Saturday, December 16, 2006


mood: still having a cold - but feeling better

music: Sarah McLachlan - The Answer

What a wonderful evening it was yesterday - even my coughing couldn't destroy it. Everything was lit with candles and it was more than romantic (yes I have to admit I can really really be very romantic).

Gregory played some wonderful pieces on the piano and I sat on the sofa and listened with closed eyes. I am starting to feel cuddly again - so I will just carry on writing to be sooner under the blanket where Gregory still sleeps.

I can't put it into words what I felt when I unwrapped the Shakespeare book - it was surprise, nearly a heart attack, tears coming up, racing heart, disbelief, happiness ... and my jaw dropped down.


to stay with Walter Matthau ... Can you believe it? A 1640-edition!!!

I really am not able to write it down ... my eyes always wander back to the book which lays on the piano. 1640 ...

"Are we poor now?" I asked Gregory when I realized what I was holding in my hands.
"No" he smiled and looked very pleased.

There was some more gawking from my part ... and then I handed Greg his present. I am pretty sure he wants to write about it in his blog - so just wait!

Our "Thank You" was extended a bit and when we cuddled afterwards, Greg whispered in my ear "Oh, by the way there was another present for you in front of the door."
I lifted up my head and looked at him "Don't tell me it was another fish! We could make Sushi then."
We both grinned and Greg shook his head, "I don't think so, it feels soft. It is in my nightstand" and he pointed lazy in the direction of the bedroom.

"Oh" I said and jumped up. "I'll go and get it" and with these words I hurried to the bedroom.

The present (it was an envelope) lay where he said so and I tried to figure out what it might be. "Feels soft" I thought and opened the envelope.
A card fell out and I picked it up from the bed.

Dear Jimmy,

I want to wish you a Happy Hannukah. Enjoy the day and I hope you like the little present!

Your cousin

A smile appeared on my face - Spaz is way cool and I like her very much. She is the daughter of my Mom's sister Rebecca.

I looked inside the envelope and pulled out the present. A snicker emerged when I realized what it was.

"Wooooooosh!" I said and put on what she has sent me.
"What is it?" Greg asked from the sitting room.
I checked my appearance in the mirror and arranged my hair "I'll show you in a minute!"
"I need a fitting trouser" I thought and searched through the cupboard. The petrol blue pijama trousers will do ... so I put them on and had to swallow down a laughter when I looked in the mirror again.

"Okaaaay. I am coming! But you have to close your eyes!" I shouted and made my way back to the living room.
"Are your eyes closed?" I asked before I peeked around the corner.
"YES!" Greg answered and there he was sitting on the floor, wrapped in a blanked and his eyes shut. So cute!

I jumped into the sitting room with a "Taaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaa!" and stroke a pose. Gregory opened his eyes and blinked once ... twice and then he started roaring. I tried to be ernest and looked at him.

"C'mon my fellow! We have to save the woooooorld!" I said with a deep voice.
Gregory held his stomach "Let me first fetch my Superwoman skirt" he beeped.
I put my hands on the hips and threw back my hair "Go then! The world can no longer wait for their superheros."

Gregory stood up and approached me, drew me closer and whispered "Let me be your Cryptonite, Superman".
"But don't kill me" I whispered back before he kissed me deeply.

He didn't kill me though (otherwise I wouldn't be able to write that down) - however, he made me feel very very weak and I had to wear my Superman shirt all night long. We had a lot of fun ...


thexspaz said...!!!!

You are soooo awesome!!! Hahaha!!!!

Thank you so uber much, you rule and you keep wearing that shirt. Whoooooosh.....


Greg said...

It looks awesome!

Thanks a lot, Jojo!

Jojo said...

Ha!! You're welcome. I make your husband look good.

Dr. James Wilson said...

You made ... a very interesting night ;)

Jojo said...

Hah! I can only imagine.