride,
back in time and back in space.
Feeling so old sometimes,
so old and wise.

Then there is darkness - soft and tender.
A humming sound of music fills the air,
sparkles around you and light covers the bodies.
It just begins.

We are born, we are the angels bringing life and death.
Fire is burning inside of us, we create and destroy.
We are the magic, we are the light, we are the night.

She - our mother, our father and our love,
She - who is always watching us.

We are hers from the beginning 'till the end.
We live the lives she wants us to live.
We are her children, her loves, her hearts.

I can feel the power inside of me,
feel the burried strength recovering,
feel the love running through my veins like a stream of fire.

My head drops back and I scream out her name,
my arms spread out and become wings of flame.
Flying again now I am,
Flying as her angel of the all burning flame.

I am her child, her everything.
I am the light, the angel of sin.

My heart is beating faster and I can't describe
what makes me sitting here in the middle of the night.

I am not alone out here,
close your eyes and have no fear.
Fly back in time and through space,
look inside what is hidden behind the trace.

You are an angel of her as well,
listen carefully now and hear her spell.

'Wake up my darling and just begin to see,
you are my magic and I live in thee!'


Anonymous said...

Did you write this in the middle of the night?
It is beautiful and strong, my dear.
And the Wiccans around will love you for this. ;-)

Dr. James Wilson said...

Mhm, I just had to write it.

I dunno why. Wiccans, huh? Well this could be ...

Julia Brooklyn said...

It's wonderful. I don't know what to say more about it.

Dr. James Wilson said...

And I will just say a simple: Thank you :)