Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wilson - home alone!

mood: nervous and curious

music: Sarah McLachlan - Perfect Girl

Okay you might have read it in Greg's blog ... I was slightly annoyed a bit about the fact that he spent nearly the whole night at the PPTH. He told me that he'd sent me a short message on my cell phone and has written a note ...

I haven't got the message this morning - no it came in on the late afternoon! The note was found under the kitchen table this evening - so I had to apologize for my behaving.

The lipstick was Stacy's lipstick though ... Greg got trapped under the mistletoe in the entrance hall. He wasn't the only one though - I got trapped as well when I left the clinic. I wanted to go to the mall as I still have to buy some ... things for Canada.

This time it was one of my patients ...
Bugger! I don't like those mistletoes!

So I went to the mall - and what do I have to tell you? It was closed!!! I don't know why but they just closed it at 8 pm ... this was annoying.

Back at home I found a note (again) on the kitchen table, one on the fridge, one on the mirror in the bathroom and one on the whiskey bottle:

"Sorry, dear! Had to go back to the PPTH! Miss you! Greg"

Fine ...
Not really - I ate my part of the Chinese food I bought - and placed the rest in the fridge.

Gregs cellphone is off, he doesn't pick up his phone in the office - and I am sitting here in the living room, enjoying my third single malt and talking with Foreman via MSN.

Wicked, hm? Foreman knows nothing of a new case ... he wasn't beeped.


I think I'll have another single malt! It is now 1 am ... no sign of Gregory.


Dr. Eric Foreman said...

Wo zum Teufel stecken Sie?!?

James macht sich Sorgen und ich piepe Sie die ganze Zeit an!!!

Anonymous said...

I fell asleep on my chair.
I'm sorry.
Wanted to call you and Chase and woke up about 5 am this morning.