Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mistletoe and other happenings ...

Some sweet little episodes what happened yesterday:


As Greg has already mentioned in his blog yesterday - some funny person pinned mistletoes above our doors. Very funny indeed - Cuddy, Cameron, Dr. Elliott had their fun, so did Debbie from accounting and Foreman who laughed his ass off about the expression on my face when he bent forward to give me a smooch.

And there was this unspeakable Dr. Bench again - you remember that doctor, who wanted to invite me to her room in Baltimore? Exactly!

Snow on the balcony

I went on my balcony as I had a damn headache and just wanted to catch some fresh air (it was snowing). Greg was on his way to the cafeteria - he had to buy some sandwiches ... yes had to ('nother story).
He accompanied me on the balcony afterwards.
"Rats! They did pickles on my Reuben sandwich" Greg said after he had checked his sandwich.
"I don't like pickles that much as well, you know" I answered and Greg looked at me surprised.
"Really? Oh, I didn't know that" he said and looked down the balcony.
"Now you know" I answered and shrugged.
"Mhmm" and flip ... a pickle landed on the head of an old lady.

"Greg!" I muttered and we both ducked down. Gregory grinned and grabbed some snow and before I could react he rubbed it into my face.
"GEEZ!" I cried out and gave him a tit-for-tat response. We tussled and soon landed on the balcony - my head hit the ground when I slipped out on the snow.
"Ouuch" ... then I remained silent.
"James? Jim? Jimmy?" Greg said and bent over me. I blinked and looked unsteadily.
"Uuuh" I murmured and touched my head.

Gregory supported me "Everything okay, Jim? Do you need to sit down?"
I looked at him "Ehm, who are you?"
His eyes narrowed "What, who are you? You are fooling me ..."
I frowned and sighed "I really don't know who you are and by the way" I looked around "what are we doing here?"

Icy blue eyes looked into mine and I could see his brain work, then he shook his head. "You are fooling me. What is your name?"
I rubbed my neck and had to think about it ... "Evan?"
"This is your second name. Don't you remember your full name?"
I shook my head "Ouuuh" - everything was turning and I put a hand to my head. "Shan't do that" I mumbled.

Gregory guided me back into the office and placed me on the sofa.
"Look me in the eyes now" he commanded and checked their reaction with the desk lamp. "Widened... Did you have migraine again?"
"I dunno" I muttered and rubbed my neck again. "Are you a doctor?"
His eyes narrowed again "Yeees and so are you!"
He asked me some medical stuff - I didn't know and I could see in his eyes that he began to realize what must have happened. Greg examined my head and found a little lump. "Doesn't look severe ... " he mumbled. "Do you have headache?"
"Like hell" I grunted.

"You stay here! I'll go to Cuddy..." he said and I just wondered who that Cuddy guy might be.
(If you ask yourself why the heck I know all that stuff ... let your brain work)
"Okay we are off now" he said when he came back and handed me a coat.
"Ehm... will you bring me home?" I asked him and looked puzzled.
"Sure I will and I'll be your guard as well" he grunted and dragged me out of the room, out of the hospital - into a car and into a nice apartment.

It was back at home when I regained my capacity for remembering. Although I needed a looooong rest in bed ... Greg really insisted on this. He can really tough it out!

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