Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blogspot probs and Menace!

Damn I have problems making my comments on the other blogspot blog - this sucks!

I hate the beta version some fellows have ...

Having a short break at the moment and I am slightly pissed!
Greg decided it would be wiser to leave me alone for a few moments - after his embarassing performance. He muttered something like "Ehm, I'll be back in half an hour, forgot to buy something" and off he was.

Can you imagine! Can you imagine that he cheered for me?!

But let me start from the beginning.

We were sitting in the conference room and it was booooooooooooooooooring. I drew out my block and started to scribble funny comments on it. I always do this when I need some distraction. Gregory was sitting next to me and started to giggle.

"Are you bored? Can you please just stop giggling? Otherwise I have to laugh" I whispered in his ear.
"Just can't stop. And when you hold you speech I'll throw teddybears at you" he whispered back.
I had to grin and replied "As long it is no underwear. By the way, thanks for the morning and if you will throw teddies there will be no bedtime cookie for you."
Greg gave me a side glance and a broad grin "Don't thank me for my own pleasure. I could throw boxers at you as well. What would that mean then?"
I sighed "This would mean no pancakes for you until 2007!"

He looked at me with the typical "don't be pissy" expression on his face and answered "I am sorry. I'll just yell 'Go Jim! Go!'"
I muttered "Gregory! I'm already nervous. Stop mocking!"
He did stop mocking and he did stop giggling but I really should have known him better. I should have seen the sparkles in his eyes when I stood up.

I made my way to the front and that was when I heard his voice "Go, Jimmy, go, go, gooo! Whooohooo!"
Believe me it was embarassing! Good for him he decided not to scream it out so that only some participants heard his cheers. Nonetheless, I am pissed!

When I came back, he lifted up his arms, grinned and said "You rule! YEAH! Whooohooo!"
A handful of persons around giggled and I flung myself in the chair, my eyes fixed to the next lecturer.
Gregory gave me a nudge "C'mon don't be pissed now! You really rule. This was at least an interesting speech and I think all persons in the room were awake."
I took a deep breath and looked at him, Gregory swallowed as he became aware that I was really pissed!
I just shook my head, rolled my eyes upwards and decided to say nothing at all. The remaining thirty minutes he gave me side glances and shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

Okay I now have to admit it was funny - but I was really pissed about it. I am curious about where he was and what he needed to buy so urgently.



Dr. Gregory House said...

Ah c'mon, tease!
Don't be so earnest....

Dr. James Wilson said...

Your speech is tomorrow though ...

Dr. Gregory House said...

I know...you think I'll have to prepare?