Sunday, December 31, 2006


Dear Fellows!

I want to use this opportunity to write down my New Year's wishes to you. I am still at office as I had to finish some important paperwork. Greg is waiting at home and as I just phoned him - he is now up to the bathtube. Lucky him!

Gregory's revenge was hilarious ... well after a while. Even Chase and Foreman were laughing after they had realized that it was somehow funny. Okay I have to admit that this fact lasted the whole morning and just now they came in and we had a little conversation. I first thought they might be pissed off but to my very surprise they were not.

Foreman just shrugged and said, "You know, Wilson. I had to face more embarassing things in my life so far and this fart cushion was ... hm ... was funny. Okaaaay, I have to admit, that at first it WAS embarassing but I found the cushion soon and some of the participating neurologists grinned like idiots when I threw it into the corner."
I looked at him and grinned as well, "Hey Foreman, it was just a little prank you know. You knew that something would come! House would not be House if he would have let you go with it."
They both nodded and Chase rubbed his butt.

He snorted a bit and mumbled "Yeas, but why is it always me being hit by his wrath so hard? I don't do nothing at all." Chase looked at me with a slightly hurt expression on his face and some hair was dangling into his eyes.

Yay, he can look like a hurt little cangaroo. So I smiled at him and just said, "Well, perhaps he likes you Chase. You are the youngest man in the scooby gang and he just want to teach you something."
Chase frowned and started to gnaw on a pencil again. God where does he get them from all the time?

Let me shorten it a bit - we agreed that the revenge was well done and that Gregory had all the rights to do so. (Well, I convinced them a bit)

They will be off now as well and they will come to our place and celebrate New Year's Eve with us. I was really surprised that Greg agreed when I suggested it. He first looked a bit grumpy (surprise?) but after he wanted me to give him a good reason for it - he just agreed.
I, on the other hand, believe that he just wanted to have me to ask for it in a proper way ...

So ... I am off now!

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

May the changes the New Year might bring for you (and us) be pleasant.
May the New Year be filled with light and laughter.
May dark hours be washed away by the caring embraces of friends.
May your wishes come true for you, if they are right for you.
May you grow and may that growth be good for you.
May you find what you perhaps might be looking for now.
Be aware that you are never alone, that there is always someone caring around.
Might it be a friend who is there for you when you are feeling down to the ground,
might it be an unknown person just wanting to lift you up when you are crying and not knowing where to go from here now.
These little lights may brighten your life - and be sure that there never are any coincidences happening.
The New Year will bring you a lot of fun, dears. Open your arms and welcome it!
HAPPY 2007 for all of you!


Anonymous said...

Aw, hun...your New Year's wishes are so sweet!
I wonder where you always find the proper words.

I'm off to my bath now.
See you soon!

Julia Brooklyn said...

I wish you a happy new year - and that you will reach everything you want to!

Amy Weaving said...

Gooday! hello and hey whats a going on? i miss you say hello to Mr.Greg for me!

p.s. feel free to visit my website and sign my guestbook. i'll feel honered if u do!