Monday, December 04, 2006

Back at work

mood: busy

music: Monster Magnet - Space Lord

We are both back - both have clinic duty for the rest of the week plus our normal work to do and plus we need to prepare everything for Saturday.

This means a very busy week and I'll have to check if there will be some time left to write in the blog. So please don't worry if there won't be a lot of writing this week.

Enjoy the vid - I like that song. Always gives me some energy when I need it.

Seeya - have to go to the clinic now.


Anonymous said...

Clinic huh? Clinic is not so bad.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Depends on what cases you have.

Dr. Gregory House said...

Clinic is hell!

Anonymous said...

Well yeah sometimes. I did have this lady who wouldn't leave me the hell alone before. *Shivers* I swear she was coming on to me!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Coming on to you? Huh, that sounds creepy!